Novel:Zither Dao|Author:zhenyinfang|Genre:Fantasy
A pair of wings suddenly burst out from Murong Heng's back, and in the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of the Earthen Buddha. Following that, a simple punch was thrown out! Ever since the Earthen Buddha gained the power of Buddha, it had never been as nervous as it was now. It hurriedly raised its arm to block that fist!

"Bang!" They were evenly matched!

Murong Heng's fist struck the Buddha's arm, causing the Buddha's sleeve to shake and crack! The Earth Buddha took half a step back, but Murong Heng also took half a step back. Immediately after, the shadows of their fists became more concentrated as a wave of fist shadows intertwined and clashed back and forth. The two had truly entered into a battle of life and death!

"Bang, bang, bang …" A loud sound resounded throughout the world, but every sound left a mark in everyone's heart. Some Loose Immortals at level 7 or 8 directly fell to the ground because they were unable to withstand the hammer blows from the sound waves!

Punch after punch, palm after palm, the two Buddha level Paragons engaged in a fierce battle in the sky!

"The death of my father and mother will definitely be avenged by me, Murong Heng!" Another solid punch landed on the Buddha's chest, knocking it back dozens of meters. The Earthen Buddha spat out a mouthful of blood, his eyes filled with shock, because it astonishingly discovered that Murong Heng's strength was even stronger than its own!

"You little brat …"

"Heartflame!" Murong Heng did not give the Earth Buddha any time to rest, a fist wrapped in flames of the heart fiercely rushed towards the retreating Earth Buddha, this fist was filled with the might of the heavens and earth, the Earth Buddha could feel the threat of death from this fist! However, the Earth Buddha's body suddenly stopped moving.

"Hmph!" My punch just now sealed your meridians! "Die, Sprackley..."

"Heng-er …." Don't kill. "Since when did grievances come to light? Listen to your mother." A gentle voice that was like a spring water trickling through the air could be heard in the middle of a scorching summer day.

The woman in An Wenxuan's embrace suddenly turned into specks of light that floated in the air. These specks of light appeared in front of Murong Heng and the Buddha, and then reformed into a woman.

"Heng'er …" That woman was like a fairy. Her hair was covered in light, and seemed to be covered in golden powder. Her fair skin was very soft, and her smiling face alone gave people endless strength!

"Mom!" Murong Heng stopped the attack in his hand, his eyes filled with tears. Even though he had never seen his mother before, but the spiritual sense he felt inside his body that was thicker than water allowed him to know that this beautiful and flawless fairy was his mother!

"Heng'er …" Ling'er also felt the longing of her son, but wasn't she the same as well? The son that she had longed to see day and night had finally appeared in front of her, making her feel as if she was in a dream.

"Ling'er!" The goddess of his dreams had finally reappeared before his eyes. His dream finally came true! The day that he had been dreaming about everyday for the past thousand years had finally arrived. However, when he finally saw Ling'Er, he didn't know how to express his longing …

"Sprackley..." "In this thousand years, what I have learned is not hatred, but forgiveness. I know how much you've done for me. But none of this is what I want. You have committed too many sins and stained yourself with too much blood for my sake. My heart can't calm down. Let us pay this debt of blood together. "Come with me …"

Ling'er's soul slowly extended her hand towards God of the Earth, who welcomed it with trembling hands …

In his memory, Ling'er had always been mean to him, but now Ling'er was so gentle and beautiful. God of the Earth knew that as long as he could be with Ling'er, it would be worth it even if he couldn't get back to reality!

Ling'er's hand was held by Sprayleigh's, then she revealed her most beautiful smile to Murong Heng. Everyone present was melted by her extremely beautiful smile.

"Heng-er …." I'm leaving. "Remember, be an indomitable man and protect those you love …"

After she finished speaking, Ling'er pulled on Scribley and slowly began to burn … This was the purest white flame. It silently burned, as if it did not have any pain. As the flames slowly spread upwards, Ling'Er and Spackle's bodies turned into specks of colorful crystals that scattered into the air wherever the flames passed.

Finally, in the sky, Ling'er and Spraytli only had a smile left on their faces. Then, they were submerged by the last of the flames, turning into the last of the crystals and being blown away by the wind!

At the place where the two of them had finally disappeared, a bright spiritual bead was slowly rotating! The Spirit Orb of the God of the Earth!

"Hahaha, father!" "Since you didn't leave anything for me, then just pass the Spirit Pearl to me!" A voice interrupted everyone's beautiful thoughts as a figure charged towards the Spiritual Bead in the sky in a discordant manner!

"Yes." A calm voice rang out, and then the figure stopped in mid-air.

