"President Pei, why are you here! I've been waiting for you for a long time! "

One of Pei's Group's underlings, who was also Pei Shaoling's assistant, happened to see this scene and ran over in time.

Seeing the situation around him, the security personnel asked the assistant a few more times. In the end, the assistant's eyes turned and he quickly explained, "President Pei, did you and your girlfriend quarrel?"

Pei Shaoling guessed the other's intentions and nodded his head subconsciously.

The assistant explained in great detail, and since the security guards were concerned about Pei Shaoling's identity, they did not ask any further questions.

Shu Yao wanted to say more, but she was held onto by the wrist by Pei Shao Ling, and was subconsciously held tightly into his embrace. With her extraordinary strength, she whispered into her ear, "If you're really that smart, you should think more about your children."

She was shocked.

Pei Shaoling's meaning was very clear. Even if Li Chenxi could protect his child for a while, he could not guarantee that he would be able to live forever.

Shu Yao did not dare to continue thinking about it, and forced herself to keep her mouth shut.

After the security personnel left, the assistant said, "President Pei, everything is ready. You and Miss Shu can board the plane at any time."

Pei Shaoling nodded his head and pulled Shu Yao away, but another voice came out from behind — —

"Pei Shaoling."

He stopped in his tracks, turned around, and saw the Li Chenxi in front of him.

He was dressed in a white suit and looked like he had just rushed over from the wedding venue. His entire body was drenched in dust, and his sinister gaze was locked onto Pei Shaolin. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Shu Yao, who was in his embrace.

At this time, Huang Yi had brought some people to disperse the passengers, and the police had already moved out. The security personnel coordinated with them, but in just a moment, the entire area had been emptied out, leaving only the three of them.

Pei Shaoling looked at his suit and sneered, "Since you're already married, why do you need to meddle in the affairs of your ex-wife and I?"

"Yes, I am." "However, it's not with Han Cai Ling, but with the person in your embrace. And she's also not my ex-wife, but my current wife."

Pei Shaoling was slightly startled, but he subconsciously guessed that Li Chenxi was telling the truth, and then his lips revealed a sneer, "It looks like, Han Cai Ling is still a useless woman after all!"

"Even if she is a useless woman, it is true that you have chosen to plot against her. Now that her past has been exposed, as for the rest of you, do you think you can escape?"

Pei Shaling grabbed Shu Yao who was in her arms, "Even if you two get married, I might not be able to take her away temporarily, but what can I do?"

"Nothing, that's why you kept Shu Yao, she has already remarried with me, and if you forcefully take away someone else's wife, even if word of this spreads, it will affect your reputation!" Li Chenxi said.

He indeed did not expect Shu Yao to remarry with Li Chenxi. If they had already completed the procedures, it would indeed be a little inappropriate for him to take her away by force.

"Chenxi didn't lie. I really remarried him!" Shu Yao suddenly said as she looked at him.

"He has lied to you time and time again, and Han Cai Ling is unclear. This kind of man, just what is good about him? Yet you still want to believe his lies and remarry him!"

"Yeah, you're right. He's not so good, the connection between him and Han Cai Ling is extremely close. It's unclear, and it makes me sad again and again. And why can't I trust him when he's sincere to me? " "No," she said.

When he was abroad, he had said that no matter what happened, he should not believe it unless he admitted it himself.

He had also said that he would never hurt her again.

The facts proved that Li Chenxi had done it.

Especially when he had explained everything to her clearly a few days ago, Shu Yao had even more clearly understood the painstaking effort he had put in.

"Pei Shaoling, in this world, no one is perfect, no one is perfect, but if you can overcome this, you do not have to scheme, and treat someone with sincerity, that is true love."

Shu Yao sighed as she explained to him, "And what you are doing now is not love, it is only using it. You think that I am of value to you, so you are able to design all of this.

"I don't understand? Maybe! But it's okay, I'll take you with me right now. We'll have plenty of time in the future, you can slowly teach me! "

Pei Shaoling said as he once again grabbed Shu Yao's arm. His other hand had yet to take out his weapon to threaten, when a heart-wrenching scream came from beside everyone's ears — —

"Pei Shaoling!"

