Chapter 915 - Jesse

Novel:Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor|Author:ShiFou KeYi LiuXia|Genre:Action
As they were discussing the matters of the war, Ryance, Sagain, Agaloss, Fandair, Shacily Muse and some others put on a frown on their faces. Sagain was the first to get out of the mansion and came to the Square of Goddess Stairs to see black clouds heading towards them from the direction of the Great Wasteland.

The rest gradually came to his side as the oppression of the black clouds became denser. At last, darkness had fallen and a pair of deadly eyes appeared floating in the sky, “Oh, don’t be nervous, the real war hasn’t started yet… I’m just here to inform you guys that your death is not far ahead.”

“Who are you…” Sagain pointed at the center of the clouds with his scepter.

“You will soon know but not now… Hahahaha…” A crackling evil laugh filled the atmosphere.

“Go away, this is not a place where you showcase your blasphemous act! You filthy betrayer!” Assenroche’s voice was heard and the black clouds jerked as a result of getting a shock. “Assenroche, can’t believe you have fallen into such a situation…”

“Jesse! Are you trying to provoke me, Assenroche?!!” An enormous Eye of Arcane appeared above the Goddess City, looking angry.

“Assenroche, you’ll pay for your arrogance…”

An arcane shockwave knocked the black mass of clouds into nothingness and the Eye of Arcane retracted back to the shrine.

“The betrayer of gods in the sea of death – Jesse… the daughter of the Eternal Dead Reaper – Dais and the Dark Elemental Spirit – Diayass. She was sentenced by the God of the Sea of Death – Phisu to live in the Sea of Death because she secretly resurrected someone who shouldn’t be resurrected, loved someone she shouldn’t have loved and tricked Diayass to steal a power that doesn’t belong to them…” Sagain said.

“Diayass and my lord are very close among the elemental spirits…” Agaloss added on.

Staring at the blue sky, Ye Cang clapped, “Alright, alright, let’s continue the meeting. It’s just a little betrayer. How dare she be so reckless to my lord in Goddess City.”

Sagain smiled. This fella is sure ambitious. Even though Jesse is a betrayer of gods, she was not someone the Three Sisters of Nature could fight on. Before she was sentenced, she was a rank below the Lord of the Sea of Death and Dias in the endless sea. She was a god worshipped by the dead and the dark religions. When she was trying to escape, Dias was soft-hearted and got a rib broken by her. That really made him lose believers. Do know that the Forever Dead Reaper is the god who connects the dark believers with the family of gods… As compared to the Lord of the Sea of Death, everyone respected him more…

Hearing the words ‘my lord’ coming from Ye Cang made Agaloss feel weird, Bro, you were still punishing them before this meeting… but he somehow felt glad that Ye Cang still had his respect for Assenroche hidden somewhere. At least, he didn’t treat her like those five… Agaloss looked around to see the desperate looks and serious stares from the believers. He saw the passion in them and not arrogance. Even though it is blasphemous, my respect for Assenroche increased even more. My belief is right! It always is! She gave me the power of revenge and everything. Recalling the energy from the arcane orb yesterday that looked like a smile… My sacrifice is all worth it!

Ye Cang then dragged Fandair aside and mumbled, “Hey, can you think of any strong relatives you have? Introduce them and I’ll give you commissions. Anything you want to eat, from dragon thighs to… just anything under the sun. By the way, take care of Lonass too…”

Fandair replied in a serious tone, “I do. The Jade Roar – Lord BearBear… I’m very close with it…”

Makarlo who was following behind looked at him in a confused look after hearing what he said. Every fifteen years, you will appear before the Jade Tree it was guarding to steal the honey. It hated you so much. The last time I paid it a visit, it only took a tiny drop of the honey from one of the thousand hidden holes to add into my tea. If I didn’t interpret its words wrong, the wish to crush you into pieces has been in-grown for long. Its inability to do so is the only hindrance. You may think people are playing around with you but it really wants you to die. When it asked me about my relationship with you, I only dared say that I’ve only met you twice. If it hears that you are joining the war, I bet it will go crazy.

“Lord BearBear…sounds strong. Alright, I’ll pass the buck to you, Elder Fandair,” Ye Cang patted Fandair’s shoulder.

“Sure,” Fandair nodded and flew away as a battle eagle.

After much hesitation, Makarlo told Ye Cang about their relationship and Ye Cang rolled his eyes, “If he is able to bring Lord BearBear here, can’t you elders just help to reassure it? If words can’t do the job, use love to lure him to our side…”

“……” Makarlo only then realized he had gone into a spiral of overthinking. This fella’s heart is black from the outside to the inside.

A mini bear in jade green was dancing happily beside the Jade Tree in the Forest of Eternal Song. “That god damned fella is finally gone! My peaceful life! My honey! Hahahaha!”

Back into the meeting, they decided a date for the battle and asked their trusted aide to return to their homeland to lead the troops to the Ravine of Death where Jam’s Shrine was at.

Assenroche’s appearance and performance during the meeting made everyone acknowledge Ye Cang’s role even more. It was only half a month until the battle. Instead of levelling up, Ye Cang spent most of his time discussing matters with the leaders who temporarily stayed in the shrine, especially the Queen of Dark Shrine. More often than not, she always invited Ye Cang over with the hope of brainwashing him but it was Ye Cang who brainwashed her more than she did. As time went by, they somewhat became closer and pitied each other. Ever since Ye Cang cooked for her, the Dark Saintess seemed to be liking Ye Cang a lot.

With Ye Cang’s orders, Mar Junior was in charge of the royal guards of the goddesses and became Ye Cang’s assistant, participating in a lot of planning and decision making. Sagain knew Ye Cang’s intention of planting a spy in the Holy Church but that did not bother him. On the other hand, Abando from the Abalachia tribe and Ansa had returned to their homeland to deal with the matters on the coast. Jarsha heaved a sigh of relief after persuading Ye Cang to open up the coast for them. The issue with the coast had always been the most problematic subject for the past generations of the King of All Beasts. Both the sea giants and the fisherman of the Abalachia tribe were whom they have never once dared to trigger. Being able to receive permission from Abado was one of the objectives of Jarsha coming to the north borders.

Before Abado left, Ye Cang had asked him about the cost of getting rid of the sea giants. Yet, Abado’s answer was that it was impossible to eliminate them. The sea giant’s existence was scary by itself. They had tremendous strength and relatively fast speed. Even though killing a giant with the warriors from the tribe was not something hard, the way sea giants were born was more of an impediment. Ever since he was born, he had never witnessed the childhood of a sea giant. They were as if creatures that popped out of nowhere who were already adults at birth. After killing the sea giants in a small area, new ones would appear. Besides the sea giants guarding their birth place, the North Sea Abyss was horrendous as well. Their ancestors who came back from the adventure warned the future generations to never ever set foot in that place. After getting such an answer, Ye Cang did not ask any further.