Novel:Wolf-like CEO, Be Tender|Author:Mi Duo Duo|Genre:Modern Romance
Seeing her father like this, Xia Lan couldn't possibly ask anymore, so she massaged her father a little. She went to find the Principal and gave some money to the Principal, telling them to take good care of her father.

From then on, her father was raised by her.

Coming out of the sanatorium in a daze, she got into the car and dialed Xiao Yan's number: "Are you free?

"Alright, we're here …" Before Xiao Yan could say where he was meeting up, Xia Lan sighed: "Let's do it over the phone."

"Alright, go ahead." Xiao Yan said very patiently.

"I thank you for marrying me when you found out I was dead. But no matter what, this marriage has to leave. " Xia Lan had spoken so flatly that there was no room for negotiation at all.

"Xia Lan, you! "You really are unscrupulous." Xiao Yan gritted her teeth in anger.

"Mm, I'm a cruel and unscrupulous person. The only thing I owe you is to repay you for the rest of my life." Xia Lan said in a low voice, but the tears in her eyes could no longer be stopped.

Xiao Yan was too beautiful for her. She was already completely unworthy of Xiao Yan, why use marriage to tie him up?

Furthermore, she still did not know what Xiao Yan had done to her.

After that, without waiting for Xiao Yan to say anything, she had already hung up.

Right after he hung up, a string of bell sounds came out, it was Gu Xi Jue.

"Hey …"

"Where are you?" Gu Xi Jue asked coldly.

"I'm on my way. I went to see my father. Is something the matter?" Xia Lan asked.

"I'm fine, Xiao Ze has matters to attend to, he cried and shouted for me to see you, come over to the People's Hospital." Gu Xi Jue's tone of voice was somewhat low.

When Xia Lan heard the word hospital, she was so frightened that she immediately sat up straight: "Hospital? What happened to Xiao Ze? "

"He rolled down the stairs at the school. His head was broken, his leg was broken, and he was taken to the hospital." Gu Xi Jue said.

"I'll be right there." Xia Lan was extremely anxious, she turned around and rushed towards the People's Hospital.

Arriving at the hospital, Xia Lan ran over and saw Gu Xi Jue, Madam Gu and Gu Xi Jue's father standing outside the door.

Xia Lan ran over and tugged Gu Xi Jue's arm and asked: "Where's Xiao Ze?"

Seeing her, Gu Xi Jue's expression was still tense as he replied in a low voice, "He's inside."

"It will be fine. It will definitely be fine." Xia Lan pulled Gu Xi Jue's arm, and said this silently. It was unknown if he was comforting Gu Xi Jue, or comforting herself.

After a while, the doctor opened the iron door of the operating room and said, "Which one of you has RH negative blood?"

"What's wrong?" Gu Xi Jue frowned and asked.

"The child's head is bleeding profusely and needs a blood transfusion." The doctor explained.

"Not in the hospital blood bank?" Gu Xi Jue thought that Xiao Ze did not need a lot of blood transfusions.

"No, this blood belongs to the blood of the panda. There isn't any blood in the blood bank at all. The child inherited your parents' blood. Which one of you has RH negative blood?" the doctor asked again.

Gu Xi Jue shook his head: "I'm not, Xiao Ze probably inherited his mother's skills."

At this point, Gu Xi Jue felt powerless. No matter how rich he was, he couldn't do anything about the inherited blood.

Just as Gu Xi Jue was thinking of a way to use it, he opened his mouth and said faintly, "I have RH negative blood!"

Hearing that, Madam Gu excitedly grabbed Xia Lan's hand: "Miss Xia, Xiao Ze treats you as his mother, I never thought that you two would have such fate, to actually have the same blood type."

Gu Xi Jue looked at Xia Lan suspiciously from the side as a bold idea popped up in his mind.

"Yeah, what a coincidence." Xia Lan also thought that it was unbelievable, how could there be such a coincidence!

Xia Lan was taken away to draw blood, while Gu Xi Jue also followed along, and quietly told the doctor: "Leave a bit of blood for me later."

