Chapter 3613

Novel:Divine Cultivation System|Author:Charter East包租东|Genre:Urban Life
Qin Shaofeng is shocked, but his heart is also moving.

After uniting the three forces, he has a lot of people to use.

But they did not know what the transmission array between the two worlds looked like.

What if the subject of the teleportation array is very common?

"Elder brother Shen, these things are believed to be secrets of Tianji building. I don't know what you said to me all of a sudden. What's the so-called matter?"

Qin Shaofeng opened his eyes and lied and asked, "let me fight for a place for you, big brother?"

Shen Huan was stunned for a moment.

He did not believe that Qin Shaofeng would not understand why he said this.

Then, there is only one. He is asking for benefits.

Taking a deep breath, he replied, "that's exactly what it means."

Shen Wang understands, but it doesn't mean that other people can understand.

Purple Dragon and purple cloud book two people's facial expressions suddenly become some strange.

Zilong couldn't help but ask, "Shaofeng, our current identity can't be seen. If we go out like this, will it be some bad?"

"What's wrong? The people of the four elephant sect dare to pursue and kill us at the risk of offending Tianji building?" Qin Shaofeng smiles indifferently.

"What's more, with the strength of our trip, if there are fewer people from the four elephant sect, we may not be sure who killed whom."

"As long as they dare to mess around, I believe yunhaizong will not miss you such a great opportunity."

Qin Shaofeng chuckled faintly, then looked back at Shen Hao again, and said, "brother Shen, since you have talked about this with your brother, brother will not talk nonsense with you."

"You also know our present situation. Although I am not afraid of the pursuit of the four elephant sect, it does not mean that I am willing to expose my own situation. I believe elder brother can understand the specific reasons."

"Of course I understand. You just have to say what you want."

Because Shen Wanzheng knew what kind of person Qin Shaofeng was, he became more and more angry in his heart and said, "since elder brother has ordered you to do this, you don't need to talk more nonsense?"

"Brother, you've talked about it. Brother, I can't talk nonsense any more."

Qin Shaofeng laughed a few times and said, "since elder brother wants me to help you win three living places, then I need three conditions for elder brother. Should it not be too much?"

"Three conditions?"

Shen Huan frowned for the first time.

He didn't believe that Qin Shaofeng could really offer any good conditions.

It is hard to say whether it is too much.

Purple Dragon and purple cloud book is Qi Qi stare big eyes.

They couldn't believe that Qin Shaofeng dared to say so.

What is it that three conditions are not excessive?

It's just too much, OK?

Although it's hard to find a person of your age and cultivation, it doesn't mean that you can't find a replacement.

So it would be too much to promise you three conditions?

"What conditions?"

Shen Wang's thoughts are different from the two.

In terms of their status and their former status, Shen Wang, the small branch owner, is nothing.

What can not be ignored is Shen Wang's identity.

Tianji building is divided into building owners.

You know, Tianji building is known as the first intelligence strength in the world. Even if Qin Shaofeng did not contact Shen Wang's intelligence, he could not change anything.

According to Shen Wan's understanding, it is not the battle achievements of Qin Shaofeng.

Even if he had done something in the Great Northern Wilderness, and even to what extent his current accomplishments were, there was a constant flow of intelligence.

At least in his opinion, as long as Qin Shaofeng agrees, the three places will be finalized.

After a little consideration, he made a decision.

As long as Qin Shaofeng's conditions are not too harsh, there is nothing wrong if he really agrees.

Qin Shaofeng said in a deep voice: "the first condition is that I want to see the transmission array with my own eyes."

"What?! This, this... "

Shen rose abruptly.

That transmission array is not what he can say, otherwise he would not have to worry about the quota.

How dare you imagine that Qin Shaofeng's first condition is actually this?

This condition is more than just a dilemma.

However, after thinking about the helpers that the top tier sub buildings have found, they still gnawed their teeth and said, "your condition is really hard for me to handle, but it doesn't mean that it will not be able to do so. However, I can't guarantee that you will see it immediately, but at the latest, when we leave, we will have a look at you from a distance."


Qin Shaofeng didn't dare to think too much.

Shen Wang's ability to give such a statement is actually beyond his expectation."The second one is that I want to use the ability of Tianji building to find something for me. I think you should know what I am looking for with your intelligence system of Tianji building." Qin Shaofeng continued.

Shen Wan immediately began to laugh bitterly.

He guessed this from the time he heard Qin Shaofeng's three conditions.

When it comes to this sentence, he has no choice but to say, "the base of the transmission array is where it is really hidden from us."

"Those who set up the transmission array at the beginning, in order to avoid the transmission array being put together by several forces, not only gave two of them to the Yunhai clan and the four elephant sect, which are like the sea of Qiu Shen. It is said that there is something else in the dark."

"Unless someone can really wipe out the two forces, they will never get those two array stones."

"Another point to be said is that if the two forces really go to the edge of life and death, there will be strong ones coming to help."

"Rao is so, they are still worried about problems, so they specially hide the array base to the deepest place, and have invited the most powerful astrologer of that year to hide the mystery, not to mention the people from our star shining place. Even if we really invite most of the Tianji masters in our Tianji building, we can't figure out where the mystery lies."

"Even after the world began to have problems over the years, they sent the king's war, whose heart was dead, to guard the last transmission array stone."

"If it wasn't for so many reasons, we would have pieced it up directly in Tianji building to send all the people back. Where else could we have such a competition and eliminated more than 90% of the people?"

He said this, immediately let the purple dragon and purple cloud book two people's face, immediately became extremely ugly.

Even Qin Shaofeng couldn't stand much.

After all, such a thing is so shocking that the low-level martial arts cultivation of these places of brilliance can challenge the strong men of cangming world, and even their array bases are hidden by so many means.

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