Chapter 1098

Novel:Path of The Dragonborn|Author:Sea moon star rain|Genre:erciyuan
Just as hailiga was confused by the information that President Irina had told him, baliarhardt's action began. As helega had explained earlier, both levy and the collaborators of the hunters, the Duke's family and the noble army all cooperated in this regard. At the instigation of Ulysses, an officer of the regular army found him with the evidence that the Earl of Oman had privately transferred the Duke's forces. He proposed that he would inform the senior officers of the regular army and decide what to do with it. The acting Duke had given them the green light. The startled and frightened count of Oman tried to contact Rufus again, but apparently there was no response at all.

After that, the count of Oman began to try to contact his aristocratic colleagues. However, the count of Gotti's action was also very quick - long before that, he had already informed everyone through his own channels - that the count of Oman had privately called the Duke's troops, and the evidence was already confirmed, and his behavior this time was naturally an offence to the Al bareya family. It was just that the regular army also needed a nobleman with a certain status to make an example. Each side took what he wanted and agreed with him. This made the count of Oman the target of public criticism. In this way of persuasion, people gradually understand that "people under the eaves, have to bow down" such a truth. Since it was understood that the count of Oman had been under double pressure from the Duchess and the regular army, no one dared to go and have any relief from him.

The count of amansia, who ran into walls everywhere, was so angry that he broke into China at home and swore at him with no grace. In the end, when he smashed the last valuable Oriental porcelain in the living room, his breath was only slightly calmed down.

It looks like I can't hide this time. He comforted himself that, fortunately, the fact that he had been to "paradise" had not been revealed before, because the accountability of EUSES and the regular army to themselves was about the private deployment of the Duke's troops and some matters concerning the local nobles. He also understood that if there was something that the regular army and the Duke's family would do together in the state at this moment, most of them would not be able to escape - so baliarhart could not stay for a moment.

Fortunately, although Ulysses is now in power, he is only acting Duke in any case - it is not convenient for him to judge himself. If you stay at home and wait for EUSES to communicate with the regular army and throw yourself into a dungeon, I'm afraid the specific accountability will have to wait until after the civil war, which will depend on the results. But even so, as a high-ranking aristocrat, he could not accept the fact that he was under house arrest for several months. Therefore, he has only one choice, and that is to flee.

Of course, some of them were aristocrats in Western Asia. Even if Ulysses and the regular army were all powerful, it would not have spread throughout the Empire now. So if you can go to your relatives in sasarant or Lamar, you may be able to take refuge for a while. On the other hand, neither the regular army nor the Duchess are likely to enforce the law across the border. Once he can leave the state, he will be safe in a short time. In spite of this, the count of amancia regretted the fact that he had left his property in Gongdu before it could be transferred. It seems that earlier, when Ulysses had thoroughly investigated the accounts of a group of nobles, including himself, under the pretext of the requirements of the regular army, he was already planning what happened today.

And the count of Gotti Maybe it was the recognition and surrender of the second childe, who had been silent for a long time Maybe it's because of the guidance and inspiration from the old Helmut guy This time, there is no doubt that they are on the opposite side of themselves. The count of Oman gnashed his teeth and thought - if he had crushed himself and helped Ulysses sort out his part of the property quickly Even if I can get my title back through some negotiation, I'm afraid I can't keep my position in the noble circle of Gongdu.

The count of Oman was very angry at the thought of it. But even he knows very well at this moment that escaping from the public is the only way out. No matter lose property or reputation, can't compare with the bottom card that oneself hold at this moment. So almost without hesitation, he opened a notebook and searched for the contact information of the hunters.

Of course, "red" and "westerly brigade" have not taken on extra tasks for a long time, while "ned Hogg" has already had a bad time with himself, and they are another participant in the matter itself, so they can't think about it. The count of Oman, who has been thinking for a long time, seems to have only one choice: the "northern Hunter" with great strength, large number of soldiers and high price.

"really I got it! Good... " Not far from the west exit of baliarhart City, several men in black armor are communicating with people with their communicators. After that, they put down the communication and looked at the silver haired man standing with his hands on one side subtly and saying nothing Another brigade, which we had been waiting for in the vicinity after the termination of the contract with the Duchess, had indeed been employed by a man who claimed to be the Earl of Oman. The purpose seems to be Help him escape from baliarhart and head for sasarant. ""And their job is to pretend that they're actually hired - and then secretly take him to the place we've agreed to," the silver haired man, levy, nodded softly.

This is necessary - the apparent crime of the count of Oman needs to be tried by the Duke and eventually sent to the Council of consulates and the emperor. Therefore, overt lynching is not advisable. However, if amancia behaved like he fled after being warned, and finally was abandoned in the wilderness by the hunting regiment he hired because he didn't pay the agreed deposit, and was attacked by Warcraft or something

In this way, even if the other aristocratic representatives or the emperor had any doubts after the event, they would not go into it.

As for the other nobles who, perceiving that something seemed wrong, wanted to speak to the count of Oman - after learning of the ugly history of count Gotti, the count of Oman - would have to shut up. Such ugly behavior may even make the distant relatives of the Earl of Oman avoid talking about it. As for how to deal with the title after that, it is not the concern of levy and others.

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