Chapter 1119 - Dance

Novel:Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle|Author:Qian Nishang|Genre:Romance
Chapter 1119: Dance

Feng Lingxue’s expression remained the same. “President Gu, you know me, I… treasure my life a lot.”

She could not afford to lose her life.

She would never allow herself to die.

Gu Mohan raised his brows, satisfied by her answer. A few CEOs walked over and greeted Gu Mohan.

“Excuse me.”

Gu Mohan went to socialize with the few CEOs.

After he walked away, Feng Lingxue went to the front of the dining table, all kinds of delicacies and bottles of wine were on the table.

Feng Lingxue laid her eyes on the colorful candies. She stretched her hand out, picking up a piece. But just as she turned around, she knocked into someone. The person’s chest was strong and muscular, she felt as though she had knocked into a solid wall.

Ah! The candy in her hand dropped onto the person’s glistening black leather shoe.

Lifting her head, she saw that it was… Xuan Ying.

She had no idea when he had started to stand behind her.

Xuan Ying was tall, standing at 1.87m. The past three years of battlefield experience had served to accentuate his dark, sinister aura that was overtly intimidating. Once he got close, the atmosphere would instantly become stifling.

Lowering his head to look at the candy on the ground, Xuan Ying raised the corners of his lips into a cold smirk. “The top social escort of Ah Jiao’s Room who’s so used to rare delicacies and custom-made clothing is even interested in a small piece of candy?”

He sounded sarcastic as he mocked her.

His arrival had drawn the eyes of all the socialites. Everyone started gossiping—-Look, Feng Lingxue is seducing the Silver Mask King!

—-She’s really shameless, does she really think that Silver Mask King will marry her? She’s not even qualified to be his lowly concubine!


Feng Lingxue knew how unpopular she was, those who attended such a grand party like this were all daughters of wealthy and influential families. Of all the guests, she was the only one without a noble background. After all, she was a social escort from Ah Jiao’s Room.

The socialites present loathed her even more because of her ravishing beauty.

But she wasn’t bothered at all.

Feng Lingxue lifted her head to look at Xuan Ying. “Brother Ying, President Gu is still waiting for me. I’ll have to take my leave.”

She turned around to leave.

But the next moment, she heard a cynical laugh from behind. “What did you just call me?”

Feng Lingxue stopped, turning behind to look at him.

Xuan Ying’s eyes slightly crinkled, but he wasn’t exactly smiling. He looked at her, enunciating every word of his question clearly. “I’m asking you again, what did you just call me?”

Feng Lingxue’s heart thumped, almost skipping a beat. She quickly corrected herself, “Silver Mask King.”

Xuan Ying raised his brows with satisfaction. “Remember this well. Brother Ying already died three years ago. You’re not fit to call me that again!”

“Ah.” Feng Lingxue lowered her head to look at her feet, her eyes indecipherable. “Silver Mask King, can I leave now?”

“Wipe my shoe clean.”

Feng Lingxue lifted her eyes as they met with his inky eyes. He looked at her in such a condescending way, as if she was worse than filth on the ground.

“You dropped the candy and dirtied my shoe, now wipe my shoe clean,” he repeated with a cold smile.


The socialites began sneering contemptuously, “Look, Silver Mask King is humiliating Feng Lingxue!”

“Serves her right, this is really exciting to watch. She really does think too highly of herself.”

Feng Lingxue’s face turned pale. One. Two. Three seconds… She slowly crouched down, surrounded by the sounds of their mocking judgement.

Stretching her hand out, she picked up the piece of candy and clutched it tightly. She clutched it so hard, her palms hurt. Brother Ying, the one who would give her candies every single day, had already died. Her eyes were slightly red, stretching the other hand out to wipe his leather shoe clean.

After a while, she stopped cleaning his shoe when she thought it was clean, when in fact, his shoe hadn’t even been dirtied at all.

She stood up. “Silver Mask King, I’ve cleaned your shoe. I’ll leave now.”

She turned around to leave.

Xuan Ying looked at her from behind, his eyes were just like ink that spilled everywhere in a fast, fluid motion, they were indecipherable. He suddenly spoke up, “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s President Zhu and Third Miss Jun’s engagement banquet today, shall we have the top social escort of Ah Jiao’s Room perform a dance for us?”

Everyone’s gazes riveted on them and the lobby fell into a dead silence.

Tang Mo’er and Lin Shiyu had just gone upstairs to look for Jun Xiqing in the dressing room. Once they heard his voice, they looked over too.

Feng Lingxue lurched to her feet, turning back to look at Xuan Ying.

Xuan Ying looked at her. “Everyone says that Feng Lingxue is the best at dancing, her moves are mesmerizing to the point of perfection. They say that any man would willingly go bankrupt just to watch Feng Lingxue dance. Now shall we have Feng Lingxue perform a dance for us without charge, is everyone happy with this arrangement?”

“Of course we’re happy!”

The crowd in the lobby were all excited.

The men’s gazes landed on Feng Lingxue, as though they were looking at a social escort they could never afford to engage.

The women all let out a vicious smile, what a good way to humiliate this vixen!

“What kind of dance shall you perform?” Xuan Ying’s gaze landed on Feng Lingxue. She wore a black trench coat that covered her up completely. It was a modest look that was very appropriate for the engagement banquet. “I heard that Feng Lingxue charges differently for different dancing styles. The most expensive one, which no man has ever been able to afford is the… pole dance.

“Let’s have Feng Lingxue perform a pole dance for us, what do you all think?”

The entire crowd’s minds were blown away. Feng Lingxue was known as the best dancer, the most expensive service in Ah Jiao’s Room was also her pole dancing performance. She had never performed a pole dance segment in public.

“Dance! Dance!” Everyone cheered.

Tang Mo’er knitted her brows. Although she had no idea what happened between Xuan Ying and Feng Lingxue, Xuan Ying had really gone too far.

She wanted to go downstairs.

But Lin Shiyu pulled her hand. “Mo’er, look.”

Tang Mo’er looked downstairs, Feng Lingxue walked over from the door in her high heels while the crowd cheered loudly.

The high stilettos made clicking sounds against the marble floors, it sounded so beautiful. Some men’s waist went numb, as though they had been drugged. They got so excited just hearing the sounds of her high heels.

The crowd quietened down, as though there were some magical powers when Feng Lingxue walked over. She lifted her hand to unbutton her trench coat. In one fluid movement, she threw the black trench coat over to the crowd and it landed on a man’s face.

Everyone gasped.

Feng Lingxue wore a red gown with thin straps inside, her skin smooth and radiant. She really was a born stunner.

As she walked over to the center of the lobby, under the bright lights, a flowing piece of fabric descended from the sky, and she wrapped her leg around the fabric while wearing those sky-high stilettos…