Chapter 4049

Novel:Free Soldier King Mixed Country|Author:Jumping over the dragon gate is not a fish|Genre:Urban Life
On the other hand, freman contacted his elite team many times. At first, there was news all the time. But just before that, the contact information was suddenly interrupted, which made freman have a bad premonition.

"Damn it What's going on... "

Freman thought of a way to send someone to investigate the situation. Judging from the current situation, it is indeed a little bad.

However, there is still room for turnaround. The defense lines set around the camp will surely pay a heavy price if they want to win.

"General, the trap we set up seems to have no effect. Xu Qiang didn't hit the target."

After waiting for such a long time, the weakest part of the defense line is for Xu Qiang to see. When Xu Qiang chooses this place as a breakthrough, he will realize his stupidity.

But the cold sword mercenary group did not make any movement, nor did they intend to attack this way. The people they ambushed inside could not wait. They came to freman to report the situation.

"It is also in my expectation that there are several capable people around Xu Qiang. Not all of them are incompetent. Maybe they have seen through the intention of my arrangement."

"General, if that's the case, then it's not a waste of time for us to do so."

Freman turned around and his face became gloomy. His subordinates knew that he had said something he shouldn't say. The last thing he could do as a subordinate was to question his boss.

So he stepped back a few steps and stopped interrupting about it, lest he should offend the general. Freman was silent for a moment, and then he laughed.

"I just want Xu Qiang to see through the layout of my defense line. The more clearly he sees it, the more worried he is, and he doesn't dare to attack easily."

He explained that the defense line is not only to prevent attacks, but also, to a certain extent, deter and intimidate opponents.

"Xu Qiang can't afford it. If he continues to wait, the situation will become more and more unfavorable to him. I have already made contact with other mercenary regiments. As long as we seize the opportunity to fight back, they will come together to encircle Xu Qiang."

In addition to this, freman also has a trick, waiting to be put to use, he will witness Xu Qiang's failure, and finally end up in an end of extinction.

"Our network system will soon be restored. The last time we took over a batch of missiles from Jock, it's time to witness the power of these weapons."

The network system was destroyed before. If it is not restored, these missiles will not be able to accurately locate and use.

Xu Qiang is trying to find a way to break through, the same freman is also waiting for the right time to beat Xu Qiang with the least cost.

He wants to use this battle to make those who dare to look down on themselves understand that general freman will not lose.

"The general is not good!"

A man came in a hurry and had important information to report to freman.

These people are out to explore the news, look at this situation, it should be very serious, freman ordered that no one stop, and help to come to him.

The person who reported the news was short of breath and was hit by a bullet. Fortunately, it was not a fatal area. It would be nice to keep this life.

"Well, let's talk about something that makes you so anxious."

"General, our Our aid will not come. "


Freman exclaimed, according to his calculation, the aid has arrived. Something may have delayed the trip.

He never thought that there would be an accident for this aid team. He had taken all the external factors into consideration. Freman could not believe such a fact.

"Does Xu Qiang divide the team into three parts? With his little people, how could he have the courage to disperse his own people like this? "

"It's not what the general thought. This time, Rost led the ambush on the way back from our reinforcements."

"What! Isn't Rost dead? "

It's another shocking news. The previous Rost should have committed suicide. How could he still be alive.

A person who had lost nothing at that time did not think much about it when he received the news of Rost's suicide. Whether he was alive or dead, he did not have much influence on himself.

But now his subordinates say that Rost is still alive, and that he has the aid of intercepting him, which makes freman unable to understand what happened.

"General Rost is not dead. He doesn't know where he's got a team. It's very powerful, and it's blocking our assistance. At this moment, our people are at war with him."

"Damn it!"

Freman grabbed the clothes of his subordinates and wanted to shoot them directly. But it didn't help. He had to find a way to stabilize the situation at the moment.

At such a time, the news from his subordinates can't be wrong. Rost is still alive and brings people back, causing him so much trouble.But this is just the beginning

Among the lines of defense around the camp, the strongest defense was in the river, where a fifth of freman's forces were concentrated and deployed at this location, and seven lines of defense were set up.

No one can pass through this place. Even if a mercenary group with more than 5000 people attack from this defense line, at least half of them will die.


With several violent explosions, the long-standing fighting situation has become fierce again.

Freman looked back at the moment, and the explosion burst into the sky, just across the river. Freman frowned, and his sense of uneasiness grew stronger.

He knows that Xu Qiang is not a fool. He knows that this position is difficult to break through, and he has to choose to fight like this. What's the situation now

"General The general is not good, our defense line has been broken through! "

A message came from the front, informing freman that his well-designed defense line had been destroyed by the cold sword mercenary regiment, and the enemy was rushing in through the broken gap.

"Are you all pigs? I put all my elite strength in this position. How long this battle lasts, you will be defeated. "

Freman angrily said that he raised his hand and killed the man who came to report the news. Today's bad news has been heard too much.

After killing one, there will be another. The war situation has become like this, and no one can turn around. Soon, the mercenaries retreating from the front are converging towards this side.

Standing at a high place, freman can see that a huge gap has been torn in the defense line of the camp. Once this gap appears, the whole defense line will become waste and lose its function completely. , the fastest update of the webnovel!