Chapter 2120

Novel:God-level Punishment System|Author:十年沧桑ten years of vicissitudes|Genre:Action
This time, to Lingzhi sounded a huge alarm.

Even if the magic saint has less time to step on the ancestor saint, the other side is also the ancestor saint. The dying struggle of an ancestor saint is extremely terrible.

Chaotic green lotus can only absorb the spirit and soul power without divine consciousness, so the spirit power of the devil saint is surrounded by it, and it has no meaning of absorbing at all.

It is just out of instinct to protect the spirit of Lingzhi.

The soul power attack of the devil saint was first absorbed by the nine hell and eighteen prisons, which accounted for 40% of the total. Among the 40% soul power nine hell and eighteen prisons, it was hard to get out in a short time.

There are 18 levels of Jiuyou 18 prisons. Lingzhi's soul power has just established itself on the first level. Even the devil Saint does not have the ability to swim on the 18 levels.

The other 60% was blocked by chaos Qinglian again as much as 40%.

Only one or two of the remaining soul power, but still alive will Lingzhi spirit, shock split open.

Lingzhi's spirit almost broke in the first place.

Fortunately, there are chaos green lotus wrapped, the air of chaos around, this can not be broken.

However, if the magic Saint failed, he spent 40% of his soul power in the Jiuyou 18 prison. As a result, his whole spirit also had a huge sense of suffocation and was deeply trapped in the nine hell eighteen prisons.

On the other hand, the bloody sword is a phagocytosis of his body.

After all the spirits of the devil and the Holy Spirit came out, his body became an empty shell. He still underestimated the phagocytic and absorptive capacity of the half ancestor of the blood crying sword.

In the blink of an eye, the blood essence in his body was swallowed up to one-third by the bloody sword, and the value was rapidly becoming one-half.

The magic Saint did not dare to neglect any more. He exited from Lingzhi's elixir field in a panic. The spirit returned to the body and struggled to open up. He pushed away the distance with Lingzhi.

Under his power, the bloody sword was unable to control himself and rolled out.

On the body of the sword, the blood line is filled with the essence of the devil saint. It looks strange and powerful.

The breath of weeping Blood Sword became more and more powerful again, almost straight approaching the ancestral vessel.

Let a person feel, I'm afraid it will first Lexus before, and change.

But it's also Lingzhi's own device, so it's impossible.

The rest is very likely to be the phage.

Because the development of Lexus's strength has hindered its evolution, it is very likely that the weapon will reverse its master, which is also the only case, and it is very rare.

But the bloody sword is too evil. No one can be sure what it will do.

Of course, these are afterwords.

The weeping Blood Sword rolled and flew to Ling Zhi's side. The role of the spirit was reflected at this moment. It instinctively stood in front of lingzhi and made the final defense against the weak Lingzhi. It was just that the sword vibrated and the sword kept ringing. The devil saint's physical condition was too bad. If you could continue to absorb the essence of blood essence from the devil's body, the weeping Blood Sword would not be missed.


Ling Zhimeng grabs the bloody sword. In terms of evil, his red eyes and dark black magic lines are more evil than anything in the world.

The blood in his eyes almost runs through the void in front of him, and penetrates into the starry sky. His lips stare at the devil saint. He also has hands in his heart.

If you have a hand, you will naturally have to do it. What is it to hide and tuck in?

Even if the devil saint is hurt more seriously, he will be able to recover as long as he is given time. How can an enemy like this return to the mountain.

If you can remove the roots, nature is the best.

Lingzhi step by step, dragging the bloodstain, from the void to the demon Saint step by step.

Part of the spirit of the devil saint is trapped in the nine hell and eighteen prisons, which leads to his state being very wrong. Although he looks up at the moment and shows his hatred towards Lingzhi, the mobilization of his power is somewhat slow.

This has to let people sigh that the power of time is terrible.

The previously invincible devil saint, just because Lingzhi suddenly groped for the use of the power of time, and really used it, it became so embarrassed and miserable.

Although Lingzhi is the same, the spirit can not be hit at all, but it is unique to be able to force an ancestor saint to such a level with the cultivation of a half ancestor.

It's almost a win-win situation.

You know, the growth of Lexus in the semi ancestral environment is far from reaching the limit!

Lingzhi drags the pace of dyeing blood and goes to the devil saint. The demon Saint shakes his deep head and stands in the same place. His body is very old. Not to mention it, there are several more sword holes coming out, and the blood essence in his body is seriously lost.

Lingzhi is so holding the bloody sword and fighting with the devil saint.

You give me a slap, I stab you with a sword, you let me step back, I lift my foot is a foot, kick you back three steps.

In addition to not biting each other up, just like two mortal warriors, you come and I fight.However, their battlefield is this void.

However, their power, from time to time, will be in the starry sky, the stars in the distance, shivering, shaking down.

The broken stars turn into meteors and explode towards the distance. I don't know what kind of people will make a wish to these meteors.

Their one move is so direct and simple. One is that the body is injured too much and the spirit is broken. The other is that the spirit has never been pulled out of the nine hell and eighteen prisons, and the rest of them are always in a coma, and they can only fight with Lingzhi instinctively.

Among them, the only one excited is the bloody sword.

This kind of battle, is no different from giving him the opportunity to swallow again. Every time Lingzhi takes out his sword, the damage to the devil saint can not be ignored.

If the fight goes on like this, people doubt whether the magic saint will really die in the hands of Lingzhi.

It also makes people wonder whether Lexus will die of exhaustion.

His injuries are too heavy, almost all his body depends on immortal power and strong willpower, and he is forced to stick together. Even the spirit and the chaotic green lotus can maintain a complete posture. Otherwise, he would have collapsed into scattered soul power and dissipated in the elixir field.

Suddenly, lingzhi suddenly drinks, and his face becomes blue and blue. He seizes an opportunity and sends a sword from the throat of the devil saint.

The sword enters the throat several inches, and the blood hole is wide of two fingers, flowing with black magic blood.

The whole starry sky, silent.

This scene, released to the world, to the four seas, to the six harmonies, to the eight wasteland, also has the deterrent power to frighten anyone.

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