C71 Game

Novel:You are the One and Only|Author:er shi wu du wen nuan|Genre:Historical Romance
The inside of the room was extremely bright and warm. Qin Nuo had even specially made people burn the jasper to create fragrance that was extremely sweet and refreshing.

Old Fifteen, Old Sixteen, and Old Seventeen sat around Qin Nuo, playing rope flipping game with her. Thirteen sat on a chair to the side, looking at them with a vague smile.

Normally when he was in the palace, let alone Old Fifteen and the others, he would not even bother to pay attention to Old Fourteen, who was three years younger than him. Ever since he was young, he had known that his mother's status was not high, and many things had to be fought for by him!

It was not second brother's intention to come to the Prince Rui's mansion to visit. According to second brother's idea, he wanted Second Sister-in-Law to come over. However, after hearing second brother's words, he was curious about this third Sister-in-Law and didn't quite believe that a woman who was born in the mortal world would have such a deep thought. But when he saw it today, he knew that even though Second Sister-in-Law was exaggerating, his second brother was not lying.

No wonder Third Brother still wanted to marry the third Sister-in-Law to Chief Consort despite all the pressure. This woman was indeed different from the masses!

There was no shortage of tough natured women in the palace, such as the empress dowager and imperial concubines. But no matter if it was the empress dowager or the imperial concubine, no matter how noble their position was, it would be difficult for them to reveal a true smile. But third Sister-in-Law was different. The brilliant smile and unbridled laughter in the midst of flying snow made him absent-minded for a moment.

Perhaps, this was the biggest difference between a common woman and a woman from a noble family or royal family.

Naturally, just entering the palace and getting pampered was also the reason why she was able to laugh heartily!

Just now in Meng Xin Yuan, from what I heard from concubine's words, Third Brother's Chief Consort is not simple. The concubine had always been on good terms with Third Brother, and had gotten pregnant first. But this third Sister-in-Law was able to force Third Brother to stay on the main wife even after concubine got pregnant, and she only sent girls to Meng Xin Yuan to ask about it or give him some supplements every day.

Using second brother's words, you must not underestimate this Princess Rui!

Qin Nuo gave the rope flipping to the three children. Seeing that they were in high spirits, he couldn't help but smile.

Even though the princes were usually very noble, they were actually very pitiful. They had been overly protected since they were young, starting to study and practice martial arts as soon as they were slightly older. Let alone games, they were probably brought out of the palace like Old Fifteen, which made them very happy!

"Today was too rushed. I wonder if Your Highness Thirteen felt that the food was not tasty?" I see that you don't use much, but if you're hungry, don't be embarrassed to say it. " Qin Nuo turned to Thirteen, smiled and asked Ming Liu. I have instructed the several princes to prepare the snacks, are they ready? "

"Don't worry, I've already prepared everything!" Ming Liu laughed. However, I just don't know what kind of taste Princess Thirteen has. It's what the few young princes like to eat.

"That won't happen!" I've heard that Your Highness is someone who understands the ways of the world, so how could I not understand our hearts? If there's a chance, I would really like for all of you to come visit us at home as guests. It will be more lively there, but I'm afraid you guys will not be willing to come. " Qin Nuo continued to look at Thirteen with a smile. If you feel tired, you should go rest early and let Lu Li and the others follow me first. "

"Thank you third Sister-in-Law, I'm not tired yet." Thirteen slightly raised the corner of his mouth, as a faint smile appeared on his face. It turned out that not only would third Sister-in-Law laugh loudly, he would also ridicule and pretend to be courteous.

"Of course not, third Sister-in-Law!" "Old Fifteen said loudly as he played." We have agreed that third Sister-in-Law and I will sleep together, and Old Sixteen and Old Seventeen will go somewhere else. "

"Good, good, good!" Qin Nuo replied with a bunch of words, her heart filled with love.

"third Sister-in-Law is biased!" Old Sixteen frowned slightly.

"Eccentric!" Old Seventeen smirked.

"third Sister-in-Law is not biased, the next time you guys come, I want you to follow me, okay?" Qin Nuo laughed and said, his voice was so soft that it could drip water.

Hearing this, Old Fifteen snorted with his little nose. It would be strange if he gave Old Sixteen and Old Seventeen a "next chance"!

Thirteen's eyes flashed. Even though these youngsters were quite idle in the palace, they were still considered to be rather decent. As soon as they arrived, they changed! During the snowy battle, they were all like wild children. And now they were all acting shamelessly while acting coquettishly, this truly was an eye-opener for him!

"Yiyao, are you bored?" Qin Nuo then turned to Thirteen and spoke gently.

"Not bad!" Thirteen's forehead twitched as he lightly replied.

"I've heard that you've always been gentle and casual. Why are you so restrained now that you've come to the manor? "If you really think it's boring, why don't I play an interesting game with you, one that's even more fun than Old Fifteen and the others." Qin Nuo's tone became more gentle.

Thirteen smiled sarcastically.

"Does third Sister-in-Law also treat me like a child?"

"third Sister-in-Law, what's that good stuff? I want to play too! " Old Sixteen hurriedly said.

"When you guys grow up, I'll play with you." Qin Nuo tactfully rejected his offer, "third Sister-in-Law has also not played this game for a long time, I wonder if it'll work."

With that, Qin Nuo ordered Ming Liu to go to the study room to retrieve the leaves, which were the cards. In the past, when she was bored, Qin Nuo had asked him to bring them over to play.

