"Why don't you go? It was hard to get a chance to get close to the male god. I spent a lot of effort before getting two tables."

At the main building of the Western Restaurant in Seattle, Ye Xiaoxiao valiantly pulled on Gu Qiqi's hand.

"It's not like I need your money, what are you afraid of?"

"Qi Qi, sit here, sit here."

Seeing Ye Xiaoxiao waving excitedly at her from a spot opposite of someone, Gu Qiqi immediately grabbed a menu to hide her face. When Feng Jing raised his head, she immediately blocked his line of sight.

As a result, she didn't notice the faint smile on someone's lips.

"A Jing! "Cheers for our long absence!"

An Ya raised his red wine cup and smilingly brought it in front of Feng Jing. The man received it with a smile: "Cheers!"

His eyes shone, and he sat down on the top right side of the man without making a sound. He also turned his emaciated body with his back towards the figure.

Ye Xiaoxiao looked at her in amusement: "Gu Qiqi, are you here to make fun of me?" She was about to put down Qi Qi's menu.

The lady was grabbing the menu tightly, causing Ye Xiaoxiao to be unable to snatch it, she could only roll her eyes and despise her.

Looking at Feng Jing's table, the atmosphere was warm. He nervously clenched his fists: "Qi Qi, if I go over and greet him now, do you think that woman will kill me?"

"Yes!" Gu Qiqi answered with certainty, her beautiful eyes filled with pitiful mist: "But before I killed you, the first one to suffer was me! Xiaoxiao, this is my new boss. Can you leave me a way out? "

"Huh?" Ye Xiaoxiao had originally wanted to cheer up and rush up, but after being pitifully glanced at by Gu Qiqi, she gloomily sat back down on her seat. "But if I miss this opportunity, I don't have this shop anymore!"

The two tables were separated by seven or eight steps. The sounds of chatting were drowned out by the romantic western piano pieces.

The more Gu Qiqi sat, the more awkward she felt.

Therefore, before the dishes could be served, she took the menu and peed her pants.

"A Jing?"

An Ya waved her hand in front of Feng Jing's face, and laughed while teasing him: "Why do I feel that your meal isn't sincere enough?"

As he spoke, he turned around and saw a smiling girl waving to them.

She raised her eyebrows. "Do you know him?"

"I don't know him." Feng Jing said, his eyes was unfathomable.

However, Ye Xiaoxiao had already uncontrollably walked over, and fearfully placed the business card in her hand in front of Feng Jing: "Hello, I am Ye Xiaoxiao."

Feng Jing's gaze stopped at the girl's trembling hands.

An Ya laughed, and just when she thought that the girl was asking for trouble, Feng Jing suddenly received the name card. Under An Ya's confused gaze, he indifferently nodded at her, and placed the name card into her wallet.

"A Jing?"

An Ya laughed in disbelief, "What? Is this still the Feng Jing that I know? "

"So what if you know Feng Jing?"

"You …" An Ya watched excitedly trotting back to her seat. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "Do you still remember how we met?"

"When you were forced to come out to date me, the first thing you said to me was, I don't like women."

"..." Puff!

The corner of Feng Jing's mouth twitched when he thought back to how young and arrogant he was at that time.

"Hey, do you still remember how I answered you back then?" An Ya naughtily leaned towards Feng Jing, an ambiguous look in her eyes. "It doesn't matter, I like it."

"Haha …"

When Gu Qiqi came back from the washroom, she saw An Ya with a very unimpressive smile.

The Feng Jing opposite of her, was someone Gu Qiqi was unfamiliar with!

He could not help but stare blankly at his joyful smile, lost in thought.

"Qi Qi!"

Ye Xiaoxiao excitedly pulled Gu Qiqi back to her seat and sat him back down, her little face blushing red.

"What?" Qi Qi asked in a daze. He had a bad feeling about the light in his good friend's eyes.

Sure enough, a certain woman said, "I've given my business card out."

"He accepted it?"

Seeing Ye Xiaoxiao nodding his head excitedly like a chick pecking rice, heavenly thunder roared above Gu Qiqi's head.

Feng Jing, what happened to not getting close to women?

An Ya's cheerful laughter would occasionally come from the table next door, and when it reached Gu Qiqi's ears, it was indescribably awkward.

She hastily ate a piece of steak and stood up from her seat. "Xiaoxiao, I suddenly remember that I still have some work to do. I have to leave first."

"It can't be?"

Ye Xiaoxiao stood up immediately.

She had achieved her goal, so she didn't insist on staying.

Thus, they left the restaurant and drove Gu Qiqi home.

When he stood at the entrance of the villa that Gu Qiqi resided in, he could not help but sigh: "Alright, Gu Qiqi, looks like you have really made a fool out of yourself. My husband is very rich, right?"

"Hehe …" Qi Qi laughed dryly and quickly hid in the villa, conveniently ignoring the other party's words of "we'll meet again another day".

