Chapter 5375

Novel:Immortal Martial Venerable|Author:Liang Family|Genre:Fantasy
In the sky above Nanman, the huge black hole does not disappear, but always exists.

Gu Fei and the black boy burst out of the strong breath from the black hole, Nanman hundreds of millions of living creatures fear to the extreme.

No way, no matter Gu Fei or the youth in black, they are the most powerful existence in the virtual world, and their breath is so strong.

Their war made it hard to repair the broken void of the virtual world.

This shocked many powerful people in the palace hall of Nanman imperial city. The law of heaven and earth in the virtual world is very strong. After the void of heaven and earth is broken, it will soon be restored by the power of heaven and earth.

At this time, Gu Fei and the young man in black finally got serious.


Two people each put out a fist, two strong breath in the collision, around the chaotic gas were directly dispersed away.

"These two guys..."

Seeing this scene, the flaming dance watching the battle in the distance could not help moving. The cultivation and combat power of these two people seemed to be a little higher than themselves, just a little bit.

However, the incarnation of the virtual heaven God retreated to a further distance.

The power swings that erupted in the two were too strong.

"Kid, give you a chance to go first. Come on

The boy in black suddenly said to Gu Fei.

"Ha ha, don't be so polite. You'd better do it first."

Goofy said with a smile.

"It's better for you to do it first. After all, you are a junior."

Said the boy in black.

"What you said is that you are the elder, and it is not normal for the younger generation to let the elder do? You can do it

Gu Fei can't be fooled. If this guy wants to make his own moves, he must have some tricks. There must be a lot of Assassin's mace for the existence of his series.

If the other side uses the assassin's mace, it's not a joke.

It's the same thing for Gu Fei to let the other party make the first move. If the opponent makes the first move, he will show his weakness. Once the flaw is revealed, he will directly use the assassin's mace to defeat it.

"You are the first."

"After you!"

"After you!"

"Why don't you do it first?"

They were fighting with each other.


Yan dance and the avatar of the virtual God see this scene, directly confused, what are these two guys doing? Are these two guys just talking but not practicing?

"What are you doing, I say?"

The flame dance is really intolerable, directly to those two guys who are fighting.

"How can you fight like a child

Yan dance is really speechless.

"This is our business. What are you stirring up?"

Goofy said impatiently.

"Yes, it's between two men. Don't interrupt women."

The boy in black also said.

"You're even a jerk, cow!"

Inflamed dance is not light.

"Now you know our cattle!"

Gu Fei said helplessly.

"You two bastards, love to fight or not. I have plenty of time."

Yan dance directly moved the table and chair out of the inner world and put on the delicious food and wine directly. While enjoying the delicious food, he looked at the two guys.

Gu Fei and the boy in black are speechless.

"I said you don't talk nonsense, let's go!"

Gu Fei said impatiently to the boy in black.

"If you can't help it, you can do it first. Don't wait for me."

Said the young man in black.

"You don't want to face, do you?"

Goofy got angry.

"I just don't want face. What can you do to me?"

The young man in Black said triumphantly.

"Oh, what can I do to you? Believe it or not, I'll beat you to pieces. "

Gu Fei said maliciously.

"Then you come, let's go!"

The young man in black is not afraid of boiling water.

Goofy stares at this guy. His teeth itch with hate. He really wants to hit this hateful guy in the face with one punch, but reason tells him that he can't be impulsive.

Because the consequences of impulse are very serious.

All the way, Gu Fei has suffered a lot. It is not easy for him to achieve what he has achieved. How can he be trapped in the scheme of a young man in black?

The young man in black is also a super antique. He has rich combat experience and is definitely not under Gu Fei.

Such two people meet together, destined to touch the bright spark.

"Let's do it."

Goofy said he was about to make a move, but he stopped again."You guy..."

The boy in black was depressed, and the other side just didn't do it.

Their accomplishments and combat effectiveness are similar. It depends on who has the flaw first, and who has the flaw first will have bad luck first.

But, the hand, not necessarily will show the flaw.

"I've done it. You've got to watch it!"

Goofy said out loud.

Hearing the speech, the young man in black is naturally staring at Gu Fei.

However, at this time, the two figures quietly from the back of the boy in black jumped up.


The young man in black sneered. At the next moment, countless fist shadows appeared in the void, towards Gu Fei and the two figures behind him.

In fact, he has been pretending.

Hand, may not show a flaw, this truth, black youth will not understand.

"One breath turns into three cleans!"

Gu Fei displays one of the nine secrets of the fairy road.

At the same time, his father is also doing something.

This is equivalent to the three ancient flies to the black boy, even if the black boy is more powerful, it is impossible to resist the three Gu Fei's joint attack.

There is no suspense, black good year was hit in the face by Gu Fei with a fist, and he was directly smashed and flew out.

"You son of a bitch, in the face?"

The young man in black was so angry that no one ever dared to hit him in the face, only he hit others in the face. But now, he was beaten in the face by this little guy.

Is that ok?


In the chaos, a frenzy to unimaginable power suddenly burst out.

As if you have never seen a big fire in the world, you can see the whole body of a person who has never seen a great fire.

"Oh, you're mad? Didn't you just punch you? Don't be angry, or I'll let you fight back, but only if you have the ability. "

Gu Fei is so proud!


The young man in black burst out two almost materialized lights, staring at Gu Fei.


The next moment, he suddenly disappeared into the void.

Almost at the same time, the three ancient flies disappeared into the void.



In the chaos, the figure constantly flickers, the three "Gu Fei" and that angry young man in black fight, extremely fierce.

"How can you be an incarnation?"

Gu Fei suddenly exclaimed.


Enjoying the delicious food in the distance, the flaming dance suddenly rose from the chair. This mysterious young man in black is just an incarnation?

The avatar of the virtual God was even more shocked. , the fastest update of the webnovel!