C80 child-making

Novel:Your Highness Gets Disease|Author:manxue0206|Genre:Historical Romance
Afraid that the man would be too worried, Ban Xia replied disapprovingly, "When I was wearing it at the beginning, I didn't get used to it no matter what, but when I wore it, I actually got used to it."

Of course, she had to find a way. Otherwise, she wouldn't dare to go out again.

Therefore, Qian Yexun made an agreement with Zhang Liang that after everyone finished bathing, they would come out to eat together to celebrate.

Ban Xia still did not call anyone in to help. All these years, she had gotten used to doing everything by herself.

Moreover, bathing was such a private thing. She felt that it was best not to have outsiders watch her. This way, she would be more at ease.

However, there was one person who didn't know his place and came uninvited.

With a creaking sound, Ban Xia who was in the bathtub hugged her shoulders instinctively.

"Didn't they say this wangfei doesn't need anyone to come in and serve her? Didn't you guys hear her without any ears?"

She thought that some maid or woman without ears had barged in, and was therefore overjoyed.

Those who walked in didn't say a word, as if they were intentionally trying to keep them in suspense.

Ban Xia turned her head, the corner of her eyes slightly raised, and the corner of her moon-white clothes flashed past.

"It's This King. This King was worried that you would come in alone and that there would be no servant girl waiting on the side. I was afraid that your movements would be inconvenient, so I came in to help."

Qian Yexun entered his own room with a straight face and open mind.

"How can I not move? Which eye of yours sees that I need help? Stop messing around and go in first. I'll come out myself after I finish washing myself." Ban Xia was still embarrassed when facing her man, especially now that half of her body was submerged in the bath barrel, only her head was left outside.

The water in the tub was so clear that the bottom could be seen. If she had known earlier, she would have asked her servant girl to sprinkle some rose petals in the hot water.

"Why are you still shy? You and This King are already old husbands and wives. Where have you been? This King has never seen you before?" Qian Yexun realised that this woman was still easily embarrassed. Every time she was shy, even her ears would turn red, making her look really cute.

"Qian Yexun..." Ban Xia was enraged, and splashed on the water with a wave of her hand.

When she was angry, she liked to call him by his first name to show her anger.

"What, my wife, previously in the enemy camp, you had personally promised me that, now that we have safely returned to Banyan City, are you going to go back on your words?" Qian Yexun looked like he was in a difficult situation, and even started beating his chest and stamping his feet on the ground.

"What did I promise you?" Ban Xia only wanted this man to leave as soon as possible so that she could get out of the bath barrel and put on her clothes.

When you return to the Banyan City, you will have to bear a child for me. Are you going to go back on this promise now? " Qian Yexun had etched this matter in his heart.

Ban Xia didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "Having children, that's right, I promised you that I would, but you have to give me some time, we just returned to the Banyan City, and I'm still bathing, so you barged in right now, don't tell me you want to do it now …"

In the end, her guess was right.

"This King can't wait any longer. This King can't wait another second, so I want to have a child with you right now. Only then can you have the chance to bear This King's son in the shortest possible time."

Other than being separated for a few days, it had been a lot of inconvenience outside. Now that he was back home, he could bear it, wouldn't that be asking for too much?

Why are you making such a ruckus? Do you think you can have a child if you want it? I still haven't washed myself, so you can go out and wait outside. I'll come out and find you after I'm done. Ban Xia could only patiently advise the man to leave.

"No, This King won't go out. This King will stay here, and you can wash your clothes. After you finish, This King will directly carry you and collapse you. Then, we can create children together …" A certain man was in high spirits.

Ban Xia really wanted to bite off her tongue. How could she so easily agree to this man's request when they were in the enemy's camp?

To have children, to have children, and now the man's mind was full of children.

She moved her feet under the water, the shackles clanging again.

"Can you get this thing off my feet before you make children?"

Now she had to find a way to divert the man's attention.

"I'll think of something first, after I'm done." Qian Yexun was exceptionally persistent.

Ban Xia even had thoughts of strangling this man to death.

"Aiya!" A bright idea suddenly came to her mind as she reached out her hand to cover the injured part of her chest.

The injuries there had never been treated properly. There was also treatment. Even now, the wounds were still hideous.

It was even more shocking to bathe in the hot water.

"Wifey, aiya, what happened to you?"

Just as expected, Qian Yexun tensed up and ran forward frantically.

