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"That's great, that's great. If that's the case, it won't be difficult for our God Realm Continent to defeat the Divine Demon Realm."

Jian Xia was also incomparably happy, excited, and excited.

Zhang Nan smiled faintly and walked over to hug Jian Xia and Duan Rou. He then stroked their butts while smiling: "Then tell me, should we celebrate?"

"You're so annoying!"

The two women rolled their eyes at Zhang Nan, but they felt extremely happy at the corner of their mouths.

Zhang Nan laughed out loud, and immediately after, the heavenly spirit Manor became much smaller, flying far away.

In an incomparably hot place like this, countless experts were all searching for treasures.

And at this time, Zhang Nan had shrunk the heavenly spirit Palace to the size of a grain of sand, and hid it into his own flesh and blood.

However, the space inside was incomparably large. Inside, Zhang Nan had also released Ling Yue'er, Quan Yingcao and the others. After they had arrived at the heavenly spirit Palace, each and every one of them appeared incomparably happy.

Zhang Nan then arrived at this incomparably hot place by himself and sat down cross-legged in the air.

"Is that person a fool? Everyone else is busy searching for treasures, but he's actually sitting there meditating?"

Many people felt that Zhang Nan was strange when they discovered him, because this fellow had already been sitting here for a year.

This was an extremely hot and dangerous place, and there were many treasures here. Many people came here for the sake of finding treasures.

As for Zhang Nan, he was actually sitting there motionlessly, this was simply too incomprehensible.

"Who knows? If you don't look for treasures and just sit here and play, I think you're just an idiot! "

Some people sneered and couldn't help but reveal a mocking expression.

However, at this time, a pillar of light descended from the skies, directly enveloping Zhang Nan within it. The first divine way seed in his body was also completely awakened at this moment, and once again became Zhang Nan's divine way.

"It can't be, he, his cultivation is rapidly rising, this is him awakening the divine way!"

Some people even began to stammer. They were shocked in their hearts; this was simply too inconceivable.

"I'm so envious. Fuck, can sitting there meditating to awaken the Divine Path?" "If that's the case, I am willing to sit here for ten thousand years!"

Someone immediately said. To be able to awaken a divine way and even raise their cultivation within a year, this truly made them envious.

In the end, Zhang Nan's cultivation directly broke through to the late stages of the Divine God Realm, and only then did he stop.

Only then did he stand up, and with a faint smile, he flew forward.

A dozen or so days later, he once again arrived at an incomparably cold place.

"It can't be, that guy isn't an idiot right?" We're not here for treasures, we're actually sitting here meditating! "

Soon after, a similar scene appeared and everyone began to ridicule him. They truly did not understand why a late stage Deity would come to such a treasure hunt and not search for a treasure. Instead, he would sit there for half a year.

However, just as they were about to finish speaking, a shocking scene occurred. In the sky, a pillar of light descended, enveloping Zhang Nan within.

"This …"

Everyone was at a loss for words. They were all shocked. The person who sat there for more than half a year had actually comprehended a divine dao? This was simply inconceivable. It had only been half a year, but he had actually comprehended the divine dao.

Zhang Nan did not care about the others, his cultivation continued to climb.

At such a level, it was extremely difficult to raise one's cultivation. Especially for those in the late stage of the Great God Realm who wanted to break through to the early stages of the Heavenly God Realm, it was even more difficult.

However, this time Zhang Nan not only broke through to the Heavenly God Realm, he even broke through to the middle stages of the Heavenly God Realm.

Zhang Nan slowly stood up and then laughed lightly, "I'm already at the middle stage of the Divine Realm and there are still three divine way seeds. Haha, that's enough."

After saying that, he flew in another direction.

Just like before, Zhang Nan did not take much time to slowly raise his cultivation, and with the awakening of the divine way, he obtained an incomparably terrifying benefit.

All of these were because of the heavenly spirit's legacy.

After the third seed had awakened, Zhang Nan had immediately broken through to the Sovereign Realm, and even reached the middle stage of the Sovereign Realm. One must know, even other Sovereigns rarely had a cultivation like this.

It was just that … Zhang Nan wasn't satisfied. He knew there was another realm, and that was Paragon. That was the most terrifying thing in the world.

