C23 It can'st be that you don'st want to leave right

Novel:You Covered Me with Scars|Author:Yu Meiren|Genre:Modern Romance
After pressing the answer button, he heard his mother excitedly say, "Little Luo, Mom has bought a lot of food today. You and Eastsea will go home to eat tomorrow night."

"Mom!" He's been very busy lately in the East China Sea. " With such an atmosphere, even if Chilog did not want to take the initiative to tell Qiao Yuhuan that he was bringing Jiang Donghai home, he would not agree.

"Even if you're busy, you still need to eat!"

She really wanted to go home. She hadn't seen her parents since the last time she had a fever.

If he didn't go back, his mother would definitely be disappointed. Just as she wanted to explain more, she saw Qiao Yushi extend his phone in front of her eyes. On the screen, a few words were written: "Bring him back!"

He looked up and saw that he had already put his phone away as if nothing had happened.

"Alright, I'll bring him back tomorrow night."

His mother retracted the thread, and Zilogg softly thanked Qiao Yifan.

"I can't stay at your house at night."

"Got it!"

There was no further communication during the meal. After finishing it, Qiao Yushi returned to his study.

She wished he'd come home early. She must be expecting him now.

"Make a cup of tea!" he called from the study.

He didn't even look at her. He just stared at the computer screen.

She stood by, waiting for him to turn his attention from his job to hers.

"Why didn't you go out?" he asked her, lifting his head an hour later and twisting his stiff neck.

"When are you leaving?" "Xue Er, she …"

"This is my house. I can leave whenever I want. "Go get me a bath water."

Bath? It couldn't be that he wasn't going to leave?

Even before he was married, he never stayed the night.

Sometimes she thought he treated her like a monster. He was timid, and in the dark of the night he had longed for him to stay with him. But she never asked him to stay.

Later, she got used to sleeping alone. Sometimes he would come in the middle of the night, and after he had violated her, he would go away, a very strange person.

"Didn't you hear me?" He was slightly displeased.

He said nothing more. She knew that resistance would only make him worse.

He went to put in the bath water, tested the temperature, then came back and knocked on his door.

"Mr. Qiao, the bath water is ready."

Qiao Yushi stood up and began unbuttoning his shirt as he walked.

"Come and help!"

"Alright!" Go to the closet and get him a change of clothes.

She was truly submissive, as she was extremely unwilling in her heart. She was going to be a little maid, and he had satisfied her wish.

When he entered the bathroom, he was already lying on his back in the tub.

Closing his eyes, he seemed to enjoy being surrounded by water. Upon hearing her footsteps, he softly said, "Pinch my shoulder!"

The one she gave him was Little Yong who told her that when men were tired, they loved women who gently pinched and rubbed them.

At that time, she had treated him as her future husband. Even if he wasn't the man she loved, he was still a man that she respected. Thus, when she kneaded his hand, her heart still carried a trace of hope and tenderness.

Reluctantly, she stretched out her small hand and placed it on his back, gently massaging it. Her heart, however, was enduring the pain.

He could feel that the taste of the dinner was not as good as before, and it was not as comfortable as before. It seemed that there were many things that would change as long as they were not voluntary.

He didn't say anything. His eyes were closed as if he was asleep.

The bathroom was very quiet. Suddenly, he felt that he had not enjoyed this peace for a long time. Unknowingly, the movements of his men also slowed down.

At that moment, her cell phone on the sink began to sing an untimely song.

The warm atmosphere was broken. When he saw the caller ID, he quickly picked up his phone.

Xue'er's cheerful voice came from the other end of the phone.

"Rolo, I'm back!" And I brought you a present. Tomorrow is the Qiao family's old man's birthday. I want to establish a rule that I can't see you for a day. We'll meet the day after tomorrow, okay? "


Chilogg looked at Qiao Yifeng who had his eyes open and answered guiltily.

"I missed you, of course I missed you."

Qi Ge realized that he was looking at him like a hungry wolf. He quickly turned around and continued to talk to Cheng Feixue.

"I'm so bored, it's boring if my husband isn't home today." "No," she said.

With a "Hua La" sound, Qiao Yifan was not satisfied with not being able to see the beautiful scenery as he came out of the bathtub.

When he turned his head, Zilogg saw him lunging at him.

"What's that, Lolo?"

"Oh!" I was just about to take a bath when I got in the water. Goodbye! " Qiao Yushi had already hugged her from behind and was sticking close to her while teasing her with his lips. Touch her earlobes.

She was so scared that she quickly said a few words and hung up.

"Luo …" Cheng Feixue seemed to still want to say something, but he did not have the chance.

"What are you doing?" Let me go! "Ahhh!"

He swung her around and pinned her to the sink.

Her thin lips couldn't wait to find the sweetness on her lips, as if she had been waiting for a long time, looking forward to it.

The surface of the washbasin was very hard, and her back was pressed down painfully. If he wanted to get up, he could only use him. Both arms wrapped around his neck, allowing him to lift himself up a bit. This way, his back was much better.

She's nice, he thought.

"Un …" She groaned in pain.

"It hurts!"

He let go of her a little and realized how uncomfortable her position was.

A trace of guilt flashed through his eyes, but it only lasted for a moment before his expression changed. Then she was pulled into his arms.

Before she could understand what he was doing, she was already in the bathtub with him.

He could no longer tolerate it. He could no longer wait.

"Bang, bang, bang!" Just as he was about to succeed, he suddenly heard a heaven-shaking knock on the anti-theft door.

"He's here!" shouted Zilog.

She did not want to be intimate with him. The sound of the door opening gave her a chance to escape.

"Stay here! I'll go open it! " Is this woman crazy? Looking at her disheveled appearance, if a man were to knock on the door, wouldn't he have impolite thoughts towards her?

Qiao Yushi stood up in displeasure, his brows tightly knitted together.

He grabbed a towel and tied it around his waist before striding out the door.

While he was out the door, Zilogg came out of the water, stripped off his wet clothes, and dried himself with a towel.

She was preparing to sneak back into the bedroom when Qiao Yifeng returned.

"Why are you running?" he asked her, pulling his face close.

Of course we have to run. If we don't run now, you will be able to do whatever you want in that place?

"My clothes are wet. I feel a bit uncomfortable." she explained.

"Then go and put on a nightgown!"

Eh? He actually let her go? It was inconceivable, but she didn't dare to think too much about it. She almost rushed out of the door.

In the past, regardless of whether she admitted it or not, she should have liked being intimate with him.

Was she that happy that he didn't want her now?

"Pick the most tempting nightgown and put it on. Wait for me on the bed!" he added.

Zilogg thought he had let her go, but hearing his last words, his heart dropped back into the icehouse.

Standing in front of the closet, he picked out an old-fashioned nightgown and held it in his hand, refusing to let him do as he pleased. If he picked on her and said she was deliberately disobedient, she could argue that she felt the temptation, that everyone had a different definition.

He took off the towel and quickly changed into his pajamas before returning to his bedroom.

Waiting for someone to ravage her felt really bad. She could only hope that he would come quickly, that he would finish and return home quickly.

She lay on the bed, expecting him to follow her into the bedroom. A moment later she heard the security door open, then slam again.

He's gone? This bastard! He wanted to leave, yet he deliberately made her wait. How could he be so wicked and shameless?