Chapter 1711

Novel:Mystic God-level Emperor System|Author:A long eyebrow 一眉道长|Genre:Action
"It doesn't matter. It's not too late to deal with problems."

Su Han smiles and looks at Xu Xuan.

Xu Xuan's face became extremely ugly. He knelt down in front of him with a plop.

"Master Ming, please spare me once. I will not dare to do it next time."

"You have good qualifications, and it is not a problem to be promoted to saints in the future, but your greed makes the Ghost Tower face an embarrassing situation."

Simang said to Xu Xuan with a light smile: "I was very optimistic about you, so I asked you to be in charge of your riding here. In this way, you will have a wide range of contacts in the future, but you make me very disappointed.

What the little brother said is right. If you have any mistakes, you can correct them in time. It's not too late to deal with them now. "

"Spare your life, sir

Xu Xuan's eyes were full of horror.

He is very aware of simang's temper. The other party has said this kind of words, which is likely to take his life to solve the matter.

He has practiced hard for many years, until now he has reached this cultivation, and in the future he still wants to be promoted to a saint and cross the fairyland.

I don't want to lose my life because of a mistake!

"Rules are rules."

Simang said with a light smile. With a gentle wave of his hand, Xu Xuan was not even able to resist, and turned into a pile of sand.

Ghost Tower of the great saint, saint, and other quasi saints, see this scene, the heart of a dark Lin.

Xu Xuan is a lesson from the past. If they made the mistake this time, they would be punished in the same way.

"Although Xu Xuan made a mistake, you should have seen the things he bought. Do you know the mistake?"

Si Ming looks at a great sage.

The sage's face changed slightly, and he quickly clasped his fist and saluted: "I know my mistake."

Dasheng, no matter where in the fairyland, is a very high status of existence, but now in front of Si Ming, he is as nervous as a teacher's student.

"If you want to bring Yuntian back, you don't need to care about his life or death, but you must find out the origin of the heart grabbing insect in his hand.

This thing is very harmful to the fairyland, so it should not be kept.

If you do this well, your fault will be made up for. "

Si Ming's light way.


The great sage turned around and left. There were seven or eight saints, dozens of quasi saints and hundreds of golden bodies who left with him!

This is only a small part of the Ghost Tower's strength, and its real strength details have not been fully revealed.


Su Han was a little curious. He searched Zhutian mall, but he didn't find it sold. He was very interested.

"Master Si Ming, what's the origin of this heart grabbing insect? Can you really ignore the cultivation and take away the spirit of the Lord directly?"

Su Han asked curiously.

Simang smiles and takes out an ancient book. This ancient book seems to have gone through a long period of time. The material of this book is not ordinary. It is made of silk. But at the moment, the seemingly indestructible silk pages have many mottled marks.

"This ancient book was sold here. I thought it was interesting, so I bought it privately, and it cost less than 10000 spirit coins.

It is inherited from the chaotic Xianzu, which should be the essay of a strong disciple of chaos Xianzu at that time.

There is a detailed explanation of the process of the original war with foreign forces, including the description of heart grabbing insects.

I don't know whether it's true or not. After all, it's too long. "

Si Ming smiles and hands the book to Su Han.

"I've read this ancient book countless times, and I've memorized all the contents in it. I've given it to you as an apology for this.

In addition, I will exempt you from the first auction fee when you come here. "

Si Ming said with a smile.

"Thank you very much

Su Han took over the ancient books, but didn't open it for a look. He saluted simang and said, "if there's nothing else, I'll leave first."

"Take your time, little brother."

Simang nodded with a smile.


Central Dragon Court.

Southern states.

"Here we are again."

Su Han sighed.

The object left by the God of death is in the holy mountain, which is controlled by the real dragon clan. He needs to go through the real dragon clan to go there.

It can be said that the road of seizing fortune and going to Shenshan are by the way, but we have to go to the last step of the road.

He considered whether to go to the holy mountain to look for the magic weapon left by the God of death. After all, the Dragon bat said that it could help him control the plague land.

At that time, it's nothing to wipe out a strong clan easily.

It's just thought through.

Su Han always felt that it was not so simple.

The process is extremely dangerous.

It's better to improve our strength to a great level, such as the promotion of saints."Swallow the sun, go south to support the Dragon King's house, that direction."

Su Han pointed in a direction.

Swallowing the sun, the ROC immediately flew to the south in the direction of the Longjun mansion.

Su Han took out the ancient books that simang gave him and looked at them. He was afraid that someone would follow him secretly before, so he covered up his whereabouts with the flicker and separation of the deceptive mask.

When he arrived in Nanbu Prefecture, he was sure that no one was following him. Su Han's vigilance was put down a little bit.

"I am the true disciple of the red devil immortal king, ranking 967.

At the age of five, he came to Taoism at the age of eight, took charge of Qi Yun at the age of 12, and became a great sage at the age of 18.

Because of the vertical posture of heaven, he was accepted as a disciple by the red devil Xianjun, and was given the title of "jade toad son".

This essay is recorded in Xiaoyue pass. A senior brother and a group of monsters died together yesterday. 966 senior brothers and sisters died alone.

If you die again, you will be doomed.

Today, I felt a sudden sensation, so I wrote down some things. If you can see them, you will have fate. But there is no skill or magic in this.

If you soak it in water and burn it, I will be your mother. "

Su Han looks strange.

If you look at the mottled marks on this ancient book, it is estimated that many of the previous owners have indeed tried water immersion and fire.

This is the first page of ancient books.

It is a brief self introduction of a great sage named yuchanzi.

From his tone of voice, we can see that the culture of this great saint is not high.

Elder martial sister, you can see how terrible the battle was.

Su Han opened the second page.

I didn't expect that this page is the record of heart snatching insects.

"There is a strange thing in the battlefield. If someone who is seriously injured has no time to withdraw and no one protects him, he will become a madman if he is driven into his brain by this kind of thing.

Oh, people over there seem to call them heart snatching insects. They are really heart grabbing insects. To deal with this kind of insects, we must kill them completely.

It's a pity that those green balls can't be destroyed. The insects still come out from them.

It's not easy to deal with... "

At the end of the page, there is a picture of some kind of insect getting into the human eye.

The insect has four legs and a pair of wings. It looks ordinary, but it never wants to have such power.

Su Hanben wanted to turn to the third page, but his eyes swept to the rest of the scene in the picture, in which he saw the three eyed monster

Virtual beast!

Does the heart grabbing insect come from the Xushen clan? The original enemies of chaos Xianzu are them?

Su Han's eyes flashed with amazement. , the fastest update of the webnovel!