"Peaches, take His Highness and the others to the inner room and play. With a few more lanterns in your hands, don't tire your eyes out." Qin Nuo instructed again.

When they heard that the third Sister-in-Law was going to send them away, they were slightly displeased and pestered Qin Nuo to whine. Qin Nuo coaxed them for a long time.

"I never knew that Old Fifteen and the others loved to cause trouble." The Thirteen laughed, then extended his hand and took the card. third Sister-in-Law still knows how to act? "

"No way!" Qin Nuo smiled. I only know Mind Reading, which is, I know what you're thinking. Do you want to try it? "

"I don't believe that the third Sister-in-Law really knows how to joke around." Thirteen did not think so.

Qin Nuo didn't say a word as she reached out her hand to Thirteen.

"Give it to me!"

Thirteen handed the card over to Qin Nuo. Qin Nuo casually washed it twice, then placed it on the table.

"Yiyao, count from the top all the way to the leaves in this circle. If you like to count in reverse, you have to count in reverse no matter what. Remember to count down, don't count up any more! "" No, no. "Just tell me in which direction you counted first. You don't need to tell me exactly how many times you counted, and you don't need to keep your eyes on that card either. You just need to remember which one in your heart, and I will know which one you counted last. Do you believe me?"

Thirteen looked at Qin Nuo suspiciously and shook her head.

"Come, let's give it a try!" Qin Nuo had a mysterious look on her face.

Deep suspicion emerged in Thirteen's eyes, but he couldn't resist his curiosity. He counted in his heart according to Qin Nuo's words, then nodded towards Qin Nuo.

"Good!" Now you tell me which way you counted first. " Qin Nuo said in all seriousness.

Thirteen pointed to the right.

Qin Nuo clasped her hands together, and looked at the leaves for a while, then reached out and pulled out the one on the left.

"This is the last one you counted!" Qin Nuo said with certainty.

Seeing Thirteen's eyes slowly widen, she knew that Thirteen had already taken the bait.

"Are you unconvinced? Come! Try again. For the sake of fairness, it can't be these leaves forever. "Then I'll take out a few and you can count them again." Qin Nuo said, he took out a few cards and placed them on the side, then moved the number of cards, adding two.

Thirteen carefully counted and pointed to the left side, indicating that Qin Nuo was counting to the left side first, but did not say anything. It was as if when he talked, she would say out what number he had counted.

Qin Nuo looked at the card silently for a while, then pointed at the card on the right.

"It's this!"

Ying He and Qing Luo, who were serving by the side, felt that it was too mystical when they saw the surprised expression on the Thirteenth Prince's face. They had never known that the Empress could use this trick.

"Empress, if we were to count, would you guess?" Ying He asked.

"No!" This required a tacit understanding! Only one person at a time. " Qin Nuo spoke with a serious expression. The reason why I sent the fifteenth prince and the others away was so that I could calm my heart down and walk into the heart of the thirteenth prince. "

While saying that, Qin Nuo moved the card around a few more times, indicating the Thirteen to follow up. Seeing Thirteen's indifferent face revealing an expression of disbelief, Qin Nuo smiled and kept the card, then handed it over to Qing Luo.

Leave it to Ming Liu, she'll send it back! The two of you go in and accompany the fifteenth prince and the others. Let Bi Tao and Ming Liu come out and serve them. "

"Yes sir!" Ying He and Qing Luo promised as they walked towards the inner room together.

In a moment, Ming Liu and Bi Tao walked out.

Qin Nuo smiled as she glanced at the two girls. In truth, attending to the few kids was an easy task. As long as the lass did not regard him as an adult, treated the little princes as children, and set up her own position as the master, they would have nothing to do with the lass. If a little girl were to use a tone as if she was coaxing a child to talk to them, she would definitely provoke them!

This was because these people all had the burden of being princes. They were used to putting on the airs of a master in front of their servants, and not the appearance of children.

It was obvious that Ming Liu and Bi Tao were very proficient in this aspect. It was just that they didn't know if Ying He and Bi Tao were smart or not!

"What do you have to say for me, third Sister-in-Law?" Thirteen was not stupid, seeing that Qin Nuo supported Ying He and her sister out, he laughed and said.

"Smart!" Qin Nuo couldn't help but praise.

"In front of the third Sister-in-Law, I do not dare claim that I know anything. However, when they were in the palace, everyone knew that Ying He was timid and that the person called Qing Luo was also a little kid.

She quietly glanced at Qin Nuo. What was Mind Reading? Why had she never heard of it before!

Qin Nuo did not look at the peaches, but stared at Thirteen instead.

Thirteen's eyes flashed with a trace of shadow for a moment. He pretended to be calm and muttered to himself, but he did not meet Qin Nuo's gaze.

Qin Nuo took a sip of the tea on the table and said, "The tea has cooled down!"

When Peaches heard this, she quickly opened her mouth.

"This servant will go heat transfer now."

Looking at the peaches leaving, Qin Nuo smiled slightly.

"Now that it's just you and me, I'll be straightforward! Princess Thirteen came here today to visit the concubine, but I told the lass to go too early. The things that the Thirteenth Prince wanted to hear or see, he still hasn't heard. However, before I speak, His Highness Thirteenth Prince could not tell anything, so I might as well go back and tell Prince Jing, although Jing Shuyi is a Second Miss, but he is still a concubine! Prince Jing, please do not waste your time on her! "