It was also the supreme realm within the God Realm. However, no one had ever been able to reach this realm, and some people even suspected that this realm did not exist.

After the fourth seed of the divine way had awakened, Zhang Nan had finally broken through to the peak of the late stage of the Sovereign Realm.

Sure enough, as Zhang Nan had expected, after he awakened the fifth divine way seed, he finally stepped into this realm, the strongest realm in the God Realm, and the most terrifying realm, the Lord of the God Realm.


On the God Realm Continent, a few Sovereigns were bringing their warriors to fight against the attacks of the Divine Demon Realm gods with all their might.

The battle cries resounded through the sky and there were piles of corpses everywhere. It was an extremely terrifying scene.

Since heavenly spirit died in battle back then, it was even harder for the God Realm to be his match.

After a year, the continent of the God Realm was still suffering defeat after defeat. At this time, the Sovereigns were almost unable to hold on.

"Heavens, don't tell me …" Are we really going to be exterminated? "

One of the Sovereigns couldn't help but let out a loud shout. As he stared at the Empyrean God experts on the ground, he felt waves of pain in his heart.


Right at this moment, yet another Sovereign was sent flying by an incomparably terrifying Godfiend of the Ninth Heaven, and he vomited a mouthful of blood.

However, this fresh blood transformed into many warriors, joining the battle once more.

However, the injuries this Sovereign Realm expert had suffered were irreparable.

"Go to hell. "Haha!"

That enormous Empyrean God of the Nine Heavens looked incomparably terrifying. Laughing loudly, he lashed out with the incomparably terrifying Heaven Punisher long whip in his hand towards the Sovereign in front of him.

The Heavenly Punishment Whip was incomparably terrifying. If it died to this treasure, then the possibility of it falling into the cycle of reincarnation would no longer exist.

"Heh heh, what a joke. Are you talking about you?"

At this time, a man's voice sounded in the air, and Zhang Nan suddenly appeared in front of the Sovereign Realm expert.

He stood there like that, but it was as if he didn't exist. However, he was real, as if he were the heavens and the earth.

"How is this possible? Who is this guy?" Why does it give me an undefeatable illusion? "

The Nine Heavens Godly Demon was the most terrifying existence in the Divine Demon Realm, and right now, he was actually a little afraid in his heart. He didn't know why, but the middle-aged man in front of him gave him a strong sense of danger.

It was as if he was an ant in front of Zhang Nan.


Zhang Nan laughed faintly, and then said the word 'death' out loud. This word death, seemed to contain the highest principles of the heaven, and simply could not be refuted.

"Impossible, how could this be!?"

That Nine Heavens Divine Demon's life, originally an indestructible life, originally an eternal existence. But at this time, he discovered that the life force within his body was rapidly disappearing, and his life expectancy had actually become limitless.


In the end, he directly exploded.

"Is, is heavenly spirit back?"

The few Sovereigns of the God Realm Continent all looked at each other in dismay, because they realized that the pagoda between Zhang Nan's brows was precisely the divine spark of the heavenly spirit.

However, even if they saw this divine spark, they couldn't believe that the heavenly spirit had returned, because even the heavenly spirit wouldn't be this powerful.

"Heavens! How is this possible? That fellow, just what level of cultivation is he at?"

The people of Divine Demon Realm were all thoroughly shocked and filled with panic.

There was something that was a little taller than dozens of planets combined, but in front of Zhang Nan, it seemed to be as insignificant as an ant.




Zhang Nan flashed a few times, then continuously appeared in front of a few of the most powerful Nine Heavens Divine Demons. These simple words of death had actually directly killed these Divine Demons of the Nine Heavens, who were comparable to Divine Realm experts.

The battle that he had fought for tens of thousands of years was actually completely reversed because of Zhang Nan's appearance.

In less than ten years of time, the continent of the God Realm had killed the invaders from the Divine Demon Realm s and even returned to their lair. From then on, the entire God Realm was left with only gods and no longer had gods or devils.

"Um, Senior Zhang Nan, you, what is your cultivation level? Isn't it too powerful? "

A Heavenly God Realm lady looked at Zhang Nan with a face full of worship. She had never seen such a terrifying existence.

Zhang Nan glanced at the woman, and couldn't help but chuckle. "Paragon!"