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Gay Romance My Sassy "Crown Princess" Fan nine ye yi luo 20-06-27 01:06
Modern Romance CEO's Lucky Pregnant Wife C1543 Luo Li 20-06-27 01:06
Modern Romance Stop, Young Master Qi C658 Mo Fei 20-06-27 01:06
Fantasy Refining the Mountains and Rivers Chapter 1692 hyorinmaru 20-06-27 00:06
Adventure Why Did You Summon Me? Chapter 621 (END) - The End: W... Sixteenth Basket Of Mantaos 20-06-26 07:06
Action Divine Beast Adventures Chapter 568 (END) - Another Ep... Shi Jie 20-06-26 07:06
Action Joy of Life Chapter 746 (END) - Afterward Mao Ni 20-05-31 19:05
Action Return of the Female Knight Chapter 324-END - [Side Story]... Lee Halin 20-05-25 08:05
Fantasy Everyday, Boss Is Pretending To Be Weak Chapter 61.2 - Extra 1.2 Yu Zhi Ji 雨之霽 20-05-25 04:05
Modern Romance Young Master Li s Dumb Wife C495 20-05-21 06:05
Fantasy Zither Dao C56 zhenyinfang 20-05-21 06:05
Historical Romance Your Highness Gets Disease C80 child-making manxue0206 20-05-21 06:05
Modern Romance Young Master Gu's Wild Wife C5 The camera be wrong Jiangling 20-05-21 06:05
Modern Romance You Covered Me with Scars C23 It can'st be that you don'... Yu Meiren 20-05-21 06:05
Historical Romance You are the One and Only C71 Game er shi wu du wen nuan 20-05-21 06:05
Modern Romance You Are My Little Sweet C23 What a pity Yu Meiren 20-05-21 06:05
Modern Romance You Again? We Have Divorced C38 20-05-21 06:05
Modern Romance Wrong Marry to Cold CEO C284 tian qin 20-05-21 06:05
Modern Romance Wolf-like CEO, Be Tender C112 Mi Duo Duo 20-05-21 06:05
Fantasy World's Unparalleled Emperor C465 20-05-21 06:05


  • Imperial CEO Sweet Sweet Love 1

    Imperial CEO Sweet Sweet Love

    Forced to be married, only to find out he's the one she loves the most.Su Anan was forced by his father to marry a rumored ruthless CEO. She was resentful and scared because she didn't know what this cold man would do to her. But as they spent more and more time with each other after marriage, she found out that he was a gentle and considerate husband, so she naturally fell in love with him.

    Author:yi mi


  • CEO's Mistaken Wife 2

    CEO's Mistaken Wife

    Jane thought that she had married an ordinary man, but who would have thought that this man would transform into the CEO of her company. Not only that, he was also the most mysterious successor to the richest empire in Asia. In front of others, he was the decisive, cold-blooded leader of the business empire. Behind her, he was a wolf in sheep's clothing, gnawing her to the bone.

    Author:JiuShi MianMia...


  • Rebirth, Husband's Ceaseless Love 3

    Rebirth, Husband's Ceaseless Love

    For the sake of her so-called love, she gave up her billionaire ex-husband and married off Phoenix Man. After the marriage, the husband revealed his true colors and flower name, and also let her raise his illegitimate child. When she realized that the fortune of the Wanshui Family was taken over by him in an instant, he set a trap for her to be tainted, she was afflicted with disease, and she died tragically on the streets. Once they were reborn, she vowed to make them pay!



  • Gorgeous Consort Wants to Divorce 4

    Gorgeous Consort Wants to Divorce

    The moment he crossed over, he almost died because of a bowl of heart blood! What made things even more difficult was that the dregs Bai Lianqi went up to battle and tortured her, even trying to turn her into a pharmacist to treat the white lotus. Damn it! If a tiger doesn't show off its might, then this old lady is really a sick cat!

    Author:bu you ran


  • Mr. Chu, Sign the Divorce Papers 5

    Mr. Chu, Sign the Divorce Papers

    In one deal, she became a Mrs Chu who did not live up to her name. After being married for three years, she had only been able to find out about his movements through gossip magazines.



  • CEO's Secret Lover 6

    CEO's Secret Lover

    When they first met, he was a mysterious figure who was extremely rich while she was just an ordinary college student.



  • The Unparalleled Farmer Girl 7

    The Unparalleled Farmer Girl

    In the 21st century, Bai Yixuan had risked her own life to save someone. She had traveled all the way to the body of a poor girl who had been annulled in ancient times.The Dual Healing Medicine slowly...

    Author:Yan Yang Tian

    Genre:Fantasy Romance

  • My Husband, Warm The Bed 8

    My Husband, Warm The Bed

    She and the blind date met man get married soon. She did not expect that the "ordinary" new husband turned out to be the CEO of the company she worked for.

    Author:Jiu Shi Chan M...


  • Young Master Li s Dumb Wife 9

    Young Master Li s Dumb Wife

    he was a mute girl, and behind her vast background lay a shocking secret.After being betrayed by his stepmother and elder sister at the age of 19, there was yet another shocking conspiracy concealed u...


    Genre:Modern Romance

  • Warm Marriage: CEO's Unlimit Love 10

    Warm Marriage: CEO's Unlimit Love

    That night, Ning Jiang gave himself to Luo Han Shang. One night of indulgence. The condition she wanted was: give her a marriage.However, when they were getting along, Ning Jiang saw a different Second Master Luo. He doted on her to the bone and doted on her to an extreme degree. When she finally achieved her goal of proposing a divorce, he tore up the divorce agreement over and over again.