Chapter 1276

What Made Jian Xiaomo even more disgusted was the way that woman looked at long Chenjue. The way she looked at long Chenjue was completely naked and bold without any concealment, making Jian Xiaomo blush.

At this moment, the woman said to long Chenjue, “handsome man, do you want to stay? I can feed you and drink for you. You don’t have to do any work. ”

Jian Xiaomo was instantly stunned. This woman obviously thought long Chenjue was a Gigolo, but she glanced at long Chenjue’s face. No matter how she looked at this man, he didn’t look like a Gigolo. Moreover, his appearance wasn’t very attractive At least, based on long Chenjue’s appearance in the past, he was far from being a Gigolo.

Judging from the woman’s tone, it was obvious that she had taken a liking to long Chenjue.

Jian Xiaomo was neither jealous nor afraid. There were plenty of bodyguards in the car. Moreover, with long Chenjue’s skills, this woman, including all the men, was no match for this man. She wanted to see how long chenjue would deal with her.

Therefore, Jian Xiaomo looked like she was watching a good show.

Meanwhile, long Chenjue’s face was obviously angry.

The woman could not see that long chenjue was angry at all. She even took two steps towards long Chenjue, her body seemingly wanting to rub against long chenjue.

Jian Xiaomo was immediately disgusted by the disgusting smell on this woman’s body. She almost vomited.

When the woman saw Jian Xiaomo’s expression, she glared at Jian Xiaomo with hatred and then continued to approach long Chenjue.

Long Chenjue took a step back without being noticed. Then, Jian Xiaomo saw that the man had stretched out one leg. Did this man have to be so black-bellied.

The woman was completely focused on long Chenjue. She did not care about her feet at all. With a thud, she fell heavily to the ground and fell to the ground. Jian Xiaomo could not help but smile and glare at long Chenjue when she saw this scene.

Long Chenjue was still staring at the woman on the ground coldly with a smile on his face.

The woman let out a scream. When they heard the scream, the men ran over and helped the woman up. They said nervously, “honey, are you okay? ”

The woman was helped up. Her face was Pale. It was not painful. She was obviously angry.

She suddenly shook off the men’s hands and glared at Jian Xiaomo fiercely.

Jian Xiaomo was a little confused. She did not do anything. This woman was so bold to seduce her husband. She was not angry, but this woman was angry.

“How dare you trip me? ” The woman said angrily to Jian Xiaomo.

Jian Xiaomo was stunned. She didn’t trip this woman. It was long Chenjue who tripped her. Moreover, this woman saw long Chenjue move to her, but she put the blame on Jian Xiaomo.

Jian Xiaomo felt so innocent.

She looked at the woman innocently. How could this woman frame someone like this.

Long Chenjue said Lazily, “I tripped you, not my wife. ”

The woman was stunned for a moment and looked at long Chenjue. Jian Xiaomo thought that the woman must be looking for long Chenjue this time.

However, the woman pointed her finger at Jian Xiaomo again and said fiercely, “you must give your husband to me today. Otherwise, I will make my husbands not let you go. ”

Hearing this, Jian Xiaomo pretended to be frightened. She stuck out her tongue and glanced at long chenjue.

Long chenjue looked at Jian Xiaomo with a disdainful look.