Chapter 3988~3990

Novel:My Beautiful and Bossy Wife|Author:Cat Fish骑猫的鱼|Genre:Romance
Ye Qingying's women did not know what would cause Su Jin to kill so much -

just between them, the giant sword had already broken through the sky and appeared in the sky above the "duankong earth"!

Ye Qingying, the dark night Princess and Han Dieyi are all in a sudden, but the queen of shark is better. They all have an idea in their mind.

Su Jin

Across the void?

Just now, if you go to the westernmost side, it's really far away. If you just cross the fault area, it's ok if you don't have an accident. Once there's an accident, it's hard to say when you can get there --

"will crossing the broken earth cause trouble?" The night Princess stares at Su Jin and asks.

Since ancient times, no one dares to cross the "broken earth" in this way. If there is a slight difference, the whole army will be destroyed. What's more, the divine power in the broken earth is extremely strong.

Now, although they are on top of the giant sword, as long as they look up in duankong, they will see a sword rainbow falling to the West like an apocalyptic meteor --

Su Jin shakes his head and says, "I can't control so much, God blocks the gods! We need to get to the dragon and phoenix nest as soon as possible. "

Dragon and phoenix nest!

The dark night princess, Han Dieyi and ye Qingying are all in a daze.

it seems that Su Jin has determined the location. Did the ancient Protoss in Linghuo peak really meet the "leader" of the law enforcement alliance?

"Since ancient times, no one has dared to cross the earth like this, but he is different." The queen of shark gently covered her mouth and said with a slow smile.


Well, it's different!

Han Dieyi and the night princess are gradually relieved. Although they don't know how the protoss under duankong earth react, they know that they are absolutely the brightest "Star" in the whole duankong earth!

In the duankong earth, no matter whether it is a wild land or an orderly holy city, countless demon gods and gods all look up at the void above the broken earth -

it is a huge sword. Under the friction with the strong divine power in the broken earth, the golden sword rainbow is extremely vast. No one knows how it exists on the sword, but in this way Who dares to use it? I'm afraid it's too much!

"A strong man controls the sword, from east to west, and wants to cross the earth of duankong!" There is a gap in the earth's God City, constantly appear exclamation sound.

"It's really courageous. There are many extremely powerful sky gods in the sky, and they dominate the void all the time, which is also recognized. They haven't attracted the attention of those sky gods now. It's hard to say for a while. They really don't know whether to die or not --"

"are you talking about those demon gods with wings?"

"Yes, the cloud palace built in the cloud palace breaks the void on the earth. There are many powerful Protoss in the void on the earth. Most of those Protoss are ancient gods, and even many of the heirs of the protoss have recuperated for countless years, and their strength has never been revealed."

"All I know is a city of the sky."

"It's not only the city of the sky, but also the palace of Python and bird cloud, and the empty castle. They are all among the best forces. Some famous families in the eternal land dare not provoke them -"


The tension is still growing.

The night princess was always restless. Even in the high air, she seemed to hear the sound of rumbling from the earth below. She always felt that there was an unknown danger in this line.

Su Jin stands at the front end, his clothes are hunting, his long black hair is like a dragon and snake in troubled times, his eyes are mostly looking to the West Moreover, at such a speed, as long as such a limit is maintained, it will be possible to cross the entire Earth from east to West in less than two hours!

"Eternal realm, like leaf There are not many young strong men like Ye Yi. " Queen mackerel appreciates Sujin from this point, and says to several women.

"Not much? There's no such thing as Those inheritors of the ancient Protoss were not as sharp as he was. Besides, who dares to cross the earth like this - "

the dark night Princess continued with a bitter smile:" my strength is a supermodel, which can be ranked as Tianjiao, and even can be regarded as demon evil level Tianjiao. "

"There's no comparison." Han Dieyi said.


The dark night princess was deeply touched, and Han Dieyi was just a king God. Under Su Jin's guidance, her strength became so terrible. Even the dark night Princess felt that if she fought with Han Dieyi, she might not be her opponent -

facing the worries of several women.

Sukin didn't care.

Although it is dangerous to cross the broken earth, where is the safe place?

If you want to find trouble, you can't avoid it.

Queen shark thought for a moment, looked at Su Jin's back with deep meaning, and said slowly: "the airspace that breaks the earth is all in charge. You should be prepared to be blocked --"

Su Jin slightly turned his face and did not speak.

He's upset.

Especially when he thought of the woman riding the "cloud hoofed unicorn" and took a divine poison back to the emperor's house, he became more and more agitated."Kill them all." For a long time, Su Jin responded coldly.

