Chapter 621 (END) - The End: What a Good Life

Novel:Why Did You Summon Me?|Author:Sixteenth Basket Of Mantaos|Genre:Adventure
The war went on incredibly well. The New Empire’s heavy equipment, which was used with effective battle strategies, forced Shensha Empire to a corner, unable to retaliate.

Like flower blossoming, both battlecruisers in the sky began to transform. Nine sets of 485mm naval artilleries sprung up and aimed at the ground below, where the enemy troops were marching.

A rain of bullets flew towards their targets. There were no loud bangs to be heard or bright flashes to be seen; only toy-like sounds — ‘Biu! Biu! Biu!’ — could be heard. The bullets were incredibly powerful, though. A single round of fire was enough to destroy an enemy base. The 485mm naval guns were more deadly than the ‘Italian’ artillery used in the war that happened a decade ago.

The frigates and destroyers that had flanked the enemy also released the ammunition they had onboard. Their bows and bilges split to make way for the shooting, and with the sorcerers’ coordination from the ground, the rounds accurately struck their targets. Only the New Empire itself could resist such a devastating attack. The firepower of those canons outclassed everything the battlecruisers could offer. Only in production cost were the battlecruisers superior to the canons.

The New Empire had deployed two middle-sized fleets lead by two battlecruisers and an army of a million to win the war. Two hours later, Shensha’s military was gone, and every royal member was captured and charged with supporting terrorism.

“They are sooooo pathetic! I can see it already: in our next meeting, there will be a debate on whether or not to downsize our military spending…” Baiyi murmured with his hand on his chin, losing his interest in the war. The enemy was being curb-stomped, so why would he care? Baiyi decided to spend the political issues that would arise from this event.

As Baiyi pondered, his other hand was doing something quite audacious. It took a while for the absent-minded Baiyi to notice that his finger had been drawing circles on the thigh of his young secretary. The smooth-sensation he had felt was the fabric of her black pantyhose.

“Uh-hem, pardon me,” Baiyi said in embarrassment, quickly removing his hand. His secretary was young, beautiful, and recently hired. Before now, Baiyi had not done anything untoward to her.

The secretary was not upset. She only smiled in a seductive manner and said, “It’s alright, Sire. If you want, you can go on for as long as you like…”

Baiyi coughed a few more times and rose from his seat. “I think that’s it for today.”

Leaving the command room would be a good way to rid himself of the embarrassment, Baiyi thought. There were no more red dots on the holographic screen; the enemies had been destroyed, and the war was nearing its end. Someone else could seat there and direct the efforts to tie up any loose ends.

“I’m leaving the rest to you all and head home to rest,” Baiyi said, excusing himself. This was just an excuse, though, as Baiyi was so strong that he did not need rest or sleep.

“Would you like me to tag along, Sire?” The secretary asked in excitement. She raised a hand and began drawing circles on her breast, just as Baiyi had done on her thighs.

Baiyi frowned. “That won’t be necessary.”

Sneaking around with Undine beyond Aya’s back already haunted his conscience. If he decided to bring yet another woman home, the three Piggies — the Assassin Walker, the Warrior Walker, and the Fairy Walker — would go bonkers!

Baiyi activated his home-returning procedure and teleported back to his private residence.

As his daughters were asleep, the lights were off. Baiyi snuck into their rooms to peek at them. Bai Vye was lying spread-eagle across the bed; Mia had Sharkie between her thighs, and Bai Yin was lying at the edge of the bed, rather close to falling off it. Only Bai Yuu’s sleeping position was normal.

Baiyi smiled brightly and raised the comforter up to their chins. Afterward, he poked their cheeks gently and retreated to his room.

When Baiyi entered his room, he spotted Lady Assassin Walker on his bed, sleeping with her arms and legs outstretched as though she owned the bed. Her loud snores reverberated around the room.

Baiyi wondered if he should wake his wife or go lie down with his daughters. In the end, however, he decided not to rest. It was almost five in the morning anyway, and he could feel the chill from the earliest hour of the day.

“Alright then; I’ll take this opportunity to prepare a loving breakfast for my adorable daughters!” Baiyi decided. He tied an apron around his waist, having decided to prepare a meal!

Baiyi had not visited a kitchen for many years, so he fumbled around with the pots and pans for a bit. The noise attracted a nightshift maid, who — fearing the presence of an intruder — came with her anti-pervert taser. When the maid saw Baiyi there, she was given a fright, but she quickly recovered, dropped her taser, and rushed over to help.

It was not easy making breakfast for the entire Bai Family. Baiyi and the maid continued to work until other maids woke up and joined them. The end result was a healthy breakfast that was not at all inferior in quality to what his daughters usually had. This breakfast contained something special: a father’s love!

