Chapter 1747

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At this time, Ning xiner was more excited and her voice became sharp. "What else do you want me to think of you? If you treat me like this, you are sorry for Qiu Yun and me, or you want to step on two boats. I tell you, Guan Qizheng, even if Qiu Yun agrees, I won't agree! "

With that, Ning xiner turned and ran away.

Ning xiner ran into her bedroom, closed the door and leaned against the door panel. Suddenly, she felt a little more relaxed because she said all the words she had accumulated in her heart for a long time. However, when she saw Guan Qizheng looking very sad, why did her heart slip through an inexplicable melancholy, as if there was a stone pressing on her chest.

However, she knew that she and Guan Qizheng could not go on like this. If she went on like this, she, Guan Qizheng and Qiu Yun estimated that all three people would suffer. However, she did not have a good way to solve the problem. She could only use static braking.

It's strange to say that in the following days, Guan Qizheng seemed to have evaporated from the world. He not only left early and returned late, but also often went on business. Ning xiner couldn't get a face-to-face with him for ten days and a half months. In ten days and a half months, Guan Qizheng would come to see the treasures.

Of course, Guan Qizheng will not report his whereabouts with Ning xiner. Whether Guan Qizheng goes on a business trip or goes on holiday, Ning xiner hears about it from Xiao Fang's mouth.

Ha ha, it's just a business trip. I guess I went on holiday with Qiu Yun? After all, she and her daughter live in Guan Qizheng's home. Although Qiu Yun's magnanimity surprised her a little, she was a woman after all, and she must feel uncomfortable. Therefore, Guan Qizheng should be pacified.

In fact, Ning xiner hopes that Guan Qizheng and Qiu Yun can get married soon. In that case, he will let go of himself and his daughter.

The days passed so fast that it was more than a month in a flash.

In the twinkling of an eye, Zhenzhen has been nearly a hundred days.

In Jiangzhou, it's very grand for a baby to spend a hundred days. It needs elders to buy long-life locks, steam long-life cakes, and rich families will put out wine to invite all relatives and friends to come and have fun.

When Jane's son passed a hundred days, Ning xiner bought a small gold lock for Jane's son and steamed a long life cake. After all, Jane did not have any relatives in Jiangzhou, so she could only receive her own blessing. After receiving the things, Jane was filled with tears, because only Ning xiner still thought about their mother and son.

This situation and this scene, she and Zhenzhen are also in such a situation, but Zhenzhen is still happy, after all, Guan Qizheng is a responsible father, he loves Zhenzhen very much, so Zhenzhen's hundred days he will think about it, but she doesn't have to worry about it.

In fact, Ning xiner is not a person who cares about the form. What she cares about is that there are still several people in the world who can really love treasure.

This day, Ning xiner is holding Zhenzhen to play.

A hundred day old baby is really white, fat and lovely. She will always giggle at you. Ning xiner will have no worries as long as she sees her daughter's smiling face.

"Zhenzhen, give mummy another smile, one smile!" Ning Xin'er holds Zhen Zhen's small face and teases her all the time.

Zhenzhen is also very likable and always smiles at Ning xiner.

When the mother and daughter were playing happily, Xiao Fang suddenly ran in from outside and said eagerly, "Miss Ning, someone is coming to see you!"

Hearing this, Ning Xin'er could not help frowning. Thinking: who else in the world can think of her?

"Who is it?" The next moment, Ning xiner asked curiously.

"She said her surname was Joe and her husband's surname was Lin Xiao Fang replied.

Hearing this, Ning xiner said in surprise, "where are the people now?"

"In the living room." Xiao Fang replied.

Hearing this, Ning xiner picked up Zhenzhen and ran downstairs.

Seeing this, Xiao Fang frowned and said, "Miss Ning, please slow down!"

When Ning xiner comes to the living room with Zhen Zhen in her arms, Qiao Li is standing in front of the sofa with a smile.

After many days, two people looked at each other, Ning xiner then went up and said with a smile, "sister Qiao, how did you come?"

Qiao Li is Ning xiner's best friend, but this time back in Jiangzhou, she didn't want to make trouble for Qiao Li, so she didn't contact her all the time. Unexpectedly, today she came to visit her. When her old friends met, Ning xiner's eyes were full of tears.

Seeing this, Jolie said with a smile: "it's only right to be happy when you haven't seen so many days. What are you crying for? Is this our baby? Let's have a hug from my aunt. She has prepared a meeting gift for you

With that, Jolie stepped forward and held Zhenzhen in her arms.

At this time, Ning xiner glanced at the baby's food on the tea table, as well as a high-end red velvet box. She couldn't help but step forward, reached for the velvet box and opened it. There was a long-life lock made of gold, which was very heavy and solid.

Seeing the long life lock, Ning xiner could not help saying, "sister Qiao, how did you buy such an expensive gift?""Today is my first time to see my niece. I'm too light. By the way, the baby should be over a hundred days? Then I'll steam another long life cake and have it sent over! " Jolie said with a smile as she held Jane in her arms.

"Thank you, sister Qiao. There are so few people who can think of our treasures." Ning Xin'er suddenly has a feeling.

Hearing this, Qiao Li stares at Ning Xin'er and gives the treasure in her arms to sister-in-law on one side.

Ning xiner naturally understood that Qiao Li had private words to say to her, so she asked sister-in-law to take care of Zhenzhen. She took Qiao Li upstairs.

Qiao Li sits by the bed in Ning xiner's bedroom. Ning xiner carries a cup of fresh juice and hands it to Qiao Li. "Sister Qiao, have a glass of juice."

Jolie took the glass and was not polite. She looked up and drank most of the juice.

Later, Qiao Li complained: "Xin'er, you are not interesting enough. How long have you been back in Jiangzhou? Now the baby is nearly 100 days old. You don't contact me. If I hadn't heard Diana mention it, I didn't know you were in Jiangzhou!"

Hearing this, Ning xiner thought: Lu Yiming must know her situation, so she told Diana, and Diana told Jolie.

Ning Xin'er then said with shame: "sister Qiao, these months are really indescribable. What I want is to tell you when everything is settled down, so as not to worry about me all the time."

Hearing this, Jolie eased her face and said, "well, I don't know your difficulties, but I can't help complaining about you. If you have difficulties, I may not be able to help you, but how much can I do for you? No matter what, you can still be a garbage can for your mood, but you are always afraid of adding trouble to me!" , the fastest update of the webnovel!