Novel:Wrong Marry to Cold CEO|Author:tian qin|Genre:Modern Romance
"Your majesty, King Duan …" A doctor stood behind Yue Ye, carefully moving his lips, not daring to utter those last few words.

Yue Ye's tightly clenched fists trembled, and she abruptly turned around to head for the cabinet. Duan Wang, the sixth brother who had fought alongside him for so many years, finally left him. He suddenly felt that killing Nangong Jue with this sword strike was too easy on him, he should slash away at the person who killed his brother with a thousand cuts!

He painfully closed his eyes, unable to bear to see the lifeless Sixth Brother. His steps felt as if they weighed a thousand pounds, and every step he took was filled with grief.

"Sixth Brother is dead." This was the first time he looked teary in front of Xue Fu, and there were very few people who had truly cared for him in this life. Their mother died young, and grand consort ended his own life during the war, even Sixth Brother died.

Xue Fu didn't know what words she could say to comfort him, so she could only say nothing. She reached out her slender arms to hug him, silently comforting him.

"Xue Fu, we only have you left." His voice spilled over her shoulder.

Xue Fu laughed bitterly, and took a light breath: "Aren't you the only one I have left? "Yi, let's not leave each other in this life, okay?"

"In the next life, we will still meet again." Yue Ye whispered into her ear, her small face was cupped in her warm palm, and her deep black eyes were gentle like water.

"Definitely!" Xue Fu smiled and nodded. She wrapped her hands around his neck and gently kissed him. Yue Ye held her close to her chest, falling in love with her.

"Your Majesty! Not good, the northern troop has already invaded the mountains and rivers! " Yue Ye's body stiffened as she let go of Xue Fu and said, "We will leave immediately!"

With that, he stood up from the side of the bed. Xue Fu was anxious, she anxiously pulled at him, raised her small face slightly and said eagerly: "Yi, you have to be careful, remember to come back …"

Yue Ye reassured her, taking her hand and putting it to her lips, "I won't leave you alone."

Then, the booklet warned sternly, "Xue Fu, stay here and don't go anywhere. If no one comes back to open the door for you, you can leave through the secret passage with grandmaster Yu Zhen. Do you understand?"

"How come no one came to open the door for me? "What do you mean?" Xue Fu didn't understand, but he held onto Yue Ye's hand with all his might. The situation outside the hall was already extremely dangerous, and Yue Ye didn't have much time to explain anything to her.

Grand Master Yuzhen stepped forward and bowed. "Your Majesty, please be at ease. I will protect the empress well."

"Thank you, Grand Preceptor!" Yue Ye returned her salute, placing her index finger in her mouth and fiercely biting down on it, as blood dripped down from his finger. In the midst of Xue Fu's cry of alarm, he dripped his blood into the golden cauldron beside the door that had never closed before. With a loud bang, the heavy stone door slowly fell, separating Xue Fu and Yue Ye.

"Yi!" Xue Fu rushed forward angrily, but the stone door was already tightly sealed, causing her to be unable to go out anymore. Anxious, she kept patting the stone door as she called out Yue Ye's name.

She didn't want to be protected here. She wanted to be with him, be it life or death …

When the True Jade Grandmaster saw her so excited, she walked over to support her arm and said: "Xue Fu, stop patting. No one can open this door without Yue Ye's blood."

"Why?" Xue Fu raised her tear-stained face and asked in astonishment.

True Jade smiled wryly as he used a silk to wipe away the tears on her face. "The emperor used it to protect you from the enemy, silly girl!"

"NO!" I don't want to be protected, I don't want to stay here! " Xue Fu cried and struggled. She, who was already weak to begin with, began to cough heavily as she coughed until she was out of breath.

Master Yuzhen shook her head helplessly. The situation had been set, even if she brought Xue Fu out of the underground palace, she would not be able to live with her anymore.

After Yue Ye came out of the stone room that Xue Fu was in, her eyes immediately became sharp, as she rushed out of the hall with steady steps. He had only taken a few steps when he was stopped by the crowd that had suddenly entered.

The people who came in were not others, they were Nangong Yu and his subordinates who were leading the army. All of them had longbows in their hands, ready to shoot.

"Yue Ye, your 100,000 elite soldiers have all been killed, and the rest have already surrendered to our Northern Kingdom. You can die here." Nangong Yu's voice was cold and eerie like a ghost, mixing with the clear sound of the water in the pond and echoing throughout the underground palace.

"His movements are quite fast." Yue Ye revealed a calm smile, showing no fear in the face of the arrows aimed at her.

