Novel:Conquer Another World With Naruto|Author:Shen Shan|Genre:Fantasy
Lu Po was shocked again.

The Dawn Team, she had actually given it to him.

This is throwing money.

Honestly speaking, this was something that he could not understand. Five hundred thousand empire coins could be considered as a large sum of money. It was enough for an ordinary family to live for the greater half of their lives.

Could Dawn Team have become so rich already?

Actually, it wasn't just him. No one present could understand it.

Could it be that Dawn Team's leader was really a fool!?

However, the next moment, Lin Luo's voice suddenly sounded, "Alright, now that your compensation has been obtained, isn't this our compensation?"


This coward wants to compensate for this!?

The surrounding audience suddenly burst into laughter.

"I didn't hear wrong, right? This guy still wants compensation!"

"Hahaha, this is the funniest joke I've heard this year. It's enough for me to laugh for a year."

"He actually asked for Moore Team's Vice Captain's compensation, is he crazy."

Lu Po also smiled: "Captain Linluo, I didn't hear wrongly, you are sure about the compensation!?"

Lin Luo spread his hands out, "You didn't hear wrong!"

"Tell me, what kind of compensation do you want?"

When he said the word "compensate", Lu Po's tone suddenly became dark.

"My requirements aren't that high. Those who acted just now, all kneel down and apologize. As long as you say that you're sorry, I'll give you a minute to consider it."

Lin Luo shook his head, "Sigh! I was too merciful. I wanted to cut off their hands, but I gave up. After all, they are a team with Eastern Match Area.

The surrounding people were completely shocked.

He was scared this time.

What did they just hear?

The useless leader of the Dawn Team wanted all the people there to kneel down and apologize?

You still want to cut off their hands!?

It's a bit of a drift, little brother!

Everyone was shocked. Wasn't this person crazy?

As expected, after hearing Lin Luo's words, Lu Po's expression suddenly changed.

A trace of killing intent flashed across his eyes as he spoke word by word, "What did you say just now!?"

"Aiyo!" I never thought that Lu Po's Vice Captain would have such poor hearing at such a young age. "

Lin Luo's face was calm, "I just said, those who acted just now, all kneel down and say that they are sorry. Then let this matter go."

"Right, there are only 30 seconds left."

After saying that, he patted Su Xiaoyu's shoulder, "Time is up. If anyone doesn't kneel down, break his legs. If you don't apologize, then tear his mouth apart."

Ever since Su Xiaoyu awakened the Berserker's bloodline, his physique and strength became more and more terrifying. The key thing was that he still could not completely control this power, and if he wasn't careful, he would lose control.

It was exactly like this, Lin Luo had specifically warned him not to use this power unless it was on the field.

However, he didn't expect Su Xiaoyu to be scared and bullied under such circumstances.

Lin Luo also felt guilty.

Therefore, he handed this task to Su Xiaoyu.

No matter who it was, whoever hit him would have to pay the price. Moreover … The price was a little heavy.

Su Xiaoyu nodded his head heavily after hearing Lin Luo's words.

He strictly followed his promise with Captain Linluo, but he helplessly watched his teammates get beaten up. To be honest, he felt really bad inside.

But now, Captain Linluo actually said for him to take action, so there was no need for him to hide.