Chapter 480 - By Making It up to Him, They Meant Differently

Novel:To My Dear Mr. Huo|Author:Meditative Moon|Genre:Romance
Hearing the plate breaking, Su Qingsang walked to the door of the kitchen to find the plate shattered on the ground.

She did everything in her power to maintain her composure as her eyes landed on Huo Jinyao, who was wearing an innocent face.

“What’s going on here?” She said to him.

Huo Jinyao’s hands were frozen in the air, covered in soap. Looking at Su Qingsang, he somehow felt a little guilty.

“I… I don’t know.” he blinked his eyes, seemingly unaware of what had happened. “I wanted to wash these bowls clean, but they obviously didn’t want that. I think they preferred freedom.”

Su Qingsang spent a few seconds calming herself down. Her mouth corners even twitched slightly. “So it was the bowls’ fault, not yours. Is that what you’re trying to say?”

“Yeah.” Huo Jinyao nodded affirmatively, “It wasn’t my fault at all.”

Su Qingsang clenched her teeth and forced herself to stay calm. She told herself that it was all her fault. She knew that the young master Huo Jinyao could never have done housework like this. How could he have possibly known how to wash the dishes?

She rolled up her sleeves and said, “Never mind. Get out.”


“Get out.” There were only two plates left in the sink, and Su Qingsang intended to save them.

“Um, maybe we should let the housekeeper do it tomorrow?”

“I said get out,” Su Qingsang said with a very fierce glare. Huo Jinyao flinched and went outside.

After watching him walk out of the kitchen, Su Qingsang first cleaned the floor with the broom, then dumped the shards of the broken plates into the trashcan.

Once the floor was clean, she washed the last two plates then drained the sink to clean it. At last, she put the two plates and chopsticks into the sterilizing cupboard.

While she was doing all that, Huo Jinyao stayed by the kitchen door and watched her.

Watching Su Qingsang quickly and neatly tidy the kitchen made him feel a little guilty. He rarely felt that way.

“Darling, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.”

“Stop saying that.” Su Qingsang considered it her fault. She should never have counted on Huo Jinyao to wash the dishes. He was not capable of that.

“Darling, are you upset with me?”

“No.” Su Qingsang dried her own hands, then turned off the light in the kitchen and went back to the bedroom.

“You’re lying. You look upset.” Huo Jinyao followed behind her, stubbornly believing that she was upset.

“I already told you that I’m not upset.” Su Qingsang decided to end that conversation.

So much has happened during the past half of the month, each event happening one after another and keeping her busy. She had even forgotten that Huo Jinyao, the capable and successful businessman who was running a huge company, could be rather thick-skinned and clingy at home.

“Darling…” Huo Jinyao put an arm around Su Qingsang’s waist before she walked into the bedroom. He asked, “Are you really not mad at me?”

“I already told you, I’m not.” Su Qingsang patted his hand, signaling for him to let her go. “I’m not the type to get mad so easily.”

“That’s good to hear.” Huo Jinyao kissed her deep on her cheeks and said, “I knew you’re a good wife.”

“Let go of me.” Su Qingsang couldn’t stand how much she smelled like her own cooking. She was eager to take a shower to remove that smell.


“Stop it. I’m going to take a shower.”

“Let’s shower together.” Huo Jinyao’s hands were already all over Su Qingsang’s body while he was speaking.

“What are you doing?” Su Qingsang hurriedly grabbed his hands.

Yesterday, he had agreed to let her rest for a few days. He wasn’t going to go back on his word, was he?

“Letting you make it up to me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh darling, this is not adorable.” Huo Jinyao carried her into the bedroom and put her directly on the bed.

“What do you mean?”

“Darling, look at you.” Huo Jinyao kissed her on the lips, “Before lunch, you said yourself that you were going to make it up to me. How could you go back on your word?”

“I’ve already made it up to you.” Su Qingsang glared at him.

At that very moment, Su Qingsang realized that she and Huo Jinyao were thinking about completely different things when they talked about making it up to him.

“I made it up to you by making you dinner.” she hurriedly explained.

Seeing the serious look on her face, Huo Jinyao turned around and easily trapped her in his arms again.

“But I want you.”

“Huo Jinyao, stop this,” Su Qingsang said, “I still have to work tomorrow.”

She had a long day. Mondays were always extra busy in a hospital. After work, she also went shopping and made dinner afterward.

She was exhausted at that moment. “Huo Jinyao, can’t you rest for one day?”

“No, I can’t.” Huo Jinyao started taking off Su Qingsang’s clothes, “You promised me this. So darling, keep your word.”

“Huo Jinyao…”

Her complaints faded in a kiss. He pressed his lips against hers, whispered, “Call me your husband.”