"Plastic..." Just like your father, you are also a demonic cultivator. If he did not cleanse it before it worsened, it would become a huge problem! "Come with me, and let me take you to purify your foul soul." The God of Heaven calmly drew his body over and the God of Heaven put it back into his sleeve!

"This spirit pearl of the God of the Earth can choose its own master!" The God of Heaven stretched out his hand and the Spirit Pearl seemed to have its own consciousness. It rotated in the sky and then slowly floated towards a young man.

An Wenxuan looked at the Spiritual Bead in front of him and was shocked as he opened his mouth, "It … "It chose me?"

"Heh heh, Wen Xuan, this is what you deserve." Absorb it! "You will definitely become a truly competent God of the Earth!" Murong Heng was ecstatic to see his good friend be acknowledged by the Spirit Orb.

"Alright, since the dust has settled, let's go back …" As soon as the words left his mouth, the Empyrean God flew towards the God of Heaven Mountain with all his cultivators.

The love god also smiled as he glanced at Murong Heng and An Wenxuan, then led the immortals away from his seat and flew towards the mountain.

"Hehe, that's great!" Murong Heng patted An Wenxuan's shoulders, revealing a gentle smile, everything is over!

Xiao Yuer also leaned against Murong Heng's body, gently holding onto Murong Heng's arm. Murong Heng looked at Xiao Yuer with tenderness and said, "Yu'er, marry me."

"Yes." Although his face was flushed, Xiao Yuer agreed without hesitation.

The entire world turned silent, as if the great battle from before had never happened. In the sky, only Murong Heng and the other two remained standing. All three of their faces blossomed into unreserved smiles.

God Reaching Mountain.

Today, the Divine Temple was brightly lit and brightly lit. A red carpet was spread out in the middle of the great hall, and countless people were shuttling through it. Everyone's face was brimming with smiles.

"The bride is here!" The hall suddenly became quiet.

The doors to the great hall slowly opened. Following the long and warm zither music, two figures walked in.

"Mother, am I beautiful today?" Xiao Yuer smiled and asked his mother, who was supporting him as they walked into the hall.

"Beautiful." Xiao Yuer's mother answered with a smile. She was proud of herself for having such an outstanding daughter!

At the end of the carpet, a tall figure stood, waiting for the bride to pass through. Murong Heng could no longer remain calm in his heart, he had already seen Xiao Yuer and her mother slowly walking towards him.

When they reached the end of the carpet, Xiao Yuer's mother handed Xiao Yuer over to Murong Heng. She looked at Murong Heng meaningfully, as if to say: "I will be depending on you to take care of Xiao Yuer for the rest of my life." And Murong Heng would also give Xiao Yuer's mother a look of affirmation: "I will definitely do that!"

Xiao Yuer's hands were holding onto Murong Heng's hands, the two of them looked at each other deeply, as though everything had stopped at this moment. Everything was gone. It was as if they were the only two people left in the world.

"Today we are gathered together to witness a couple of newlyweds..."

Before the Priest finished speaking, Murong Heng's mouth had already covered Xiao Yuer's lips.

"We are willing..."

An Wenxuan, who was at the bottom of the altar, shook his head helplessly. "Real..." Before he finished talking to himself, An Wenxuan's gaze was attracted to the figure of a woman.

"Hello, my name is An Wenxuan." "May I have your name, young lady?"

"Heh heh, everyone calls me the Moon-Shepherd Goddess. I'm a Rogue Immortal under the God of Heaven." "I have never heard of your name. May I ask which family's deity you are from?"

"Hehe, let's count it as God of the Earth's seat." "People call me 'Fairy Doctor Fu'..."

Suddenly, the entire palace began to shake violently!

Everyone looked around, wondering what was going on. "Everyone, don't panic. Maybe it's the shaking of the divine realm that we haven't seen in a hundred years …" The voice of the God of Heaven rang out, calming everyone's anxious hearts. As expected, after hearing the God of Heaven's speech, everyone calmed down quite a bit.

"Huh?" "Where is the bride and groom?" Someone discovered that the rookie in front of the divine scout had vanished in the midst of the great hall's tremors.

Murong Heng had just kissed Xiao Yuer, so he said indistinctly, "We are willing …"

Then, the God Reaching Hall began to violently tremble. Murong Heng immediately opened his eyes that were tightly shut just moments ago, and discovered that he had arrived in a graveyard! "Yu'er!" Murong Heng immediately became nervous!

"I've been waiting for you for a long time …" A voice that seemed to come from the depths of his soul rang out!

"Who is it?!"

Murong Heng suddenly fainted.