The Queen's face froze.

She didn't feel like Sukin was joking!

Time, little by little.

Up to now, there has not been any obstruction, but how big is the earth! Su Jin calculated that he had only walked a fifth of the way

Su Jin didn't know that when they crossed the duankong earth from Linghuo peak to the west, he was already in an unimaginable focus -

"in front of him is the scope of the empty Tianbao, so be careful." Queen shark reminds Sukin.

Empty castle!

In the airspace of the earth, an extremely powerful demon God force! Even though the dark night Princess and Han Dieyi are tense, they are watching Su Jin's sword at their feet, and their speed increases by three points!

She knew the danger of this trip. After all, there were too many unknown dangers in the eternal divine realm. Even she could not despise some Protoss in the earth.

Less than five minutes.

There are hundreds of miles ahead in the void, among the thick white clouds, and the mountain peaks are suspended. There are many crystal carving dragon pillars, each of which is about 100 Li wide, standing under the nine days. When you look at those crystal pillars, there are no less than a thousand.

"What is the God of it?"

Shua Shua Shua ~ ~ ~

dense, long feather scale of the sky castle demon God, Qi Qi facing the East, in unison burst drink --

"dry!" Su Jin's face turned cold and made a voice.

"Kill!" The kongtianbao powers have been well prepared.

It is absolutely the first time in nearly a million years to see such a grand scene as countless divine power rules, colorful colors, various means, divine power and divine treasure!

What a spectacle!

The dark night princess, Han Dieyi and ye Qingying seem to have put their hearts in their eyes. The power of the Kong Tianbao powers has come so fast!

In this scene, all the protoss in the "broken earth" are also paying attention to it!

The earth is broken, and the city named "duankong city" is established by its name!

Different forms of demon gods, take to the streets, of course, most of them are still human shaped Protoss, looking at the scene of condensation in the sky.


The whole "empty city" is boiling --

"it's working! The mysterious strong one, who controls the sword, crosses the earth of the sky and fights with the strong men of the empty Tianbao The protoss were shocked.

"Kongtianbao is one of the top ten forces among the ethnic forces of sky demons and gods, and the strong one who controls the magic sword has not retreated."

"it's too exaggerated. What kind of existence is this? It's not afraid of the Kong Tianbao powers!"

"Since ancient times, countless years, there have been records of the protoss crossing the sky for several times. None of them died miserably. Although one of them achieved the ability to cross the earth, the whole clan lost 90% in the end. Those demon gods who control the sky are all ferocious bloodthirsty people."

"It's a consensus in the eternal realm that we should not walk empty. As long as we have a map, we can avoid the ancient Protoss or some Jedi, and it's not difficult to cross."

"There's a good play to watch, even dare to provoke the empty Tianbao, but still don't stop --"

"what? You see Up there There are only a few gods on the sword

When the scene condenses and becomes clear.

The sound wave seems to sweep the whole broken land --

this is incredible.

Who in the end gave the courage to make those Protoss so confident!

It's too late. It's fast then!

The force of the storm like pear blossoms poured out from the direction of the gods of the "empty Tianbao".

Su Jin has a fierce look in his eyes. His feet are light and certain. Around the huge sword rainbow, there is a circle of golden flame!

"What's the situation?" Kong Tianbao strong, all stupid eyes.

The other side came very quickly. Almost immediately, they burned all their means. It can be said that they could not get close to the huge sword, whether they were using magic treasure, or magic power, or all kinds of magical powers!

Just tens of miles apart, those forces like raindrops are melting and vanishing into nothingness!

Shua -

the vast sword rainbow directly passes through the area of tens of thousands of gods in kongtianbao.

In the dark the princess froze.

Han Dieyi also froze.

Ye Qingying is also the same -

even the powerful Queen of shark can't help looking at that figure silently now! Queen shark has seen the world, but until now, she can feel that Sukin was in a good mood when dealing with her at that time To her, she's a member of the clan!

Otherwise Are they not like the gods of the sky castleThe feathers all over the sky were burned red, and finally, like burning paper, they quickly turned into wisps of black ash and floated into the space -

Su Jin was full of anger now. He didn't seem to be able to get rid of his anger. He stopped his sword and aimed at the palace towers and directly hit it!




The 19 main palaces of the empty Tianbao are all fragmented in the void!

At this moment, Han Dieyi, ye Qingying, and the dark night princess have not returned to God! What they saw was so clear Those broken stones, carved broken beams, and some indistinct chaotic materials seem to be beginning to fill the whole area of the sword rainbow , the fastest update of the webnovel!