"If it wasn't a bit slower, how would it be possible to see my royal brother for the last time?" When Nangong Yu said those words, not only were he gnashing his teeth in anger, he was even feeling unbearable pain.

"So you're here for revenge. Then there's nothing to say. We had too much hatred before, so we have to avenge them." The Northern Kingdom had already occupied the entire underground palace.

"Release the arrows!" "Kill him!" Nangong Yu coldly ordered the people at his side, and the rain of arrows immediately flew in the direction of Yue Ye. Yue Ye instinctively waved her gown, blocking countless arrows, causing Dingdang to fall to the ground.

Nangong Yu saw that his skills were not bad and mocked in disdain, "This king has tens of thousands of soldiers guarding the entrance of the underground palace. Can you continue resisting like this?" After finishing his sentence, he ordered again, "Release the arrows!"

This time, Yue Ye would naturally block it again. Her desire to live prevented her from giving up any hope of survival. However, right at the moment when he was about to spin around to dodge the arrow, the arrow in Nangong Yu's hand left the bowstring. Its target was accurate and it carried the appearance of a death god.

With a pu sound, that ice-cold metallic hoot fiercely pierced into Yue Ye's chest, causing blood to gush out. This time, perhaps even the deities would not be able to save him!

His body stiffened instinctively as he turned to Nangong Yu, his eyes that had been enlarged by pain staring at him.

Nangong Yu smiled sinisterly and pulled the longbow behind him. He sized up Yue Ye who was almost unsteady from the impact of the arrow, and said with a low smile, "This is exactly the move this king has practiced for the past ten years. This is for you, Emperor of Yue Ye!"

Yue Ye's body swayed for a bit, and in the end, she couldn't hold on any longer and fell down. One half of her blood flowed into the pool, while the other half flowed along the ground towards the rear hall. The originally clear water was dyed red with shame.

As for the other half of the blood, it dyed the stone door that tightly shut Xue Fu's body. The stone door was dyed in blood, and with a 'boom', it opened. Xue Fu was shocked, and watched the stream of blood flow through the door.

"Yi …" She let out a low cry as she rushed out, welcoming Yue Ye, who had already lost her heartbeat. In fact, she had long since been forcing herself to prepare for losing him, but seeing Yue Ye in a pool of blood, she felt so heartbroken that she wanted to die.

"Yi, have you really left me?" Xue Fu collapsed and knelt beside him, gently grabbing his hand. His hand was still very warm, to the point where she suspected that he wasn't dead.

He had clearly always promised to take her away from the water mountain and return to her side …

"Miss Bai, come here." Nan Gong Yu Li raised out his palm towards Xue Fu and said softly, "Before Sir dies, you have to ask me to bring you out to find the antidote."

He knew that Xue Fu had saved Nangong Jue's life and he also knew that Nangong Jue had always loved her. Before sealing the underground palace, he was going to bring her away.

Xue Fu wiped the tears off his face, and slowly stood up from Yue Ye's side to look at her. After a long time, he laughed bitterly, and said dejectedly: "Thank you for your good intentions, Fourth Prince. Xue Fu only wants to be together with Yue Ye."

Finished speaking, she picked up the sword at Yue Ye's side and turned around, wiping the pain on her neck without the slightest hesitation. Her thin and weak body was like a fallen leaf, spinning in the air before falling to the ground.

Lying at Yue Ye's side, she suddenly laughed with all her strength. In this life, to be able to die in Yue Ye's embrace, to be able to hold his hand tightly while walking the final stretch, she already had no regrets.

The fresh blood slid into the pool, shamelessly merging with Yue Ye's, dyeing the pool water red!

The cultivator priest slowly walked out of the rear hall and picked up the blood jade that had rolled down from Xue Fu's wrist. This blood jade, that could not be retrieved no matter what, had not only fallen off from Xue Fu's wrist, but it also belonged to its original milky white color.

The beginning of a relationship, the end of a life, were all witnessed by this blood jade …

Outside the palace hall, Nangong Yu was holding onto the reins of his warhorse as he sat on the horse. There was no hint of victory on his handsome face, but there was a dejected expression on his face. He silently watched as the soldiers sealed off the Moon God Hall, which had existed for ten years, as though it had never existed.

"King, it's already sealed!" A soldier cupped his hands in greeting.

Nangong Yu gave a soft 'En' before shouting out one word to everyone, "Withdraw!"

He then turned the horse around, and his two legs struck the horse hard in the belly. The horse shot out like an arrow, leaving a cloud of dust flying in the air …