Chapter 2261~2271

Novel:I'm a necrophiliac|Author:风水玄术 Feng Shui Xuan Shu|Genre:Adventure
"I wanted you to live a little longer, but you seem to want to die, and I'm not to blame." The old man suddenly turned and said to us.

"You really cheated us into coming in. What's your purpose?" Before I was just skeptical, but as soon as the old man said this, we immediately determined our own judgment.

"You're not a man. Who are you?" The big hand fiercely blocked in front of me, roared.

The old man said with a smile, "dragon four, you are a real nuisance. You have ruined my affairs. If it wasn't for you, now you have been sent to the depths of the corpse world."

"What do you want? Why did you get us here? " The big hand snorted coldly, holding the Black Dagger without fear.

But before he finished this sentence, the old man's eyes suddenly showed a fierce light. He grabbed both sides with his hands, and those long dead roots suddenly rose, and thousands of roots rushed towards us.

Seeing this scene, I was shocked. I quickly drew out the Black God to block these roots, but the number of these roots was too much. I only blocked less than 20 roots, so I was entangled by dense roots!

After I was entangled, big head, Anna Liu, Shivani, Harish and even big hands were all tied up.

Before we could react, we were all wrapped up in the basis, and I felt dizzy, a feeling like riding a roller coaster.

"Crane Pavilion, thunder in the palm! Come on

At the moment when I was wrapped by these roots, I seemed to hear the shouting of big hands. I remembered that I still had a palm thunder. How could I forget this in a hurry.

So I quickly run the vitality in my body and began to infuse the Lei Fu in my palm. I didn't know that just as soon as my vitality turned, there was a suction force from my four limbs and hundreds of skeletons, which instantly absorbed the vitality in my body!

"What pure energy, boy, the energy in your body is so pure. More, more." The old man's voice suddenly penetrated into my ears, and his life was full of excitement, just like a man who had been hungry for a few days suddenly ate delicious food.

Hearing his words, I immediately understood that the vitality in his body had been sucked away by him!

But how can this be possible? My vitality can restrain all Yin and Yang Qi, whether it's for living people or dead people, corpse evil spirits or evil spirits. Even if the effect is not more powerful than imperial Qi, it will not be too different.

How can this old guy absorb my energy? It's absolutely impossible. He's lying to me. Yes, he's lying to me.

I don't believe it. He can really suck me up!

Thinking of this, I immediately run my vitality again. I didn't know that as soon as I started to work, I was directly sucked away by a strong suction force. I tried it several times in a row. The old man yelled excitedly and asked me to give more.

At the beginning, I didn't believe that he could absorb endlessly. I had a strong confidence in my own vitality, but after I lost nearly half of my vitality in my body, I still hesitated!

Just as I hesitated, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my back. It was like hitting a stone pillar. The pain spread from my back.

at the same time, those roots that twined around me began to drill desperately into my skin, just like what the old man said before, these roots began to crave the essence of my life after drilled into my skin.

My blood, my water, my nutrients, and even the vitality in my body are not the most terrible. After the loss of my blood, water and nutrients, my soul power is also passing by madly. In a short time of less than five minutes, the spiritual power in my body has passed by more than 20%.

If I go on like this, in less than half an hour, my whole body will be completely dried up.

breaching of the dike of my life's essence, but these essence is like a river that breaks the river, and it simply can't control.

No, it's not right. These roots can absorb my blood and nutrients. It can be said in the past, but it's abnormal that they can even extract my vitality. Now they can even extract my soul power. It's absolutely impossible.

It's an illusion. Everything in this place is an illusion!

I suddenly opened my eyes, trying to find the flaw of this illusion, but in front of me, it was so dark that I couldn't see anything.

I know that I will die if I go on like this. Once I die here, I will die.

The fierce illusion is the same as the dream. He can attack the consciousness and soul of human beings fundamentally. Once a person dies in the illusion, the consciousness and the physical body will mistakenly think that the body is dead. Once the body and consciousness think that the body is dead, the heart and organs will stop working immediately, and people will die completely in an instant. There is no way to save them.Thinking of this, I immediately close my eyes and protect my soul with my mental strength. I hope that I can stage the connection between soul and body and make my consciousness independent.

As long as I can protect my consciousness, I will not really die in this fantasy, so I still have the possibility to survive.

But what about Anna Liu? In particular, she and harishhiwani, three people, whose mental strength is almost equal to zero, have just come into contact with the metaphysical world. They have no such ability to protect their independent consciousness.

No, I am too much. If this is an illusion, then Anna Liu and they are all illusions. They are just the illusion that confuses me.

It's the illusion that wants to control the tools I use to kill me. Yes, I almost fell for it. If I continue to tangle with their affairs, then I can't concentrate on protecting my independent consciousness. Once that happens, I'll really die.

What a terrible illusion. It's so ingenious. It also makes me experience so many things step by step. It makes me think that everything I've experienced is real. In fact, everything I've encountered since before is illusory.

Corpse world, what kind of corpse world? I'm afraid this so-called world is also an illusion.

Fortunately, I realized it early. Otherwise, I didn't even know how I died. What kind of person did this? How could I have such a powerful illusion.

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