Su Qingsang even blushed.

“Are you gonna do as you’ve been told?” So much has happened lately that Huo Jinyao had been feeling unsatisfied all this time. “If you be a good girl and behave, I’ll only do it once; if not, I’ll probably do it a few more times.”

“No.” Su Qingsang didn’t notice that her voice was slightly dry until she heard herself. She looked at Huo Jinyao.

He always threatened her in bed.


“Call me that again.”


Huo Jinyao was satisfied. Unlike what he told her earlier, he did it more than once after tasting its sweetness.

That was the only way for him to make Su Qingsang obey him. Only when she was obedient would she call him her husband with that soft voice.

He did not want to tell her that every time she called him husband, he became more aroused.

He intended to keep that little secret to himself.

Did Su Qingsang really not know about that?

Oh, she surely knew.

Su Qingsang gave a pregnant lady a medical checkup, then filled the form and built a file for her so she could come back for another checkup conveniently.

After a busy morning, Su Qingsang stood up to find her waist sore. She couldn’t help but rub her waist with a hand.

“Doctor Su, are you tired?” Li Meilin looked at Su Qingsang with concern, “There’s always a lot of works to do in our hospital. I guess you haven’t gotten used to it yet.”

“I’m okay.”

The doctor’s work wasn’t what made Su Qingsang felt tired. Instead, it was what Huo Jinyao did last night that exhausted her.

She made chicken soup. How come it seemed to have worked on Huo Jinyao like an aphrodisiac?

“Doctor Su,” Li Ting said, waking Su Qingsang up from her thoughts. While sorting patients’ files, Su Qingsang looked at Li Ting and said to her, “Yeah?”

“I know that you’ve just started working here, and it’s not yet your turn to do the nightshift, but…” With slight awkwardness, Li Ting said, “Can you kindly do my nightshift tonight?”

“Yeah, sure,” Su Qingsang quickly responded before Li Ting could even finish speaking.

“It’s my boyfriend’s birthday today.” Li Ting put her palms together and looked at Su Qingsang gratefully. “Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome. It’s nothing.”

It was nothing but a nightshift. To help Li Ting, she wouldn’t be able to have dinner together with Huo Jinyao as planned, though.

After work time, Su Qingsang checked all patients in the wards, then returned to her office to eat the take-out food that she ordered earlier.

However, Ke Lan the nurse came to call her for help once she sat down and unpacked the food.

She hurriedly stood up and walked out of the office. A woman late into pregnancy was just sent to the emergency room after being hit by a car.

Su Qingsang hastened to the emergency room.

In the room, a pregnant woman was lying on the bed and screaming.

Standing beside the woman was a tall and strong man.

Su Qingsang quickly walked up to the woman to examine her.

The woman suddenly grabbed her hand, pointed at the tall man, and said, “Doctor, doctor, you watch him. Don’t let him run. He hit me with the car. It was him…”

Su Qingsang patted the woman’s hand to comfort her, saying, “Miss, calm down. I’ll give you an examination first.”

“Yes, examine me thoroughly. Don’t let him run.”

Su Qingsang nodded and took out the stethoscope from her pocket. While putting it on, she glanced at the tall man out of the corners of her eyes.

Recognizing that man, she paused briefly with surprise. Wasn’t that the man who caught a thief on the road last time?

The man maintained his empty expression but stood straighter when Su Qingsang looked at him.

His movement made Su Qingsang give him another glance. After that, she reached out to close the curtain near the bed.

The pregnant woman burst in screams again.

“Doctor, you can’t close the curtain. You can’t. What if he runs away while the curtain’s closed?”

Su Qingsang furrowed her brows. She remembered seeing the man whom she believed was a policeman catch a thief. She had a feeling that a man like that wouldn’t run away after hitting someone with his car.

“Miss, I’ll be lifting your clothes to give you an examination. Is he your husband?”

“W-what if he ran away?” The pregnant woman looked unhappy.

“There are nurses out there. I’ll let them keep an eye on him, alright?”

“Okay, okay.”

As the pregnant woman nodded, Su Qingsang closed the curtain and started giving the woman an examination. The woman complained about the pain the whole time.

Her eyes were fixed on the man through the curtain, and she repeatedly emphasized that she couldn’t let the man run away.

Su Qingsang had been a doctor for quite a while. Looking at the woman, she felt that something wasn’t right.

“Miss, can you please be quiet? I can’t examine you if you keep talking like this.”

Finally, the woman quieted down. It was much easier for Su Qingsang to do her job as the woman stopped talking.

The woman was about six months pregnant. Further examinations were required to get more details.

The woman yelled in pain all the time as she kept telling everybody not to let the man run.

Su Qingsang’s feeling that something was wrong grew stronger.