Chapter 1713

Novel:Mystic God-level Emperor System|Author:A long eyebrow 一眉道长|Genre:Action

Long yuanxia stood in front of an old man and saluted.

The old man looks very ordinary, and his clothes are simple, but he is the 19th Dragon King in the real dragon list.

In the fairyland, it belongs to the top of the food chain.

"I heard that you used the" general symbol "from the holy mountain

The light way of supporting the Dragon King in the south.


Long yuanxia nodded slightly.

"The power of this thing is strange. The Dragon Emperor has been considering whether to open the right to popularize it in the fairyland. It is estimated that within a month, there will be a reply.

At that time, the central Dragon Court will take the lead in the experiment. After reaching a general rune, it will be the turn outside the central Dragon Court. "

South support Dragon King light smile way.

"In this way, the overall strength of the fairyland will be improved. No, more than one. "

Long yuanxia's eyes brightened slightly.

For the role of the general symbol, he has long been very aware of the existence of the general symbol in the hands of a few powerful people in the southern part of the state.

With it, these strong people can easily contact no matter how far away they are.

Its function seems simple, but it is extremely practical, and now it is only used by a small group of strong people.

Ordinary martial artists, even some great saints, are not eligible to obtain. In the black market, they are valuable things without market.

However, as the administrator of the southern dragon mansion, long yuanxia knew how many general symbols the real dragon clan had accumulated.

It is no exaggeration to say that these symbols are stacked together enough to form a continuous mountain range.

"Father, why would the Dragon Emperor consider taking out the general symbol?"

Long yuanxia is a little curious.

"Speaking of it, all parties are pressing hard."

The king of the dragon in the south said with a smile, "the masters who have used these general symbols feel that they are easy to use, so they want to match one for the people below.

The top ten saints, including xuanding, Taigu yinmen, Xianmo academy and other forces, all hope that the general symbols can be sold in Zhenlong Academy.

Although the Dragon Emperor is strong, we should also consider the demands of these strong people.

If the authority is really open, then there is no need to go to the real dragon school palace, and let the Dragon Emperor specially open the authority on the general symbol. As long as he has the general symbol, he can use it directly.

In this way, it is also conducive to concealing the identity, which should be the most wanted to see by many saints.

Otherwise, if you use the general character now, you know who I am, and I know who you are, some things will be difficult to do

Long yuanxia nodded slightly.

"Anyway, are you so optimistic about that Terran kid?"

South support Dragon King light smile way.

"Father, are you talking about Nanhua or unintentional Taoist priest?"

Long yuanxia laughs.

"I have already seen the qualifications of Nanhua, but it's a pity that this person is not a dragon."

"If he is a dragon race and cultivates with all his strength, there must be a place in the top ten of the real dragon list."


Long yuanxia didn't expect that Nanyang Longwang was more optimistic about Nanhua than he was. He had some envy in his heart. He vaguely remembered that many years ago, when he asked him about his own qualifications, he only threw out one sentence:

"if you can rank in the top 100 of the real dragon list, your ancestors will burn high incense."

"This unintentional Taoist priest, I think it is the second Nanhua. Even if the qualification is slightly inferior, it will not be much worse.

I can smell several kinds of power of saints in him. Nanhua has understood four kinds of power of saints, and I think he has at least three kinds.

Some time ago, the Ghost Tower incident is enough to prove this point. At that time, the Holy Lord who was present at that time also saw from him not less than three kinds of Qi power. "

Long yuanxia said with a smile: "in addition, he is also proficient in medical skills, which may be the true story of Nanhua.

In the future, if he is promoted to the holy master, he will certainly be ranked in the top 100 of the real dragon list. What's more, if such a strong man tries to win over Nanhua, he will surely be able to earn no loss. "

"Well, not bad."

The South Dragon King suddenly patted long yuanxia on the shoulder:

"you have never underestimated the other party because of his or her background, and you are not arrogant because the other party's current cultivation is not as good as you. You know how to solicit, and you can take on a big responsibility.

Song Yu of Zhou Tianwang's mansion is not inferior to you, but his spleen and brain are not as good as you.

Otherwise, he would not die in the hands of Nanhua. It's a pity that Zhou Tianwang's blood, which he has cultivated for many years, has fallen down like this, which is a waste of some of the best spirit coins. "

Long yuanxia was startled by the sudden praise.

"No accident, the general Rune will be available soon. You can take advantage of this time to let the warriors in the southern states know more about the power of the general rune.

By the way, build momentum for those two. "

South support Dragon King Road.



"The Terran Nanhua has gone to the liefo clan. He has been very popular in this period of time. More than 300 great saints were defeated by him. These great saints came from various powerful families and were the top Tianjiao of the strong clan. They represented the details of the young generation. They were defeated like this, tut...""After many years, I have seen someone take the road of fortune again. What kind of race is this South China native? Why I've never heard of it before. "

"The Terrans were once powerful, and the Lord Panchen sat down.

However, it declined later, and now only Nanhua is the saint. Oh, he has been promoted to be a saint. At that time, Song Yu, the eldest son of Zhou Tianwang's mansion, was sacrificed by his blood.

It's tough and tough. "

"So weak? No lord? "

"Nonsense, there is no need to take the risk to take the road of fortune?

Even if they succeed, they have offended many of their predecessors.

This kind of thing is the benefit of the whole family and the loss of one of them. "

"Let's go. Now we can go to the liefo clan, and we can see the fight between the peerless Tianjiao."

"Nanhua is really, how to challenge directly from the top ten Saint families..."

"You don't understand that. As long as he wins, the arrogance of the other nine clans will naturally be unstable.

If he goes from weak to strong, when he comes to the liefo people, the momentum of the liefo people will reach the peak, but it will be more difficult to deal with. "

"It's the same thing. Go and go!"

Su Han is sitting on the head of the Dapeng swallowing the sun. Occasionally, there are martial artists passing by. They are basically discussing the challenge of Nanhua Dasheng to the road of seizing fortune.

More than 300 great saints have been defeated by Nanhua, and there will be a period of fermentation. With this in mind, it is not a problem for the Terran people to further improve.

"I can't let you work alone. I've got some strength."

Su Han smiles, "swallow the sun, go to the liefo clan."

"Ang ~"

the liefo nationality is located in the western end of Longyuan Prefecture.

Under his command, he controls endless territory.

Temples and statues of Giant Buddha can be seen everywhere in these territories.

Because of the relationship between the liefo people, there is only one belief, Buddhism.

So when Su Han, dressed in a Taoist robe and sitting in a Dapeng swallowing the sun, entered the territory of the liefo nationality, he occasionally encountered some very strange eyes on the road. , the fastest update of the webnovel!