C5 The camera be wrong

Novel:Young Master Gu's Wild Wife|Author:Jiangling|Genre:Modern Romance
"May I ask why Mr. Gu is nearly thirty years old and is still a virgin? Could there be some hidden ailment?"

"Didn't you see the illness earlier?" Gu Qishao cast a meaningful glance beneath him.

Xu Anqing instantly blushed. "Then you still have to explain why you're still a virgin, right?"

"Because I'm clean."

Xu Anqing laughed coldly. Fine, she'll endure.

"Why is Miss Xu still …"

"Because I'm clean too!" Xu Anqing interrupted him angrily.

"Wasn't it to wait for someone?"

"Young Master Gu must have watched too many romantic dramas!" Xu Anqing despised him.

What do you mean by waiting for a drama that has lasted for twenty years for a person? Isn't that too cliché? Only a ghost would believe it.

Gu Qishao had a dark expression on his face when the pressure in the living room suddenly dropped.

Xu Anqing licked her lips and continued asking, "When is Mr. Gu's first love?"

"Five years old."

"Where's the first kiss?"

"He's also five years old."

"Five years old is just playing house, right?" Xu Anqing looked at him suspiciously. She saw him looking out of the window, as if he was recalling something or dreaming about something.

Sunlight streamed in through the window, shining golden light into his eyes.

Xu Anqing didn't have time to take out her camera, and directly used her phone to record this beautiful scene.

Gu Qishao came back to his senses when he heard the shutter sound. He glanced at her and asked, "When is Miss Xu's first love?"

"I don't have a first love." Xu Anqing dejectedly replied.

His expression was somewhat absent-minded. That person couldn't be considered to be his first love.

Gu Qishao smiled. "Not even playing house?"


Actually, she didn't even remember what happened before she was five years old. She just couldn't be bothered to explain it to him.

"Think about it!" Gu Qishao reminded her in annoyance.

Xu Anqing was stunned by his shout, "I didn't have a good life for Young Master Gu. I've been working with my mother since I was young, I don't have time to play with others!"

"Since young, don't you have a good playmate?" he asked unwillingly.

Xu Anqing was infuriated by his question. "Right, no one has ever been willing to play with a poor, ragged girl since I was young. Are you satisfied?"

Gu Qishao seemed to be infuriated by her. No matter what she asked, he would deliberately lead her in every direction. In short, he had to embarrass her before she would let him go.

When she took the picture, she intentionally dressed up and flirted with her with frivolous words.

In a professional spirit, Xu Anqing endured it all.

By 6: 30 in the evening, all the work was finally finished.

Xu Anqing looked at the notebooks that were filled to the brim and the hundreds of photos in the camera. She finally felt a little gratified.

He didn't suffer this old man's anger for a whole day for nothing.

However, the next day, when she sent the prepared manuscript to Gu Qishao to see, the company's assistant contacted her and said that the script could not be sent and the interview yesterday was invalid.

As for the material in her possession, they were insistent that she destroy it herself.

If it were to be leaked out, he would have to bear the consequences.

Xu Anqing had no place to vent her anger on. She went to find Gu Qi Chen's company, but she was chased out of the company by the security guards before she even saw him.

She suddenly understood that Gu Qishao had never wanted to cooperate with her from the beginning. The so-called 'exclusive interview' was a method to punish her, and that was because she had beaten him!

This despicable person, she had already apologized. If he was unhappy, he could call her back, but he actually treated her like a monkey and played with her for an entire day!

It was a double insult to her profession and to her character.

"Hey, little An An, who's angered you so much?"

When Xu Anqing finished her lesson with two panda eyes, someone stopped her halfway.

When he turned around, it was his classmate, Liu Zhi. They used to work part-time together at the Sunshine Magazine together, but he had no bottom line. Not only did he sell a piece of news to many people, he often made up false stories.

Then he was fired from the magazine and his reputation was ruined.

"Don't call me that, I'm not familiar with you." Xu Anqing rolled her eyes at him.

He did not get angry. Instead, he wrapped himself around her and snatched the camera from her shoulder. "It's my duty to help you with your back. It's my duty to serve a beauty."

"What are you doing? Return the camera to me!" Xu Anqing was already annoyed enough and didn't have the patience to deal with him.

"I'll treat you to a meal, and I'll return the favor." Liu Zhi said as he ran forward.

Xu An Qing chased after him helplessly.

At dinner, she asked impatiently, "What are you trying to do?"

"It's just a meal between students, can you not be so dark? No matter what, I'm still a handsome guy, there are too many people who want to eat with me." Liu Zhi shook his shirt and winked at her.

Xu Anqing exhausted her patience, "If you don't say so, then I'm leaving."

"No, I say, I say, okay? Does Gu Qishao know? " He raised his eyebrows, looking somewhat pleased with himself.

Xu Anqing felt her head hurt the moment she heard Gu Qishao's words. "I'm not interested in him."

"I caught him taking pictures last night at the bar. He went to the bar to fool around the day before the engagement was cancelled. Think about what kind of reputation Gu Qishao had set up. This news is really big."

Liu Zhi threw a few photos on the table.

"Abstinence element male god suddenly transmogrified into a great pervert. This is explosive news. Are you really not interested?"

"What lecherous thing? He's still a virgin."

Xu Anqing blurted out.

For some reason, she did not doubt what he had said yesterday.

That pair of clear eyes didn't seem like it would lie.

"A virgin?" Little An An, are you as idiotic as those brainless fans? " Liu Zhi pushed the photo towards her.

Xu Anqing glanced at the photo and confirmed that it was indeed Gu Qishao.

He was sitting in a bar booth, and the atmosphere was warm. The second photo he took was of him pressing down on a long-haired woman and reaching into her dress.

No matter how you looked at the screen, it looked wretched.

How retarded she was to believe that he was still a virgin!

"How is it? Is my news worth a lot of money?"

"It's not up to me to decide whether it's worth it or not. You can go and talk to Sister Zhang directly." Xu Anqing picked up her camera and left.

Liu Zhi wanted to stop him but couldn't. The people from the magazine treated him as a pestilence. Who would be willing to see him?

Forget it, I won't be able to find another one if I don't find one.

When Xu Anqing returned home, the more she thought about it, the angrier she got. This person's acting skills are so good, why didn't he just become an actor?

She had heard the story of his five-year-old playmate, and was even moved by his love for her. It seemed that all of this was a lie!

She had to call and scold him to get over it.

He didn't expect the call to be answered so quickly.

The speed was so fast that she didn't even have time to react before the confidence she was mustering dissipated.

"What is it?" His voice was low and tired.

"Why didn't you use yesterday's interview? Do you know … "

"I won't pursue the losses you've caused me anymore. No matter how you look at it, Miss Xu hasn't lost anything, right?"

"But you clearly teased me yesterday!"

"I've said that I have many ways to suppress public opinion, and your interview is only one of them."

"But …"

"I'm very busy. Goodbye."

The call ended.

Xu Anqing's anger did not dissipate at all, but she did vent it herself.

This feeling really made him panic.

However, she still felt that Gu Qishao was right.

There was no need to spend a day to tease someone as important as her.

"So annoying!" Xu Anqing glanced at the camera on the bed and her heart suddenly sank.

This camera, was not hers!

It was from Liu Zhi!

Just now, when they put their cameras together, she had taken the wrong one!

It's over. It's over.