Everyone was startled, while Pei Shaling was hesitating, he saw Han Cai Ling sprinting out of the crowd, holding onto a shiny blade, he ran towards Pei Shaling.

Behind her, there were also a few female police officers chasing after her.

But Han Cai Ling who had clearly lost control of her emotions, was completely out of control, and crazily pounced towards Pei Shaolin, shouting, "You're the one who killed Chali! You tried to poison Xixi, but instead poisoned Chali! "

Pei Shaoling was confused by the sudden appearance of this woman, and subconsciously took out a gun from his jacket pocket and pulled the trigger in the direction of Han Cai Ling.

In that moment of life and death, Shu Yao suddenly pulled on his arm, causing the spear to miss, and only scratched Han Cai Ling's arm. A bit of blood flowed out, and dyed the pure white wedding dress red.

Initially, he had thought that this spear would be able to disrupt everything. But the seasoned Han Cai Ling did not have any intention to stop at all, he rushed forward once again and the blade in his hand directly stabbed at Pei Shaoling's chest.

"You are worse than a beast! Not only is Chali my son, he is also yours! "

Han Cai Ling pressed down on him, then quickly pulled out the blade in her hand and stabbed it at him again, "Don't you know what you did to me five years ago? Pei Shaoling, your child is innocent, how can you …

All these years, she had always thought that back then, she was unrestrained, that it caused an inexplicable pregnancy, that she did not even know who the child's biological father was, and so after so many years, she had always been distant, even somewhat repulsed, towards this child Chali, and thought that he was a stain in her life.

It wasn't until recently that she finally understood the meaning behind Pei Shaoling's words.

The man from five years ago was Pei Shaoling.

So, while Chali was her and this man's flesh and blood, Pei Shaoling had wrongly and indirectly caused the death of his own son while he was calculating everything.

Pei Shaoling didn't even have the chance to say a single word before he was randomly stabbed by the deranged Han Cai Ling and his heartbeat stopped. It was just that endless shock and unwillingness seemed to leak out from his eyes that couldn't be shut for a long time.

After all, the tiger didn't eat the tiger.

Han Cai Ling had also been arrested in time by the policewoman. The only things waiting for her was the punishment and the endless prison life.

When Li Chenxi walked out holding her hand, she only said, "I am very tired and would like to rest."

He took her hand. "Okay, let's go home!"

When the car door was opened, Shu Yao looked at the three children sitting in the back seat in shock.

"Se, Zheng Er?" She looked at the boy in front of her with a cold expression.

Li Zheng also got down from the carriage, and immediately threw himself into Shu Yao's embrace, "Mother!"

"You're okay?" Her face was stiff and incredulous.

She looked at Li Chenxi with cold eyes, "What exactly happened here?"

He and Li Zheng each held Shu Yao's hand, and only said, "Don't worry, once we've finished the wedding, I'll tell you slowly!"

"Ah?" "Wedding?"

"Yeah, did you forget? I still owe you a wedding, Mrs. Li! " His voice was soft, and he looked at her tenderly.

Shu Yao shook her head, "The wedding is not a big deal, but what happened to Zheng Er?"

He just smiled and didn't say anything. First, he and his son pulled her into the car.

The family of five squeezed into a car, Li Chenxi could not help but frown, "I'll have Huang Yi order a few bigger cars for you tomorrow! "It's convenient for our family to travel."

"Leave this to the side. Explain to me about Zheng Er first!"

"Okay, okay, okay, wife!"

"Dad, mom, you're both old wives now, don't be so sweet anymore, we don't want to eat dog food!"

The merry car sped on the road, when Mo Wanwan arrived at the place, she only saw the shadow of their car leaving, and bit her lower lip anxiously.

He had a DNA identification certificate in his hands, should he tell them the truth that Diu Diu was their flesh and blood?

It seems like it's okay if I don't tell her

But when she thought about how Xixi might have fallen for Diu Diu since young, her expression froze, and she subconsciously got into the car to chase after him.