Chapter 2121

Novel:God-level Punishment System|Author:十年沧桑ten years of vicissitudes|Genre:Action
"Well Well... "

The magic saint's throat rolled up and down, sending out vague syllables.

Such severe pain, such a serious injury, not only failed to wake him up from the Jiuyou 18 prison, but also made him appear deeper in the Jiuyou 18 prison.

That's hell. If he can't keep his soul clear and clear, he can't keep his consciousness clear. Naturally, he will sink deeper and deeper. He definitely doesn't say that if you are cruel, you can be more powerful in it.

However, under this fierce attack, the strength of Lingzhi's body was almost exhausted. Only the blood essence of the demon saint with the bloody sword and Lingzhi itself could not move for half a day.

Until a sense of danger, which was enough to make his hair explode, filled his mind.

"Leave quickly!"

Lingzhi only had time to face the direction of Gulu, heard such a startling roar, and then recklessly took out the Tiandao tablet and blocked it in front of him.


With a loud noise, tiandaobei is almost the size of a slap in front of Lingzhi. Shengsheng stops.

All the forces have not touched Lexus Fenfen.

Obviously, Tiandao stele is also very clear, at the moment, lingzhi can not stand any strong toss, any toss, may kill him.

Lingzhi is holding up the stele of heaven and straightens up hard and looks in front of him.

In his perception, Gulu finally followed his request and took all the people away in a flash.

Lingzhi's heart, also slightly relieved.


At the same time, a startled sound also came from Lingzhi's front.

"It was the descendant of Kunlun holy family, but I didn't expect that I could withstand the erosion of my strength and grow to such a level." "It's a pity that it got the sacred thing of the Holy Family of Kunlun. With this projection, it's a bit of trouble to chase him down in the void."

Lingzhi crossed the tiandaobei and finally saw the appearance of the man who appeared suddenly in front of him.

"Angel?" Lingzhi expression is very strange looking at the person in front of him. His face is strange and almost convulsed.

In front of the people, wearing the upper part of the body, under their own clothes, natural and unrestrained tied in the waist, there are strands of falling down, looks very natural and unrestrained.

The upper body is full of light white light, which makes people warm, comfortable and convincing.

The most important thing is that behind the man's back, there are two huge, and his body does not match the two snow-white wings.

Thick feathers each look so perfect, so clear, like the most perfect sculpture between heaven and earth.

This shape, no matter how you look at it, is also like the role of an angel in the eyes of those people in the west of the earth.

It's just that Lexus doesn't like this kind of role, so it feels very strange and seems to be very uncomfortable.

This reminds him of a vulgar joke.

Angel, angel, God's shit.

The man in front of him is naturally not an angel. Maybe the Western angel is based on him?

Relying on the abnormal movement of something in the body, Lexus instantly understood the identity of the person in front of him.

The fire of swallowing spirit was in his body, and he was almost ready to get up. However, Ling Zhi could also feel the tension of the fire of swallowing spirit, even a slight timidity.

There is only one power that can make the fire of devouring spirit like this, that is, the power of taboo.

The people in front of us must be those who have the power of taboo.

From his accomplishments and posture, it is very likely that he is the master of the force of taboo, who, like the devil emperor, wants to call himself Emperor.

Lingzhi can be sure that the other side must be the cultivation of zushengjing. It is just a projection in front of him, so he can't grasp the strength of the other side.

To be sure, it is much better than the devil saint.

However, lingzhi's real fear, palms really pinched a sweat, it is his extreme worry, in front of this person's strength, this taboo Lord's strength, far beyond his imagination.

When Gulu was young, he had a taboo force in his body. That is, the black fog from Xuanzhou had invaded his body. This power was carried by Gulu since he was born.

However, when Gulu was born, she was beside her father, laying eggs for eggs.

With the strength of the snow-white beast, Gulu's father, he did not have the power to solve this part of the taboo. We can imagine how difficult it is.

Under the snow-white beast, he was able to attack Gulu and even the Holy Family of Kunlun, so that the clan was put into the body by the force of taboo. No matter whether other people helped this matter, whether it was taking advantage of the danger of others, it was enough to show that the real strength of the master of taboo was too high and too strong.

Therefore, even if the front is just a shadow of the taboo Lord, lingzhi's expression is more serious and cautious than facing the devil saint.The only thing that makes him feel at ease is what the master of taboo says. He is in such a state that he can't pursue Gulu them in the land of nothingness, which makes Lexus more or less comfortable.

"No wonder you got the fire of devouring spirit." The master of taboo chuckled, and the wings behind him suddenly shook slightly. A feather suddenly turned red, and the red one was about to drip blood.

At the same time, lingzhi's fire of swallowing spirit in his body can't bear it any longer. It suddenly rises and rushes out of Lingzhi's body.

When he saw the little white on the top of the fire of devouring spirit, the master of taboo's face quickly became ugly. "It seems that many of the decorations I left in those days, I'm afraid, have been destroyed by you? It's very bold to swallow my power to evolve. "

He had already deduced a lot from this little white of the devouring fire.

"The devil emperor is an important chess piece I have been looking for for for a long time. If you hurt him like this, don't you give me face?" The master of taboo looked at Lexus calmly, with indescribable confidence and pride.

Lingzhi and his strength, identity, status, there is a gap in general, in the face of Lingzhi, the master of taboo is true, in regard to him as a junior.

It is this attitude of regarding zusheng as a chess piece, which shows that his strength is probably the same as that of the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan, or even stronger.

Specifically, Lexus can not speculate more.

"Originally, I wanted him to devour the source of the Holy Spirit and make him stronger, which was just for my use. But now it seems that I can only take him away and directly cultivate and control him."

The master of taboo shakes his head, his wings open and close, towards the devil holy roll. , the fastest update of the webnovel!