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Romance The Beauty of Trial Marriage 哆士喵 20-09-24 19:09
Romance I Love You, Stupid Woman! 钱多多 20-09-24 19:09
Romance Dirty Games Lu XiaoGuo陆晓果 20-09-24 19:09
Romance You Live in My Heart 江丸子Jiang Wangzi 20-09-24 19:09
Romance Time Travelling Princess 郁紫紫 20-09-24 19:09
Romance Never Kiss A Man In Bar 半妖 20-09-24 19:09
Romance Be My Man,Satisfy Me! 顾小念 20-09-24 19:09
Romance Her High Scores Husband In Libido 夏之寒 20-09-24 19:09
Romance Secret Baby On The Way 妖妖殿下 20-09-24 19:09
Romance Call Me Playboy, My Drunk Lady 浅玖QianJiu 20-09-24 19:09
Shoujo K SIDE:BLUE Chapter 6 (END) - fire blossom Gora 20-09-24 10:09
Action Ze Tian Ji Chapter 1184 (END) - Afterword Mao Ni 20-09-24 10:09
Action Immortal Mortal Chapter 1229 鹅是老五 20-09-24 10:09
Action A Monster Who Levels Up Chapter 174-End Jee Gab Song 지갑송 20-09-24 10:09
Action Our Glamourous Time Ding Mo 20-09-24 10:09
Action Night Ranger Chapter 735 (END) - Conclusion... Dark Blue Coconut Milk 20-09-24 10:09
Action Valhalla Saga Chapter 261 (END) Chwiryong 20-09-24 10:09
Action The Avalon of Five Elements Chapter 715 (END) - The End Fang Xiang 20-09-24 10:09
Action Galactic Dark Net Chapter 470(End) Sonic Nine Light Year;秒速九光年 20-09-24 09:09
Action Seoul Station's Necromancer Chapter 208(End) 진설우 20-09-24 09:09


  • Imperial CEO Sweet Sweet Love 1

    Imperial CEO Sweet Sweet Love

    Forced to be married, only to find out he's the one she loves the most.Su Anan was forced by his father to marry a rumored ruthless CEO. She was resentful and scared because she didn't know what this cold man would do to her. But as they spent more and more time with each other after marriage, she found out that he was a gentle and considerate husband, so she naturally fell in love with him.

    Author:yi mi


  • CEO's Mistaken Wife 2

    CEO's Mistaken Wife

    Jane thought that she had married an ordinary man, but who would have thought that this man would transform into the CEO of her company. Not only that, he was also the most mysterious successor to the richest empire in Asia. In front of others, he was the decisive, cold-blooded leader of the business empire. Behind her, he was a wolf in sheep's clothing, gnawing her to the bone.

    Author:JiuShi MianMia...


  • Rebirth: Peasant Girl is Good at Farming 3

    Rebirth: Peasant Girl is Good at Farming

    Once transmigrated, the Mob Queen became a small peasant girl and was given a small bun.Her parents were biased, while her siblings disliked her. Her father, aunt, and brother bullied the weak and fea...

    Author:Lin Dong Yi Zh...


  • Mr. CEO, Please Stay 4

    Mr. CEO, Please Stay

    After a warm night, she realized that she went to the wrong room and got into the wrong bed. The man had actually shot her half-naked advertisement, shocking the entire city …

    Author:Qin Yi

    Genre:Modern Romance

  • Rich Family's Substitute Sweetheart 5

    Rich Family's Substitute Sweetheart

    The marriage between the Mu Clan and the Gu Clan had been going on for seventeen years, but unexpectedly, the Gu Clan's Second Brother had suddenly encountered a car accident five years ago.In order t...

    Author:Yu Qi Lin


  • Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife 6

    Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

    Born as twins, but Mu Qiqi was left suffering every torment and became the greatest scapegoat in history only because she was not a better actress than her sister!That was when she had a nasty thought...

    Author:Passion Honey


  • President's Contract Wife 7

    President's Contract Wife

    For his father's surgery, he had to sell himself to him. That night, he said, "Do you think you were worth a hundred thousand last night?" "Shatter her only pride." The second time they met, he didn't seem to know her and said to his father in the hospital, "I'm going to blow this place up."



  • CEO's Lucky Pregnant Wife 8

    CEO's Lucky Pregnant Wife

    This was the first time they had met, and she tenderly clung onto him, "It feels so bad, save me …" "Oh, how can I save you?" The man looked at her with his phoenix eyes. His deep and magnetic voice w...

    Author:Luo Li

    Genre:Modern Romance

  • Gorgeous Consort Wants to Divorce 9

    Gorgeous Consort Wants to Divorce

    The moment he crossed over, he almost died because of a bowl of heart blood! What made things even more difficult was that the dregs Bai Lianqi went up to battle and tortured her, even trying to turn her into a pharmacist to treat the white lotus. Damn it! If a tiger doesn't show off its might, then this old lady is really a sick cat!

    Author:bu you ran


  • Ex-husband, Behave Yourself 10

    Ex-husband, Behave Yourself

    A sweet yet difficult journey to get his ex-wife back.She had a marriage contract with him. Her father forced him to marry her because she loved him so deeply. However, he didn't love her and asked her to sign an agreement, according to which they should split the cost of living, have no children and get divorce four year later. She accepted all conditions because she thought that she was able to melt his heart.

    Author:po cha ren