"Stingy." Ye Xiaoxiao made a face, then looked at the luxurious villa, the more sshe looked, the more he felt that it was familiar.

Thus, he took out his phone, took a photo and sent it to her. "Kai, help me check the owner of this villa."

… ….

"Wuuu..." Gu Qiqi, you are a fool! "

Gu Qiqi hid in the living room, looking at the computer screen showing Ye Xiaoxiao taking photos of the villa, she was filled with regret.

She knew what kind of friends existed beside Ye Xiaoxiao, the one called Chen Kai, the rich second generation, had become a big problem for Gu Qiqi.

"What should we do? That damned girl will not forgive me if she finds out! " Sadly, she buried her head in her pillow and mourned.


A message sounded on his phone's WeChat.

She casually scooped it up and took a look. Then, she suddenly sat up straight. He slapped his forehead, "It's over! We were supposed to meet with Senior Yu Li tonight! "

She quickly ran to the entrance of the Profound Entrance to change her shoes, then opened the engraved big door of the villa. Looking at the quiet and pitch-black road outside, which was devoid of even the chirps of insects, Gu Qiqi subconsciously took a step back.

Yes, she was afraid!

The recent encounter with the black car, coupled with the nightmare in the park that had left a shadow in her heart, made her not have the courage to walk alone on the dark road.

She shook the phone in her hand, closed the door, and replied to Tang Yuli: "Sorry, I'm already home."

The big villa was very quiet!

Qi Qi turned on all the lights, and the sound coming from the television was turned on loud, which slightly eased the chaotic heartbeat inside his heart.

Tang Yuli replied after a long while, "Tomorrow, I will fly to C City for a business trip, will you come to send me off?"


… ….

When Feng Jing came back, the woman had fallen asleep on the sofa in the living room with her arms crossed.

Her brows were furrowed as if she was dreaming of something unpleasant. Her full lips were slightly pale under the moonlight.

The television was very noisy, Feng Jing picked up the remote control on the table and turned off the television. Then, he bent down and held the emaciated woman in front of him.

The woman moaned. Her pink and tender face was like a cat's as she cupped her hands in front of his chest. "Senior Yu Li, I'm sorry …"

… ….

The next morning, a cry of surprise came from the villa once again.

The woman sat on the white bed, rubbing her messy hair, staring in astonishment at the snow-white space.

Vaguely, as if the winter wind outside the window was blowing on her, she shivered.

Just like many times before, she grabbed the phone on the bedside table, sneakily sneaking out of Feng Jing's master bedroom.

When he reached the entrance, he suddenly saw a black shadow appear before his eyes. Dong!

Caught off guard, he crashed into a warm meat wall, wuu!

"Gu Qiqi!"

Feng Jing reached out and grabbed the woman who was about to fall to the ground.

The woman covered her face as if she had not heard his voice. She calmly pushed his hand away, turned around, and was about to slip away from the other side of the door.

However, just as he took a step forward, his neck suddenly tightened and his collar was lifted up high. Like carrying a chicken.

Gu Qiqi raised her head in protest: "Let me go!"

"Alright!" But before I let you go, I have to show you something. "

Feng Jing said, as he took out his phone from his pocket. His left finger gently touched it, and the photo album opened.

Under Gu Qiqi's widened eyes, the woman was wearing pink lace pajamas. She lay on the snow-white bed with a seductive posture and a leg crossed over someone's stomach.

Another thing was that she was holding onto his waist with all her might, acting like a bear without tail.

The most embarrassing one was the one where she put her red lips next to his. At first glance, she looked so fierce that it made people blush.

Feng Jing watched with interest as his cheeks turned pink, red, and red …

The beautiful voice carried an unfathomable magnetism as it said, "These scenes seem very familiar, don't they?"

"I …"

Gu Qiqi opened her mouth wide, but turned her face away guiltily.

Even if he was beaten to death, he would never admit that all the evidence of his evil deeds were true.

"You can deny it! But, Gu Qiqi, our marriage certificate isn't fake, right? Actually, I can understand why you need it. If you accept it boldly, I can still satisfy your needs! "

Dong! The hand that was holding onto the back of her collar loosened.

The man approached her in a charming manner. His handsome face was magnified, his features were exquisite, and there was a deep sense of affection in his eyes …

Step by step, he forced Gu Qiqi to the corner of a wall, trapping him in front of his chest.

His loose collar unknowingly slipped off his round shoulders, revealing a faintly discernible luster in the spring.

Feng Jing squinted.

Before the woman could react, he lowered his head and bit her red lips.

The woman's fragrance was like a poppy. Once it collided with the woman's scent, sparks would immediately burst forth and spread to every inch of her body.

He had only wanted to scare her, but the softness of a woman made him want to kiss her more. His hand involuntarily reached into her clothes …