Chapter 1801

Novel:Cold Pride CEO and Her Personal Soldier|Author:夜深自呓 Ye Shen Zi Yi|Genre:Romance
"It's over. I don't know what poison it is. It's weird and terrible. I can't use my true Qi, but Trent is still alive!"

"Although Trent was injured, he was still a strong man. What should I do?"

"Big trouble!"


Thousands of people in the three immortals were in a mess at the moment. They were at a loss, just like a headless fly. They didn't know what to do.

Chang Yunman and others, also pale back to Qin Feng.

"Husband, we We're poisoned, too Chang Yunman, Zoe yingzi and others gnawed their teeth, and their faces were extremely ugly.

Qin Feng looked at them and his face was gloomy.

He knew that the strange black smoke mixed in the storm of Gould must be the poison given by the mysterious creature, but he did not expect that the poison was so powerful.

How worthless is the tiny dose that falls on the thousands of people?

However, it is such a small dose as dust, but in less than a blink of an eye, it directly abandoned all the people present!

Even if Chang Yunman and Zoe yingzi are the most talented and top masters, they are no exception!

You can imagine how terrible that strange black smoke is.

Qin Feng seems to have already thought about why Liu Sihan was defeated in the war. I'm afraid that the amount of black smoke she suffered is not half of the total number of people?

Even if it is a strong life-threatening situation, it is difficult to resist!

Qin Feng pulled the corners of his mouth and bit his teeth and said, "although the poison is very strong, the good thing is that the dose is not large. You should take good care of yourself. Don't let the poison hurt your heart. Next Leave it to me. "



The faces of all the women changed dramatically, like a lump in the throat.

They know that Qinfeng is a magic constitution that can resist all kinds of poisons. Although the black smoke is very poisonous, it can't hurt Qin Feng or even cause any influence.

Among thousands of people, at present, only Qin Feng has the conditions to continue fighting.

Obviously, as the only one who can fight on the field, Qin Feng is planning to fight against Trent in the desperate situation with his own strength.

It's crazy and dangerous!

But it is the only way.

Qin Feng is duty bound.

Only in this way can he regain a glimmer of hope for victory for himself and for the East. Otherwise, everyone will be slaughtered by Trent!

Qin Feng looked at several people with two eyes and a soft smile: "even if it is a single soldier fighting, it is not an easy thing to kill me."

The crowd was silent.

Qin Feng didn't say anything more. He looked up and looked at Trent who was standing in the air.

As it happened, Trent was staring at Qin Feng with scarlet eyes.

In a flash, it seems that the temperature of the whole world is suddenly reduced, and within a few hundred miles, it is as gloomy and cold as an ice abyss.

It is awe inspiring and suffocating.

This is the final showdown.

At the moment of the war, the people in the Western temples and churches have been exhausted. Chang Yunman, Zoe yingzi, and many experts of the three immortal sects can no longer participate in the war.

Only Qin Feng and Trent, the first World War is inevitable.

After a series of twists and turns, Qin Feng tried his best to find a way out. In the end, he was still unable to escape. He had a head-on confrontation with the desperate and powerful man who had become a desperate situation.

It's a pity, but it's also very exciting.

Qin Feng closed his eyes, in the dark eyes, the golden light loomed, and the war spirit was fierce.


I saw his tiger body shake, in an instant golden light, his figure as dazzling as the sun, in a bunch of eye gaze, rose from the ground, after all, is in the Trent counterpoint.

When the golden awn is gone, the Qin wind is golden all over the body, just like the cast gold. It is full of vigor and vitality.

He stands tall in the sky, just like the God on earth, which makes people look up to him.

At this moment, his role seems to be very similar to that of a king in a vast territory, guarding all the "people" in the presence of thousands of troops.

He is the last hope of the war and the last barrier for all of us present.

If he wins, he will be safe and secure.

If he fails, all the efforts made during this period and the sweat he has put into today will surely flow eastward. None of the people present can be spared.

He is the Savior, at this time, the three immortal gates, and even the Savior of the whole oriental martial road!

Chang Yunman, Zoe yingzi and other Hao teeth clench, stuffy do not gnaw sound.

Yunyi Laodao, Mo Shaoqiu, Jinhai and others are also full of admiration and hatred. They clench their fists and wish that they could not get up with this man and fight against Trent

For the first time in many years, Qin Feng has been looked up with gratitude and admiration by so many unfamiliar people. Almost all people are looking forward to his victory over the enemy, rather than expecting him to die in the battlefieldSpeaking of, Qin Feng is also a tragic figure.

He is innocent, but he is guilty.

For many years, almost no one wanted him to be better except those close to him.

This time, it was an exception.

The feeling of playing the role of Savior is very subtle

It seems to feel the emotion of the sea of people at the foot, Qin Feng's eyes droop, the corners of his mouth slightly cocked up, inexplicably have a kind of gratifying feeling.

There is no shortage of heroes in this world. Maybe, it is because of the feeling of being a hero. Is that right?

"Hoo --"

Qin Feng secretly breathed a breath, looked up at the ferocious Trent and grinned: "racking my brains to kill you, I didn't expect that there was such a madman around you, and I didn't expect that the damned black smoke had prepared so much for you for this war, but it was my miscalculation."

"You shameless villain, you think that intrigue will win?"

Trent glared at Qin Feng fiercely, gritted his teeth and said: "what you have done today is meaningless. It's just that more people will be buried with you!"

Qin Feng sighed.


In the final analysis, Trent's purpose of this trip is only to kill him. If Qin Feng had a decisive battle with him at the beginning, he would at most search for Liu Sihan, without any intention of slaughtering the three immortal families.

After all, in the real war, even if he had the strength of life-threatening cultivation, it was difficult to prevent the temples and churches from suffering from casualties.

But now, after a hard struggle, he is the only one left in the Western temples and churches, and everything has changed.

He's going to kill everyone in the room!

Because he has nothing to lose

Qin Feng shook his head, looked at the Trent again, and chuckled indifferently: "then you can try. Killing me is not an easy thing."

"Just a glass realm, you really think you are a character?" Trent chuckled, and the powerful magic power in his body surged up like a Thunderstorm: "die!"

The voice has just dropped.

I saw that Trent clenched his fists and the power of magic. It was the energy of the whole heaven and earth. It was manipulated by him. Thunder ran through the clear sky, and a ferocious Thunder Dragon ran directly from the blue sky, carrying it out and rushing towards the Qin wind.

Qin Feng's face changed slightly, and he did not dare to be careless. His true Qi was surging wildly and his golden awn was suddenly released.


The swift and violent Thunder Dragon, without any suspense, landed on the immortal body of Qin Feng and King Kong. It can be called a huge sound of the sky shaking, and the terrible energy storm rolled up again in the high altitude.

Space tearing, air buzzing!

Even the people watching from afar, when they saw this scene, they could not help but jump with their eyelids and were frightened.

It's a firehouse.

Qin Feng felt an unprecedented strong impact. Rao Shi had already urged King Kong to the extreme. His solid body still had a sharp pain that was forcibly torn by the Thunder Dragon. Under the terrible force, Qin Feng could not help but glide in the sky. In a twinkling of an eye, he was rushed out several miles away. , the fastest update of the webnovel!