Chapter 1268 - Being Interrupted

Novel:Zombie Sister Strategy|Author:A Wisp of Netherworld Inferno|Genre:Action
Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Lin Qiao looked at the man at the door coldly and said to him through clenched teeth, “Lan Lu, you better have something really important to say to us, or I’ll make you suffer sexual dysfunction for three years.”

 Wu Chengyue was holding Lin Qiao in his arms. On hearing her words, his smiling face froze for a second. Soon, he adjusted his expression and said to Lan Lu slowly with a small smile, “Mr. Lan, are you aware that interrupting people might cause you to suffer a lightning strike?”

 Following his voice, a series of lightning sizzle was heard from the ceiling. Meanwhile, Purple lightning bolts flashed across the ceiling, seeming about to descend at any time.

 “No! No, no…” Lan Lu hurriedly raised both hands and made a step backward. After moving out of the door, he carefully stuck his head out from behind the door and said with embarrassment, “Eh-hem, I do have something important to say to you. It’s very, very important!”

 Lin Qiao pushed Wu Chengyue away, her eyes still fixed on Lan Lu. After letting go of her, Wu Chengyue held her hand and walked to the couch, then sat down side by side with her.

 Wu Chengyue was smiling at Lan Lu, but the fire of anger in his eyes seemed to burn Lan Lu already. It was the very first time Lin Qiao took the initiative to kiss him. But, before he could enjoy that sweet kiss, Lan Lu the b*stard showed up.

 “Could you not wait at the door for ten seconds before you started talking? No… you should have waited for thirty seconds!” Wu Chengyue stared at Lan Lu and said through gritted teeth.

 Lan Lu slowly walked in. While looking at the ceiling, the floor, and every other corner of the living room, he inched his way to the two while they stared at him. Obviously, they were both so displeased that they even wanted to bite him. Under their gaze, Lan Lu felt a great pressure. Being bitten by Wu Chengyue wouldn’t be a problem. After all, Wu Chengyue was a human being, and as a human being, he wouldn’t likely bite another person. However, Lu Tianyu was not like him. She could really bite a person! Moreover, a bite from her might turn a person into a zombie!

 However, thinking about the news that he came to deliver, he calmed down.

 “Eh-hem, this is really important! It’s about you two. I came here to kindly deliver the news to you two. Who knew you were busy!” While speaking, he walked to the two and sat down in an armchair. After saying that, he glanced at the hands of Wu Chengyue and Lin Qiao which were held together, then sighed with jealousy, “Your relationship seems to have achieved a major breakthrough!”

 Wu Chengyue raised his other hand, with a tiny bolt of lightning sparkling in his hand. He looked at Lan Lu and said, “You’re just here to find out about our relationship, aren’t you? The so-called important news is only an excuse, right?”

 Lan Lu instantly sat straight as he put both hands before his chest, facing his palms toward Wu Chengyue, “No, no! I am really here to share some important information with you, for free. Why am I being treated like this?”

 “It’s because of your bad timing!” Lin Qiao pulled her hand out of Wu Chengyue’s hand, then folded her arms and leaned against the back of the couch as she looked at Lan Lu lazily.

 “Tell us, what is it about? Just finish talking and then leave as soon as you can!” Leaning on the couch, Lin Qiao glared at Lan Lu and urged him impatiently.

 “Alright! So, I’ve been keeping a close eye on Si Kongchen lately. I wonder if you guys have found that he’s been rather close with the woman named Xie these days. I accidentally heard something about their plan, that has something to do with the underground mission. They will not only attempt to hurt Chief Lu underground, but will also do something to Chief Wu on the earth’s surface. This morning, two special teams left the base secretly. I think they’re heading to your bases,” Lan Lu put on a serious look and said to the two.

 Unexpectedly, Lin Qiao rolled up her sleeves as she stared at him and said, “Is that all you wanted to say? Have you ever thought that I might have known about all that already? Do you want me to tell you the exact plan of Si Kongchen and that woman who loves to bare her thighs?”

 On hearing her words, Lan Lu stopped short with surprise, then looked at her and said, “What? You already know?”

 Lin Qiao said to him with a cold smile, “Do you think that I’ve spent the past two days here in this room?”

 Lan Lu immediately wore an embarrassed look and spent two seconds gawking at Lin Qiao. He really did not know that the zombie lady had already known about Si Kongchen’s plan.

 But then, he pondered upon it and found it understandable. After all, both the zombie lady and Wu Chengyue were very capable. They definitely had the capability to dig out important information like that.

 “Do you think that we’re stupid? We are going to venture into an unknown world with Si Kongchen’s people. Don’t we know that we need to stay alert against them?” With her sleeves rolled up, Lin Qiao sat straight, seemingly preparing to give Lan Lu a solid punch.

 At that moment, Lan Lu started realizing that maybe his timing was really bad. He didn’t know that the two had found out about Si Kongchen’s plan so soon indeed. However, normally, the two wouldn’t be so angry for being interrupted like that.

 “Um… Since you already know, I have nothing to say here! You guys can continue doing whatever you were doing just now. You can ignore me…” As Lin Qiao had sat straight, Lan Lu felt an incoming danger. So, he hurriedly stood up and sneaked toward the door while speaking.

 “So, you were just here to interrupt us. The so-called important information was an excuse!” Wu Chengyue smilingly threw the tiny lightning bolt at Lan Lu.

 “No! No! I didn’t know that you already know about that! Since you guys already know, you should be having a plan already! I’m gonna leave you guys alone! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Lan Lu dodged, and the tiny lightning bolt landed on the ground. While speaking, her ran away really fast, soon disappearing without a trace.

 The two looked at the area outside the door, which was already empty, then gave each other a glance.

 After being interrupted by Lan Lu, Lin Qiao had calmed down completely. She looked at Wu Chengyue and said awkwardly, “Eh… Just now…”

 Earlier, she was unable to control herself at all. Under the unusual, strong emotion, her mind was a little blurred. That was why she did what she had done and said what she had said. Her mind wasn’t clear. All she was feeling at that moment was a desire to possess Wu Chengyue.

 If Lan Lu didn’t suddenly show up to interrupt her, she might have done something even worse. She would probably drag Wu Chengyue straight into her room in the house in her space and press him down on the bed.

 Now, as she had fully woken up, she felt utterly embarrassed. Deep down, she actually thanked Lan Lu for showing up.