Because it was Gourmet's request, the doctor did not dare to have any objections, so he could only nod his head and agree.

After Xia Lan finished drawing her blood, Gu Xi Jue got the nurse to find a room for her to rest. She refused, but the Madam Gu held her down and did not let her move.

Drawing blood is not a small matter. You have to rest well, and only after Xiao Ze is done with the surgery, will you have the strength to comfort him. This brat has been calling your name the entire way from school to the hospital. The Madam Gu said.

Only then did Xia Lan obediently listen to him.

Gu Xi Jue took Xia Lan's blood sample and was about to leave, when Papa Gu stopped him: "Where are you going?"

Gu Xi Jue looked at his father, and gave a meaningful smile. After a long while, he slowly spoke: "Find Xiao Ze his mother."

The first time he kissed Xia Lan, he had a feeling that he had been in contact with her before. In the few times he had interacted with Xia Lan, he would always think of that night a few years ago.

Today, her blood was actually the same as Xiao Ze's;

Was all of this really just a coincidence?

Gu Xi Jue did not believe that there were so many coincidences, so he took Xia Lan's blood and blood to make the DNA.

When Xiao Ze came out of the ward, the anesthesia had not passed and he was still sleeping.

Because of the blood loss, Xia Lan was also sleeping soundly.

When the DNA testing results were out, Gu Xi Jue was so excited that both his hands were trembling, the smile on his face became more and more obvious, and in the end, the grin on his face was extremely incomprehensible.

He rushed towards Xia Lan's ward, probably because the sound of the door opening was too loud, startling Xia Lan who was sleeping.

She opened her eyes and saw Gu Xi Jue's reckless actions. She asked in puzzlement: "What's wrong with you? "Why is it a little …"

No matter how he looked at him, Gu Xi Jue felt that he was a little agitated …

Gu Xi Jue stood at the head of the bed, staring at her with his pitch black eyes for a long time. Finally, when Xia Lan thought that he would not speak, he gave the paper in his hand to Xia Lan.

"Take a look." Gu Xi Jue's voice was very low, as if he had yet to awaken from his shock.

Xia Lan looked at him suspiciously, and started to read the checklist carefully, the more she looked, the wider her eyes widened, and finally, she looked at Gu Xi Jue with disbelief.

He stuttered, "This, this, is this believable?"

Gu Xi Jue nodded.

"Is the credibility high? Is that true? " At the end, Xia Lan's eyes were flooded with tears.

In the end, she broke into tears, "So, my child didn't die. He didn't die, he didn't die, he didn't die …" She repeated this line over and over again.

The child that she had dreamt of all these days and nights did not actually die, but the Xiao Ze that she liked was actually her own son.

"Yes, he didn't die." Gu Xi Jue saw that she was crying so much that he almost fainted. He hugged her and let her cry while leaning on him.

"But how could Xiao Ze be your son?" Xia Lan asked in confusion.

Gu Xi Jue sighed: "Could it be that you haven't guessed it yet?"

"You, you, the man from a few years ago was you?" Xia Lan asked in fear.

Gu Xi Jue nodded as though he agreed.

"What the hell is going on!" Xia Lan asked. She thought, since Gu Xi Jue could clearly investigate her and Xiao Ze's identities, then he must also know what happened that year.

"I think that Xia Qing plotted against you. Using me, what is your relationship with Xia Qing?" Gu Xi Jue had guessed their relationship, but he wasn't sure yet.

"My elder sister, my half-sister, turns out to be really Xia Qing, I won't let her off." Xia Lan said bitterly.

Gu Xi Jue patted her back: "Don't worry, I won't let her go either. I'll help you take revenge."

Xia Lan nodded.

Gu Xi Jue laughed, and said: "So it's like a walk, you are actually that little girl, and actually Xiao Ze's mother."

"Can we live well in the future?" Gu Xi Jue asked.

Tears streamed down Xia Lan's face as she nodded silently.

It turned out that after a few rounds, everything was right in front of him.