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Power Instructor Chapter 1382 Peach Blossom Old Demon 20-10-19 22:10
Rebirth of the Peerless Waste Chapter 1459 Bi Lao Ye 20-10-19 20:10
Become a Scumbag from Now on Chapter 1625 Appreciate the beauty alone 20-10-19 20:10
My Supernatural Life of Leisure Chapter 1077 Boiling water is white 20-10-19 20:10
Urban Perspective Little Doctor Chapter 4104 Small South 20-10-19 20:10
I Can Resist Most Vicious Beatings Chapter 1167 Old hoop 20-10-19 20:10
Rebirth of the Military Industrial Overlord Chapter 1549 Qian's Feather 20-10-19 20:10
Urban Super Doctor Chapter 3055 Chang Zhangxiao 20-10-19 20:10
Unparalleled Crazy Young System Chapter 2851 Old fat brother 20-10-19 20:10
Divine Child System Chapter 3850 A little ink 20-10-19 20:10
Best Son-in-law Chapter 1855 Lin Yu Jiang Yan 20-10-19 20:10
Super Military Scientist Chapter 1645 Dream language 20-10-19 20:10
The Alien Species in the City Chapter 2370 Suzaku burns the sky 20-10-19 20:10
Interpol Mission Chapter 1411 Don't believe in pie in the sky 20-10-19 20:10
The Genius Doctor Chapter 4026 Fox Yan gibberish 狐颜乱语 20-10-19 20:10
Divine Cultivation System Chapter 3718 Charter East包租东 20-10-19 20:10
Rebirth of the Financial Overlord V6.Chapter 78 Flower skin 花皮的皮 20-10-19 20:10
Rebirth of the Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1179 Huang Laoshi 20-10-19 20:10
Black Technology Research and Development Center Chapter 1084 Where Walnut 20-10-16 00:10
Energy Group Chapter 751~752 Melancholy lover 20-10-15 22:10


  • Urban Super Evil Doctor 1

    Urban Super Evil Doctor

    The poor guy occasionally got the inheritance of an evil doctor. From then on, he was incomparable in medicine and martial arts.and all ladies named him Male God Killer,The living dead, flesh and bones, competing with the king of hell for life, the earth is free, surrounded by all kinds of beautiful women.Everything started when that beautiful model gave him an ancient book....



  • Another World Under My Pen 2

    Another World Under My Pen

    For a traveler in a parallel world, there is no problem that can't be solved with a pen. If so, add a keyboard.

    Author:草席Cao Xi

    Genre:Urban Life

  • Super Race System Makes Me a Legend 3

    Super Race System Makes Me a Legend

    Ding … Congratulations to the host for obtaining the beginner sprinter. A hundred meters only takes ten seconds, a new generation of Asians!Ding … Congratulations to the host for obtaining beginner fighting technique. Come, come, I want to fight 10!

    Author:Wang You Wu Lv


  • Rebirth of the Financial Overlord 4

    Rebirth of the Financial Overlord

    The financial elite, Shen Jiannan, traveled to the 1990s to become an intern university teacher because of driving. What should I do if I have no money? Short sell the Japanese stock market and sell Nikkei 225.

    Author:Flower skin 花皮...

    Genre:Urban Life

  • Rebirth of the Strongest Tycoon 5

    Rebirth of the Strongest Tycoon

    In 1978, Li Chaoren was not the richest Chinese. In 1978, there were still eight Hollywood giants. In 1978, the apple had not been bitten by God. This is the best time, technology is waiting to be boomed, and gold iseverywhere.

    Author:Huang Laoshi

    Genre:Urban Life

  • Super Ability Student 6

    Super Ability Student

    An ordinary high school senior accidentally got a super power system from three thousand years later. Lin Tian can exchange various abilities in the ability system. Want beauty? perspective! examination? I have neverforgotten! You're good? I turned into a Saiyan! The awesome life needs no explanation

    Author:A dream or a t...

    Genre:Urban Life

  • Ultraman's War 7

    Ultraman's War

    The confrontation between light and darkness has never stopped, and the starry night that received Noah's light travels step by step in the endless battle to defeat Zaki. The legendary light of the universe, the protector of the universe, the kingdom of light... Starry night said that I was just a porter who moved the soul of the monster to the monster graveyard

    Author:Broken Shadow ...

    Genre:Urban Life

  • God Level City Ruler 8

    God Level City Ruler

    He was the supreme life of the vast universe that was born with the infinite power of the epoch, but it was born in a family of Chinese capitals. Because of restrictions, carrying the name of waste, and being on the verge of death, the primitive forces in his body awakened....

    Author:尘封的初心Chen Feng...

    Genre:Urban Life

  • The Genius Doctor 9

    The Genius Doctor

    Lu Yi, a super expert with medical skills, came to the bustling city to find his fiancée. He stepped on the enemy, embraced the beautiful woman, step by step to the pinnacle of life...

    Author:Fox Yan gibber...

    Genre:Urban Life

  • Divine Cultivation System 10

    Divine Cultivation System

    In an accident, Qin Shaofeng, the otaku, was reborn to another world and became the Lianyang Country Blue River City Qin Family Eldest Young Master. What repairs are scrapped? Dantian can't fix it? Not afraid, we have a Divine Cultivation System, even the most severe dantian can be repaired! The system is in hand, and I have unlimited power! The Body Metamorphose Scripture of Old Ancestor Bodhidharma …… Golden Fire Eyes of Qitian Dasheng …… Little Li Throwing Knife of Li Xunhuan …… A wonderful world, I, Qin Shaofeng is here!

    Author:Charter East包租...

    Genre:Urban Life