At eight in the morning, Baiyi went upstairs to wake his daughters. The girls were excited to see their father first thing in the morning. Their expressions of joy made Baiyi’s heart melt.

Baiyi helped his daughters to wash and brush their hairs, after which he accompanied them to the dining table for breakfast.

“A lot of things happened yesterday, but seeing Daddy first thing in the morning makes me feel like everything will be alright,” Mia said with a smile. Out of habit, Mia pulled over the honey jar and a slice of toast, both of whom she used to begin making her little sister’s favorite.

Bai Yin was faster, though. After snatching the honey jar, she quickly spread it all over a fresh piece of toast, which she then handed to Mia and sweetly said, “It’s for you, Big Sister Mia.”.

Mia almost burst into tears. Baiyi nodded to himself, approving of yesterday’s disciplinary action.

Bai Vye rose from her seat and said, “We’ve finished our breakfast and will be going, Dad. Gotta’ go to school early today to make up for the time lost yesterday.” She bowed gracefully to Baiyi and pecked his cheek. “Bye-bye, Dad.”

Bai Yuu came over and rubbed her cheek against her father’s. “I’m going with Big Sister Vye.”

Baiyi nodded and stood up to see them off. “Good luck at school! Be careful of those no-good punks with ulterior motives! If anything happens, you call me.”

When they had gone, Baiyi returned to the dining table and noticed his youngest daughter giving him her puppy-dog eyes.

“No point in giving me that look. It’s already decided,” Baiyi said, pinching her cheek. “Your Big Sister Nina will be here very soon.”

“I’ll go with Lulu to finish up yesterday’s work, Daddy,” Mia said after she had finished her breakfast. She stood on her tiptoes and pecked Baiyi on the cheek.

Vidomina arrived shortly after Mia left. After a short chat with her godfather, Vidomina took the Bai Yin’s hand and made to leave. Bai Yin’s face turned pale, and she glanced at her dad with a solemn expression before being pulled out of the house.

However, she did not know that she would be seeing her new friend soon, and the foreign student had no clue that the woman that invited her to a meet-up was none other than Madam of Da Xue.

Baiyi’s third wife, Lady Assassin Walker, woke up after the girls had left. After quickly applying her makeup, she speedily had breakfast and bolted out of the house. She had important guests visiting her shop today and she needed to prepare for the event.

Only Baiyi was left in the mansion. Baiyi sat quietly in the living room, looking at the empty house. He wondered if he was the least busy in the family.

Baiyi relaxed on the couch and muttered, “So… This is what a peaceful life is, huh?’

Baiyi remembered everything that had led to this day. It all began with his imprisonment in that unending expanse of darkness called the Void. There, he made friends with legendary figures, all of whose powers and quirks were equal.

One day, a crack suddenly appeared, and Baiyi was able to slip a fraction of his spirit through it. That was how he met Little Mia. He began to teach her sorcery, and he had fun in an arena and made Tisdale his apprentice After emerging victorious against a powerful mage killer, he met Vidomina. Baiyi then traveled to the home of the barbarians and fought in a war. It was there that he subjugated Attie.

Baiyi went on to save the comedy from doom, unlock the full capacity of his Void Energy, and meet Laeticia. He went on an expedition to obtain the Book of Servitude, which allowed him to become the next Rohserlian Emperor. Afterward, he went to Gouve and rescued millions from an armageddon. There, he met a dragon-lady — who he is now married to — and her daughter.

Then, Baiyi visited a mysterious realm and defeated a kinky bodysuit in battle. He presented this bodysuit to the three piggies, all of whom he also married. The three ladies made use of this bodysuit in turns till they regained their real bodies. That realm eventually became his personal territory.

Baiyi then thwarted the plans of the Godsfall cult — a plan which pitted him against a power Abyss Lord that he ended up defeating. Afterward, Baiyi founded his own academy and taught his students, and eventually the world, what he knew and his ideals.

Baiyi then traveled six thousand years into the past and met a younger Archmage. After a series of events, Baiyi froze Mia’s age at twelve-years-old and won the trust of an angel, Noirciel.

Afterward, the Voidwalkers came together and toppled the so-called undefeatable God’s Grace Church. Then, Baiyi wrestled control off the Arbiter’s Right of Time from the God of Time, making Baiyi a god powerful enough to create his own world.

Baiyi then spent years conquering other worlds, from which he looted resources and recruited manpower to perfect the New Empire. Baiyi’s wives eventually handed the empire her first princesses.

“When you really think about it, it’s been quite an adventure, hasn’t it? And, the rewards for all of my hard work are a happy family and a long life of peace,” Baiyi said with a small smile.

Then, from the depth of his heart, he sighed. “What a good life.”