"My wound is hurting again. Go out and call a doctor to come in. After I'm done putting on my clothes, ask a doctor to take a look for me." Ban Xia released her hand, revealing the sinister wound.

Fortunately, the dress that Ban Xia usually wore was of the extremely conservative style. Otherwise, the wound would definitely be exposed, and there would definitely be scars in the future.

All women care about beauty, who would have thought that there would be such an ugly scar on their body.

"Be careful then. Don't let the hot water come in contact with your wounds again. This King will go out now and call the doctor over." The person Qian Yexun cared the most about was his woman.

Seeing that his woman still had injuries and was still crying out for pain, he immediately threw away the idea of having children in his mind.

A woman's body was the largest, and only when her body was well nourished could she give birth to a child for him.

Ban Xia's coaxing had actually coaxed Qian Yexun out of the room.

However, she wasn't lying. The place where she was wounded really needed to be treated properly.

By the time she had changed into a fresh and clean set of clothes and came out again, her husband had already been invited in.

"Quick, help the wangfei take a look at her wounds."

Qian Yexun looked at his own woman as he opened the front of his clothes, his face instantly turning black.

All in all, how could he have not thought to hire a girl for his own woman?

This snow-white chest, he was looking at it for nothing?

He was very unhappy, but thinking that he was seeing a doctor, it wasn't good for him to have an attack. Moreover, if he went outside to invite the ladies in, he didn't know how long he would have to wait.

Ban Xia was also a little embarrassed in front of this man.

At the same time, she noticed that the expression of her man seemed to have become gloomy all of a sudden.

He was not happy, but as to why he was not, she could not understand for a moment.

However, the doctor had a serious look on his face as he carefully checked the wound. There was nothing wrong with the whole process, Qian Yexun's chest was compressed and there was nowhere for him to vent his anger on.

"Princess Hua-Yang's wound is a sword wound, but it's not an important fatal wound. Apply some medicine and take care of yourself. The wound will heal soon." The doctor took out some medicine, planning to personally spread the medicine on Esteemed wangfei and bandage him up.

Qian Yexun was dissatisfied, who exactly was this doctor that went out to invite this old man? Why was it not the old man with the white beard, but the elegant and graceful young man instead?

This servant should be punished.

"No, there's no need for that. Just leave the bandaging work to this king. I've worked hard!" Qian Yexun had endured letting this man look at his woman's chest, but now, he definitely could not tolerate this man touching his woman's chest again!

"Men, send the doctor out!"

He began to drive them away without mercy.

The doctor was stunned. He clearly didn't understand the situation. He didn't know what he had said wrong that caused this prince to have such an unsightly expression. He seemed to have a trace of enmity towards him.

He was not mistaken, that was hostility.

The servant did not dare disobey and hurriedly invited the doctor to leave.

Before leaving the official residence, the doctor couldn't help but ask.

"Is this prince of the palace's temperament usually this unpredictable?"

The people of the Banyan City had heard that this prince was simply their god and their king. It was because of this prince's command that the barbarian leader had been defeated, and the barbarians had retreated to restore peace and tranquility to the Banyan City.

However, after seeing him for the first time, he did not find anything out of the ordinary about this prince.

A wise man, a broad mind, a swift and decisive manner... He did not discover anything.

"Hehe, my Prince, he must be scared today, what he dotes on the most is Esteemed wangfei, and what he cares about the most is this Esteemed wangfei. It is probably because Esteemed wangfei suffered such heavy injuries today, but was not treated in a timely manner, which is why he is so angry."

The servant thought for a moment and replied seriously, "This time, the Esteemed wangfei was kidnapped by the barbarians, and I don't even know how much abuse and suffering they had suffered in the enemy camp." This time, the servant thought for a moment and replied seriously, "This time, the Esteemed wangfei was kidnapped by the barbarians, and I don't know how many abuse and suffering those people in the enemy camp.

As for the servant's explanation, the doctor seemed to understand something.

Fortunately, the other party wasn't here for him. It wasn't because his medical skills weren't good enough.

When the doctor left, he left some medicine and bandages.

After waving out the servants in the room, Qian Yexun personally applied the medicine for his own woman.

"Why does your face look so bad? Just now, a doctor was here, and you almost scared me to death!" Ban Xia still could not figure it out, how could this man change his face?

"Next time, invite a doctor. Invite a woman back, and don't invite any more men." Qian Yexun announced while holding back his anger.