Chapter 1129

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"It can't be solved by invasion..."

Feng Yuan poked the mechanical block in front of him with some headache, but the glass touch was not unexpected. After thinking about it, Feng Yuan looked at the mechanical block and said

"can you take us to the city hall?"

"There is no such facility."

The mechanical box replied very rigidly. At this time, the red mechanical block changed back to sky blue. After thinking about it, Feng Yuan asked

"where should I go if I want to get a map

"The city hall is not open and needs to be activated."

"What the hell... Not open?"

Scratching his head, Feng Yuan is speechless. This thing is not really the same as the game. What tasks need to be completed to activate specific functions? However, it's not right. NPC from this city, unless...

looked at these mechanical blocks, when Feng Yuan was thinking about how to get the task from this device, the cat came up and whined. On the square panel of the mechanical block, there was a picture of big cat and a progress bar. After a while, a yellow exclamation mark and error message prompt appeared "Identification failed. The target cannot take over the data in MaoMu city. The request is rejected."

Hearing this prompt, Feng Yuan was stunned and seemed to understand something. He looked at Liao Yu and said, "do you have any way to contact datalinghu?"

As the first data spirit animal, Feng Yuan is still very impressed with the data spirit fox, but he doesn't know how to find it. After all, the other party is not a god beast. It is not in the animal intelligence network. Agunas can't contact it.

"What do you want it for? To contact it, I need to go back to the real world and ask the team

Looking at Feng Yuan in doubt, Liao Yu said, but he also had some doubts about whether he could find the data Linghu. After all, looking at the situation now, I'm afraid that all the data series spirit beasts in the team will go out to find out the situation of the city as soon as possible... Etc! Data MaoMu city?!

At this time, Liao Yu realized what the little square just said and understood what Feng Yuan wanted to do. She looked at Feng Yuan strangely and said, "it's not better to let yuxian'er come here?"

"I guess it can't pass the test. It's not a data spirit beast. In this case, it should be the data spirit beast that can take over the data city. But I'm afraid it's not so simple. Maybe there are some special conditions."

Feng Yuan scratched his head. It would be strange if any spirit beast could take over the data city. But big cat was rejected at the beginning. He didn't know if there would be any special conditions. But the data fox should be the easiest to meet the standard.

"What have you developed?"

"Oh, just right, agunas, did you use your ability to do what you want?"

Seeing the Yan team coming, Feng Yuan was surprised and said, no way, who let the data Linghu just follow him? Notice that Feng Yuan has been looking at himself, datalinghu some strange side of the head called a few times, it does not understand why Feng Yuan so see himself.


Aware of Feng Yuan's strange eyes, Yan team asked suspiciously, the other party is not that he has never seen data Linghu, and with the situation that the divine beasts around him are swarming together, he will not have any special ideas about data Linghu.

"Come on, apply to it for the management authority of data MaoMu city."

Feng Yuan did not explain, directly pull data Linghu said, puzzled called a few times, data Linghu looked at the mechanical cube, hesitated, data Linghu according to Feng Yuan said to the mechanical cube called a few times.

Received instructions, mechanical cube glass plane data Linghu photos and progress bar, after a while, the progress bar finished, a table appears.

"If the identity verification is passed, you can take over the data in MaoMu city. You need to obtain the permission of the following personnel. The following personnel can only obtain permission when they are in data MaoMu city. According to the management regulations..."

after hearing the mechanical cube constantly talking about the precautions and related explanations, Feng Yuan shook his head and stepped aside. This rule is true, but it is not unexpected According to MaoMu City, it needs the permission of all the main managers of MaoMu city to obtain the management authority. At this time, Yan team directly grasped Feng Yuan's shoulder and asked

"what's the situation? What are administrative rights? Is it the jurisdiction of this area? "

"I'm not very clear about this, but it's estimated that it's the management authority of the city, how to say..."

after thinking about it, Feng Yuan explained his conjecture to Yan team. He had some doubts. Even if this area is similar to the main city in the game, it's only that there are no NPC forces to manage it. However, this is not a real game. Where are the NPCs Managing the city.

Moreover, judging from this situation, the management authority of data MaoMu city is not the highest authority, and it is impossible to take it to do anything bad. As for what should be done after getting this authority, this is what Yan team has a headache about. What does it have to do with him?

Anyway, as long as you activate the map, you can let him continue to explore the next area. As for who is in charge and how to manage it, it doesn't have much to do with him.After listening to Feng Yuan's explanation, Yan team quietly looked at datalinghu. At this time, a panel appeared in front of him. Although Feng Yuan could not see what was written on it, he could also guess whether to allow data Linghu to obtain management authority. After a long silence, Yan team said

"I can't do this, I need to report it first and wait for the above arrangement."

"Ah?! No, I'm still waiting for the map to be in urgent need

Seeing Yan team calling data Linghu ready to leave, Feng Yuan can't help but howl. Big cat's map basically doesn't want to find the entrance to the next floor. There are roads in all directions. If it's not a three-dimensional map, you can't even figure out what to do.

Kong Qing said something to Feng Yuan. Agunas looked at him and said, "how about going out to eat first? It says it can keep the spatial coordinates of that location, and go back after lunch. "

"Spatial coordinates? There's that kind of thing here, too? "

Stunned for a moment, Feng Yuan was somewhat surprised to say that the data field is not a complete world, especially before, there was no fixed spatial coordinates. Therefore, although Kongqing can open the space door, Feng Yuan doesn't think much about it. After all, even if there is no spatial coordinates, they are not far from the ground floor, and Kongqing can fully sense the space here.

But if there are spatial coordinates, it means that the space here is already very stable, and not only empty green, other space system spirit beasts may also be able to use the space door here.

"Virtual space coordinates? What is that? "

Hear the explanation of empty green, agunas some strange said, this thing can also have a fake? Feng Yuan understood what it was, and said with regret

"so it is, the coordinates of virtual space should be the specialty of the data field, not for space, but for a relative position, etc?! With this thing, can it be activated to increase the transmission function

Looking at the mechanical cube in surprise, Feng Yuan was somewhat surprised to say that although the ordinary space system spirit beast can't be used, the virtual space coordinate is nothing to Kong Qing, but like the public map information, it doesn't belong to the type of natural existence.

In other words, if it's not necessary, it shouldn't have appeared. However, it's hard for Feng Yuan not to doubt that it's because the city has the function of space transmission. However, it seems to be true that the city is so big that if it doesn't have this function, he is afraid to go to the deepest position in the upper and lower areas, and it will take a long time to run.

"A lot of features?"

Yan team frowned slightly. At this time, he also straightened out his mind. He was afraid that basically every city would have a corresponding data City, and these cities are now in a state of no ownership? So we have to report it to other cities to get management rights.

As soon as he turned around, Yan team left the city with data Linghu. There was no way. Now the situation is a little urgent. Although it seems that mastering the data city needs the consent of the actual manager of the corresponding real city, he is not sure whether there is really no way to bypass this restriction.

Seeing Yan team leave, Feng Yuan sighed and said, "well, let's have lunch first and come back later."

"Yan team should not deliberately delay this matter, but... According to the regulations, it's really not up to him..."

after seeing Liao Yu, who was defending Yan team, Feng Yuan said in a funny way that

"of course, I know it, but it's a pity that I can't continue to explore the next area." , the fastest update of the webnovel!