Chapter 373 - Gaining Spiritual Aether at the Second Tier of Divine Treasure Realm

Novel:This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome|Author:Fu Xiaochen|Genre:Action

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One disaster followed another.

Lu Xuan saw the two demons he had just cut down having their original forms revealed. One of them was a huge wild boar and the other a short and stout hell hound.

Those two were no doubt considered very powerful; they were definitely capable of reigning supreme somewhere out there. It was quite unfortunate for them to have run into Lu Xuan instead.

They were completely incapable of resisting him.

“Get rid of them. Looks like you’ll be getting better meals tonight,” Lu Xuan said to the rabbit by his side.

The rabbit’s eyes glimmered. After all, being given this sort of opportunity didn’t happen very often. The flesh of monsters at the Divine Treasure Realm was not something that one could risk their lives for, thus all that meat would be a huge boost to the rabbit.

While rabbits were usually herbivores, rabbit monsters were not. The rabbit by Lu Xuan’s side would be having a feast.

“Master dude!”

Someone approached them in a flash of light, looking as if she still had a hard time controlling her movements.

Lu Xuan grinned when he saw the woman who came. “What’re you ditching your training and running all the way here for?”

The woman was none other than Yun Ling’er, the one with the Sky Devil Physique who was taken in by Lu Xuan as his personal disciple.

“Look, I’m now at Celestial Realm! I’m really something, no?” Yun Ling’er spun around before Lu Xuan at breakneck speed.

“So you’ve already reached the Celestial Realm. Not bad, indeed.”

Lu Xuan smiled as he nodded, thinking that Yun Ling’er truly was someone with the Sky Devil Physique. It made sense that she was able to get on with cultivation at a frightening rate of progress. As long as she was given ample cultivation resources, it would only be a matter of time before she became capable on her own.

“Thank you, master dude!” Yun Ling’er chuckled. She insisted on not addressing Lu Xuan properly as ‘master’ since she became his disciple. Instead, she went on to call him ‘master dude.

Another person was seen flying in their direction; that person was none other than Zhang Hongyang, clad in a golden sheen all over him. Like the rabbit, he was only able to break through the world barrier after being fed the power of faith by Lu Xuan, becoming a Divine Treasure Realm cultivator in the process.

In reality, he was not the only one receiving such treatment. Numerous individuals back in Yunxuan Villa were fed the power of faith by Lu Xuan as well.

Both Zhang Hongyang and Yang Chengsi were people that Lu Xuan trusted absolutely. They took charge of the Heavenly Palace and the Yunxuan Villa respectively, changing their assigned positions every several months. The two were hardly seen in one place unless something major happened.

The Yunxuan Villa had grown into something else altogether without anyone from outside knowing. The place had become a force powerful enough to overwhelm several cultivation forces even if Lu Xuan wasn’t around.

Lu Shanshan, Liu Wanrong, Zhang Hongyang, the rabbit, Yang Chengsi, and some others were all at Divine Treasure Realm beings taking charge of the place.

Even Lu Guoguo was only a step away from breaking into the Divine Treasure Realm. Despite her young age, her powers remained something that one should not trifle with.

By the time Yun Ling’er’s powers caught up to the rest of them, the number of unbelievably powerful individuals in the Yunxuan Villa would become frighteningly high.

“Greetings, master. My apologies for not being able to spot the intruders in time,” Zhang Hongyang said.

Lu Xuan glanced at him and said, “Drop it. Those people had special methods with them, so it’s very normal for you to not be able to detect them. Just amp up the patrols from here on out. By the way, install cameras near the rear of the mountain as well, just so that no one else would be able to sneak up on us from behind.”


Zhang Hongyang wiped the sweat off of his brow. Like the rabbit, the more he got to know about Lu Xuan, the more astonished he became at his master’s level of powers. Despite having made a breakthrough into the Divine Treasure Realm, the thought of rebelling against Lu Xuan was out of the question.

After all, Lu Xuan was truly someone who could easily dispose of him with little more than a single thought.

