Chapter 1350 - Why Should I Let You Have Her?

All the guests had found their respective dance partners and the floor was filled with handsome men and lovely ladies. Everyone was very satisfied with the results.

The crystal chandelier sparkled and a gentle breeze blew by. Jun Xiqing smiled as she tugged at the red string in her hand.

The people in front slowly dispersed and Jun Xiqing’s gaze followed the red string toward a tall, elegant figure.

Lu Yeming.

Lu Yeming was holding the other end of the red string.

Was this fate?

Somehow, both of them had picked the same red string.

Jun Xiqing fluttered her long lashes. On the other end of the string, Lu Yeming gazed at her, as ripples surfaced in those profound eyes of his. Standing at their respective spots, they both held their destiny in their hands. The destiny issued down by the god of matchmaking.

On the other side, Tang Mo’er sighed gently as she watched the scene unfold.

“What’s the matter?”

Gu Mohan asked in a gentle voice. He had just walked over and embraced her slender waist.

Tang Mo’er leaned her soft body into his arms and said in a small voice, “Look, Yeming and Qingqing can’t escape their linked fates. Look at how compatible they are. But Yeming is already married…”

Gu Mohan kissed her hair and murmured by her ear. “He and Dongfang Ruoli didn’t register their marriage.”

“What?” Tang Mo’er looked at Gu Mohan in shock.

As Gu Mohan gazed into her sparkling eyes, he caressed her hair lovingly. “Yeming still loves you. As he said, no one can ever replace you. But you were also right in that his love for you is not pure, it isn’t the romantic type of love. You are just someone he failed to attain when he was younger. You represented all that is good and wonderful in his heart, and he might not have even known what was love at that time.

“In the future, there will be a woman who is able to teach him what true love is. Love is not just protection. Love is selfish and conquering. Love is wanting to hold the person in your arms. Love makes one intoxicated, go crazy, fall into obsession.”

With that, Gu Mohan hugged Tang Mo’er tightly.

A sweet smile appeared on Tang Mo’er’s lips. “But, since Yeming didn’t register his marriage with Dongfang Ruoli, why did he give her the position of Empress?”

“Don’t you wish to know who tried to harm you three years ago?”

Tang Mo’er’s heart gave a heavy thud. Who was the one who had made that call three years ago? Who was the one who planned that car crash?

“Mo’er, Country A’s palace is not peaceful at all. There are many ghosts inside. Why is Dongfang Ruoli so much like you? How did Yeming disappear that time over 20 years ago? There is a dark power behind all of these happenings. All the current political turmoil had grown its roots 26 years ago. Yeming has his life’s mission and his personal responsibilities too.”

It was only now that Tang Mo’er finally understood. She had always wondered why Yeming would marry Dongfang Ruoli.

So Yeming had his own reasons too.

Holding onto Gu Mohan’s hand, Tang Mo’er walked over to the platform again. “Hello everyone, I am sure you have all found your respective dance partners. Let’s start the dance now.”

A relaxing melody started playing.

Jun Xiqing was still holding the red string, her smile frozen on her face. She felt like the heavens just loved playing pranks on her.

No matter how she spun and ducked. She could not escape him.

At this moment, Lu Yeming started walking over.

But Jun Xiqing cautiously took a step back.

“Ms Jun.” Mu Yanfeng had come over.

Jun Xiqing reacted like she had met her savior. Her eyes sparkled as she looked at Mu Yanfeng. “Young Master Mu, where is your dance partner?”

“I stepped out to take a call and it looks like I missed out an important segment.”

At that, Mu Yanfeng looked at the approaching Lu Yeming. “Hello, President Lu.”

Lu Yeming nodded. “Young Master Mu.”

The two stood together forming a pretty picture. Both were handsome and both possessed an upright manner.

“President Jun, did you and Ms Jun pick the same red string? May I be so bold as to ask President Lu to give me your string, so that I can dance with Ms Jun?”

Lu Yeming glanced at the red string in his hand, and then at the other end of it in Jun Xiqing’s soft hands. He smirked and said slowly, “Why should I let you have her?”

A sharpness flashed across Young Master Mu’s eyes, but he followed up with a warm smile. “To be honest, I am currently pursuing Ms Jun.”

At his straightforward words, Jun Xiqing looked at Mu Yanfeng.

“President Lu is already married, and I heard that your relationship with Empress Dongfang is very good. Over the past three years, Empress Dongfang didn’t bear you any children but President Lu still has no intention of marrying another. Even though the daughters of several political heads have recently expressed their interest in you, you rejected them all.”

Lu Yeming looked at Mu Yanfeng. “Looks like Young Master Mu is very well-informed.”

“You flatter me. I wonder if President Lu is willing to help fulfill my request?”

Caught up in this awkward situation, Jun Xiqing was completely unwilling to dance with Lu Yeming. Of course she would rather choose Mu Yanfeng!

As a result, she looked expectantly toward Lu Yeming, hoping that he would give up.

Lu Yeming shifted his profound gaze from Mu Yanfeng to Jun Xiqing. Then he said in a magnetic voice, “Of course…”

Jun Xiqing lit up with relief.

“…not.” Lu Yeming added.

Jun Xiqing, “…”

“Ms Jun, may I have this dance?” Lu Yeming requested Jun Xiqing in a very gentlemanly manner.

What was he playing at! Jun Xiqing threw the red string on the ground. Of course not!

But before she could say those three words, Lu Yeming had grabbed her fair little hand and was leading her onto the dance floor.

On the dance floor.

Jun Xiqing flung his hand away. “President Lu, let go of me.”

But Lu Yeming wrapped his arms around her soft waist and pulled her into his embrace. “Stop making a scene. Everyone is watching you.”

Indeed, many pairs of eyes were turned upon them.

Now, both of them were public figures who represented their respective countries. Jun Xiqing immediately stopped struggling.

As Lu Yeming held her dainty hand in one palm, the other was pressed gently against her soft waist. They started dancing.

He was dignified and elegant. She was beautiful and radiant. The two of them were of royal blood and received the highest level of elite education and upper-class training. Their dance steps were perfectly coordinated and her pale blue dress swirled charmingly around his western-style pants.

Quite a number of people were on the dance floor, and Jun Xiqing was being squeezed forward until her soft body was pressed tightly against his.

She had not been willing to dance with him in the first place, and felt all the more uncomfortable now. She wriggled about.

Amidst all the movement, she ended up rubbing against him and this gave Lu Yeming a mild tingling sensation.

Pinching her soft waist, he warned her in a low voice. “Stop wriggling about, hm?”

Did he think she would do whatever he said, just because he demanded it? Jun Xiqing didn’t notice anything strange about his body and squirmed around again. “Why should I listen to you?”

So Lu Yeming slid his hands downward, stopping at her perky butt. He gave a firm push and pressed her onto his own body with a pointed expression.

Jun Xiqing immediately raised her brow. “Why are you poking me with something? Stop it!”