Chapter 1580

I wanted to call her up for dinner, but I could see that she was so tired that she couldn't give up. She only covered her quilt and went out with the takeout.

Dongfang Chu's disease was very fierce. After two months of investigation, he flew all over the world and found the best doctors in the world for consultation and examination, but they didn't find out what the disease was.

Nangong Lengyu really can't help it. No matter what, she always wants to try it. It's said that there is a master in Haicheng who specializes in various kinds of difficult and miscellaneous diseases and has cured many patients who have been sentenced to death in medicine.

After getting the address, he kept booking the ticket, but he didn't go back home. He took the suitcase and was ready to ask for a doctor for Dongfang Chu.

Nangong Lengyu was in a rush to book her ticket. She only bought economy class. She sat at the window and looked at her blanket and cap on her face. She looked like a sleeping neighbor. She said politely, "this gentleman, I'm sitting in it. Please let me in."

"What if I say no?" Huo CI took off the cap, eyes color a bit unhappy, he got up and sat in the window position, looking at her: "you sit here."

Nangong Lengyu looked at him strangely: "how can you be here?"

Huo CI sneered: "I'm afraid you have been abducted."

Damned little white face, return this gentleman, she didn't recognize him, angry!

Nangong Lengyu gave a sound, and her cold eyes flashed over a bit of obvious tenderness. She carried the suitcase and put it on the luggage rack.

Huo CI reached out and took her suitcase, put it on top of her, and held her in contempt with her height advantage

Nangong Lengyu: "you bastard."

Personal attack, this is!

Where is she short?

She is 1.73 meters tall. She stands out among girls. Her standard model figure is not too short even among boys. Who can be like him and look like a telegraph pole.

Nangong Lengyu is very tired.

Huo CI pulled down the table, took out the food in the box, set it up, looked at her and said, "eat and sleep again!"

Time is too urgent, he is to listen to the second brother said that she is going to the south to find someone, temporarily ran to the airport to spend a high price, looking for someone to refund a ticket, he bought it.

The food was also picked from the hotel in the airport, four dishes, one soup and two rice.

Nangong Lengyu looked at the food in front of her, and her voice was soft: "thank you."

Huo CI exaggerates to hit a shiver: "small white face, you don't frighten me! You say thank you. Why is it so wrong? "

Nangong Lengyu sneered at him and said, "do you have a tendency to be abused? Thank you for your discomfort. Do you have to be scolded to be comfortable?"

Huo CI handed her chopsticks: "I can't stop your mouth when I buy you rice."

"It's you who find fault first." Nangong Lengyu takes over the chopsticks and makes a small warm arc.

Huo CI is more and more like a person.

The food tastes ordinary, but Nangong Lengyu thinks it is the most comfortable meal she has had recently.

Go the same day and return the same day.

In the evening, Nangong Lengyu and Huo CI came back with the master. It looked like an old man with a fairyland.

Huo CI didn't mean to say that he looked like an expert, but he was a prodigy? It's not as good as those old men in the Chinese Yin Yang division alliance.

However, those old and immortal, Dongfang family also looked for them. They were all given to Dongfang Chu. They had no ability and no way out!

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