Chapter 1712

Novel:Mystic God-level Emperor System|Author:A long eyebrow 一眉道长|Genre:Action
Su Han continued to read the ancient books, in which yuchanzi recorded the daily wars and occasionally described his mood experience. From the pictures, he had basically affirmed that the original enemy of chaos Xianzu was the virtual Shenzu.

On the last page, yuchanzi wrote only a few strokes.

"I'm promoted to Xianjun, but I'm tired..."

At the end of this page, there is no essay.

After collecting the ancient books, Su Han's eyes flashed a look of dignity. It seems that the Xushen clan discovered the existence of the earth immortal world long ago and tried to attack.

But fortunately, the attack of the virtual God clan should be resisted by the chaotic Xianzu. Otherwise, there would be no scene of thousands of clans in the fairyland today.

"The cloud sky can get the heart grabbing insects, which shows that there may be a God's nest in a corner of the fairyland.

The God's nest is the anchor of the ship, and the coordinates of the fairyland are still under the control of the virtual Protoss. "

Su Han thought secretly.

If this is true, it can also prove from the side that the forces of the virtual Protoss attacking the fairyland were greatly damaged in the war.

Otherwise, there will not be a follow-up attack for so many years. It is likely that the other side is recuperating and preparing for the next attack.

"Either we can get rid of the God's nest, or we'll wait for the virtual Protoss to come back again..."

The only thing to be thankful for is that the strength of the last invasion of the virtual Protoss did not exceed that of the fairyland.

Just like the virtual Protoss that invaded the earth, the strongest of them should be the realm of the Lord.

And there is no follow-up news for so many years, which shows that the other side still covets the fairyland and is not willing to share this place with the stronger virtual protoss forces.

But if the next virtual Protoss attack fails again, it's not certain that they will sell the coordinates here directly to the stronger virtual protoss forces.

In the long run, there has been a crisis in the fairyland, which may not even be known to the real dragons.

"It's a blessing, not a disaster. It's a disaster that can't be avoided."

Su Han gently shook his head and did not consider it for the time being.

His cultivation is too low now.

The virtual God clan is coming. It can't help too much. It can't help those strong people in the fairyland at most.

I just hope that the pace of the coming of the virtual God clan will be slower and give him enough time to improve his cultivation. If he is promoted to the holy master, he may not be able to compete with this virtual God family.

South support Longjun mansion.

"Unintentional Taoist priest, I've met again."

The Third Master of dragon politely greets Su Han.

"Third Master long, I have something to report to the yuan Xia master."

Su Han clasped his fist and laughed.

"But the road of fortune? Elder brother has already known about this matter. You can rest assured that we have no objection to the southern support of Longjun mansion. "

Long San ye said with a light smile.

We all know about the road of transportation.

Even the defeated party will not, nor dare to retaliate secretly.

"It's another thing."

Su Han smiles.

"Another thing?"

Long three Ye Zheng Zheng Zheng, then slightly nodded, "you come in with me, I go to pass a sound."


"That's what you see me for?"

Looking at the ancient books in his hand, long yuanxia said with a light smile: "whether the things recorded in this ancient book are true, it is impossible to study them now.

It is impossible to investigate whether the virtual deity in your mouth is as powerful as you said.

The only thing I can be sure of is that no matter what their origin, if they want to fight against the whole fairyland by their own efforts, they will be defeated. "

Sure enough.

Su Han knew it clearly.

Before he saw the dragon, he guessed the attitude of the other party. If we really want to explain that the Xushen clan is the so-called nine level civilization.

The other party not only does not understand, but may also doubt his purpose.

After all, he is just a quasi saint. How can he know the strength of a race that is uncertain whether it has ever appeared in the world?

Su Han didn't try to explain too much. He just wanted to remind the other party that if the other party had the intention, he would find the God's nest and ask the strong one of the Lord to destroy it, which might prevent the virtual Protoss from invading the fairyland in the future.

If the other party doesn't pay attention to it, it doesn't matter. When the sky falls, there is a tall man standing there. It's not too late to consider this matter when he is promoted to the Lord.

"Unintentional Taoist priest, I have heard what happened in the Ghost Tower.

I didn't expect that the boy's method of Yuntian has reached the stage of this kind of supernatural skill.

Even the Lord can be attacked. At the beginning, this boy was in front of me, but he was very respectful. Now I think, it is not difficult for him to overthrow me. "

Long yuanxia returned the ancient books to Su Han, changed the topic, and showed a sigh on his face.

At least if he had no intention, Yuntian's means at that time could have brought down the whole Nanyang Longjun mansion, including the old dragon king."If you are more vigilant, his means are also very resistant."

Su Han said with a light smile: "at least at that time, the poisons of the saints were put down. As long as the poison turned into stillbirth, it could be avoided."

Is birthrate simple for the strong? It's very simple. It's easier than eating and drinking water. The hard part is that no one will think of it.

Poison is a kind of tactical means. It needs to consider the favorable time, place and people. A real expert can judge dozens of different results and choose one of the methods and routes with the highest success rate.

Yuntian belongs to this kind of master. Only when he meets Su Han, who has a systematic support, can directly crack the existence of the antidote formula, he will be helpless.

"Indeed, when I meet such people in the future, I will have to have a stillbirth."

Long yuanxia laughed, "now I am in the stillbirth."

Su Han was stunned, with a smile on his face.

"You have made a lot of favor in the Ghost Tower, which will be of great help to your lucky journey this time.

However, one thing you need to pay attention to is that the more people know about the road of fortune, the better, and the more powerful the better.

If it is the arrogance of some holy families, there will be a special operation behind it, making things known to everyone.

You people don't have the strength, but I can help you with my southern support.

After a month, you start walking again. "

Long yuanxia said with a smile.

"Thank you very much, master yuanxia."

Su Han hugged his fist to thank him.

At the same time, my heart is also curious, what means will the South support dragon mansion use to hype this kind of thing?

After all, the heaven talisman can not be used in the earthly fairyland. Without this kind of thing, is there any other way to replace the heaven talisman?

"By the way, some of the more powerful saints in Longyuan prefecture have been picked over by Nanhua. It is estimated that they will go to the top ten saints soon.

You will start to walk directly from the top ten saints in a month. Maybe you can meet him. I will help you to build momentum together

Long Yuan Xia Road.

"Thank you very much, master yuanxia."

Su Han thanks again.

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