The aura that Lu Xuan emanated became increasingly profound as his cultivation level deepened. Unless he deliberately went out of his way to conceal his aura, his presence alone would be more than enough to greatly stress out those around him.

“Oh, that’s right. About the three demons that you guys reported as of late, how much information were you guys able to get out of them?” Lu Xuan asked. Because the Heavenly Palace was a massive organization, the intelligence gathering ability that Lu Xuan had access to within the country could easily rival that of the Special Task Force. In terms of foreign intelligence, however, that ability still paled when compared to that of the Special Task Force.

Zhang Hongyang shook his head and replied, “Despite our best efforts at gathering any data about them, all three of the demons had been laying so low and appearing among humans so sporadically that we were hardly able to find anything useful. According to the latest news, however, they seemed to have gathered at an island around Zhoushan’s waters. Lady Shanshan had already made her way there.”

“Shanshan headed out there?” Lu Xuan pondered for a bit and then said, “I don’t care what they’re up to, but I wanna make sure that we’re there to see it for ourselves.”

Lu Xuan had just finished making a breakthrough and having his powers considerably grown. He also had nowhere else to go for the time being.

If someone were to look close enough, they would be able to see that Lu Xuan’s aura looked increasingly murky. That was because he just made yet another breakthrough while the limits of the world had still yet to loosen.

He was at the second tier of Divine Treasure Realm.

There were nine tiers of the Divine Treasure Realm, which were simply known as the Nine Tiers of Divine Treasure Realm. The whole realm stood above the Airborne Realm.

The way Lu Xuan looked at it, one’s cultivation can only truly began when they reach the Divine Treasure Realm. All the levels before were simply for setting up foundations. It was when one reached the Divine Treasure Realm that they began to begin unearthing the treasures inherent within their own bodies.

One’s body could be likened to a miniature cosmos. It was difficult for one to unearth all that treasure within one’s body in a short time. That was how the Nine Tiers of Divine Treasure Realm came about; they were for differentiating the different levels of the realm.

The first tier of the Divine Treasure Realm saw little changes in the cultivator at fundamental levels. The tier was known on its own as Spiritual Qi Realm, named such because the Spiritual Qi inherent within the cultivator was still just Spiritual Qi. That meant it was entirely identical to that of those at Celestial Realm and Airborne Realm.

It was only when one made a breakthrough into the Divine Treasure Realm that said Spiritual Qi would solidify into Spiritual Aether.

The greatest trait to the second tier of the Divine Treasure Realm was turning one’s inherent physical energy from Spiritual Qi to Spiritual Aether; it was a process of fundamental transformation.

It was a process where Spiritual Qi was compressed into Spiritual Aether, similar to how water vapor was condensed into water in liquid form. The power within the person was of the same volume being boosted by several times over.

Most importantly, that was also the foundation stage leading to further cultivation levels beginning from the Divine Treasure Realm.

The Divine Treasure Realm was a process of unearthing the treasures within the human body, or rather, a process where such treasures were forged within the human body.

In levels before Divine Treasure Realm, one nourished the body with Spiritual Qi, catalyzing the transformation of the physical body from something mundane to something surreal.

However, this process no longer worked at levels after the Divine Treasure Realm because the physical body had grown so powerful after reaching it that one could even take on nuclear munitions. Being over three kilometers away from ground zero of a nuclear detonation, one would be severely injured at most instead of being killed outright as long as they were not directly hit

Spiritual Qi was no longer able to facilitate further growth in a physical body that had gotten so powerful. That was how the method of compressing Spiritual Qi into Spiritual Aether came about: to have said Spiritual Aether brought out to further growth to the body.

Fundamentally speaking, the path of cultivation was one where the cultivator continuously transformed the layers of their life. All that unreal damage potential and combat prowess in the process were simply side effects of such transformations.

While all the heretics who made it their primary objective to gain increasingly great damage potential looked unbelievably powerful, they had actually deviated from the true p