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Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 1352 - Just Do What Yo... Morning Star LL 21-02-28 12:02
My wife is a very cold-hearted CEO Chapter 4520 花幽山月 21-02-28 00:02
Married to the Devil's Son Chapter 216 - 93 JasmineJosef 21-02-27 23:02
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The Mightiest Little Peasant Chapter 610 - He’s Really Here Watermelonian 21-02-27 12:02
Let Me Game in Peace Chapter 779 - Evolution Again Twelve-Winged Dark Seraphim 21-02-27 00:02
Divine Doctor Daughter of the First Wife Chapter 1152 Mao Shi Liu 21-02-25 02:02
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Elementalist: Time Controllers 255 Ch. 255 'Same Frequency Wa... VorstinStory 21-02-22 23:02
Salvation Began from Cafe CAFE 322 开心小帅 21-02-22 23:02
Mommy Villainess 266 THE CURSED DESCENDANTS 5 sola_cola 21-02-22 23:02


  • The Tycoon's Daring Wife 1

    The Tycoon's Daring Wife

    "Hm, darling, how much do you love me?""My dear, I love you to the point of where I would part the mountains, split the sea, and cause havoc on Earth just for you."“But why me?”“Because it has to be y...



  • illicit relationship 2

    illicit relationship

    I’m editing my previous chapter to make it more readable.but I don’t know if my grammar will be better or not because I’ve been learning english by myself but I’ll try my best to make my grammar bette...



  • Bone Painting Coroner 3

    Bone Painting Coroner

    In the 21st century, she was the outstanding world renowned darling of the field of archeology. Then, she transmigrated and became Jinjiang city’s Ji Family’ Third Miss, a small malnourished girl who ...

    Author:Li Duo Wu


  • CEO of my Heart 4

    CEO of my Heart

    Facing a marriage deadline, CEO Henry Wong impulsively weds Ellie Chen, a broke college student dying of car accident wounds. In return, her younger sister will receive a generous scholarship -- and H...



  • Chameleon: My True Face 5

    Chameleon: My True Face

    Warning! The novel features mature content. Entry at your own risk. What would you do if you were to suddenly receive the gift of shapeshifting, the power to change your physique and facial features a...



  • Handsome CEO's Darling Wife 6

    Handsome CEO's Darling Wife

    “You’re the moonlight that lights up the night’s darkness~You’re the rain that patches the dried up lands~You’re the breath that keeps my heart alive~”“Haha, hubby, you’re becoming better at flatterin...



  • I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband 7

    I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

    How far can you go to save the only family you have left?19 years old Davi sold herself to a stranger she hasn’t even seen at all. She knew that her future was over the moment she signed the contract....



  • Reborn: Apocalypse 8

    Reborn: Apocalypse

    If you could turn back the clock and fix all the mistakes you ever made, would you? For Micheal Care, a swordsman that could only be considered a middling warrior in Humanity's Last Army, the answer i...



  • The Genius' First Love 9

    The Genius' First Love

    Warning: Amazingly, absurdly and deliriously funny chaps ahead. Read and laugh at your own risk.--------------------------------------"You are one of my many dreams, and the only dream I wish I should...



  • The CEO's Office Boy is a Girl 10

    The CEO's Office Boy is a Girl

    *the cover isn't mine the credit belong to the rightful ownerA cliché reincarnation in modern time with the FL being a super talented woman betrayed by best friend, cheated by Fiancé, broken family bu...