Novel:Star CEO's Hot Wife|Author:Chen Cheng|Genre:Modern Romance
Hearing Linda's explanation, Chen Guangxi felt embarrassed once again. He thought that he should do enough homework before coming to find Linda. Tonight, he had already made a fool of himself several times.

"I don't think so. At least one thing Mr Chen understood, it's that I like to get along with handsome guys."

Linda's words were ambiguous. After Chen Guangxi heard it, he gained a lot of confidence in himself.

Although the four young masters of A City were Bei Chi, Zhang Tianai, Xue Jean and Cheng Fengyuan. However, Chen Guangxi felt that they were just a few of the more illustrious ones. If they were really of good looks, then no matter what, he, Chen Guangxi, would be able to take the crown.

"Miss Linda is such a humorous person, where is the restaurant that you recommended? Let's go now. "

"Goodness Like Water!"

Hearing Linda's announcement, Chen Guangxi was a little scared, because it was the best Chinese restaurant in A city, and also a famous store that had a hundred years of history, with an average consumption rate of more than two thousand yuan per person. As long as Linda ordered another bottle of good wine, it was unknown whether or not he had enough money in his wallet. Of course, Chen Guangxi wasn't someone who couldn't bear to part with this small amount of money. When there were no problems with Chen Zhi's company and he still had sufficient funds, Chen Guangxi had come here many times. Only this time, Chen Guangxi couldn't take it anymore. But thinking that his goal was to catch up to Linda so that she could help relieve the pressure on her Chen Family, he decided to be cruel this time.

When they arrived at Goodness Like Water, the server welcomed them at the door.

"Miss Linda, is it still the same room you often visit?"

Due to Linda's frequent visits, all the waiters here already knew her. There was a private room that Linda liked and had always kept for her. When Chen Guangxi saw this scene, he couldn't help but be surprised at how luxurious the Carton Family was. Linda had only been in A City for less than a month, but she was already familiar with the waiters here.

Such familiarity must have been forged with money. It was because Chen Guangxi had been here a few times, but only because he didn't consume much here. Therefore, there was no such treatment.

"Miss Linda, are these still the dishes you always ordered?"

The waiter brought Linda and Chen Guangxi to a private room called the Colorful Cloud Pavilion. The room was large and it was elegantly decorated.

"We have new friends today. Let's order a few new dishes."

Linda had the intention of not letting the Chen Family go tonight, so she would definitely not show mercy when she ordered the dishes.

"This is the menu, Miss Linda!"

As the waiter said this, he passed the menu to Linda, who took it and started ordering it seriously.

"A fried goose liver, a papaya stewed with snow clams, a budding one, an old duck soup, a serving of three fresh potatoes, a bottle of Lafite for eighty-two.

Linda said the names of the dishes in succession. Chen Guangxi didn't feel good listening to her. Putting aside the pile of dishes ordered by Linda, Chen Guangxi knew that his wallet wouldn't be able to handle the eighty-two Lafite bottle that Linda had ordered.

"Miss Linda, you have to drink our Chinese wine for this Chinese meal. Although this Lafite is good, it's better to eat with the steak! Why don't you try some of our fine Chinese wine, like Maotai? "

Although Maotai was not cheap, Chen Guangxi felt that this was the only thing he could bear at the moment.

"Looks like Mr Chen has a lot of research on eating. But the way you said it, I already tried it the first time I came here." I'm not afraid of Mr Chen's jokes here. Your Chinese liquor is really too spicy and hungry. I can't get used to drinking it. "

Seeing that Chen Guangxi was a bit scared, Linda refused Chen Zi's suggestion with a smile.

"Oh, that's good. I'll listen to you drink Lafite!"

"Mr Chen, do you need anything else?"

As she said that, Linda handed the menu in front of Chen Guangxi. Chen Guangxi took the menu in a slightly terrified manner, and when he saw the Arabic numerals on the menu, Chen Guangxi almost fainted. None of the dishes here were lower than 1000 RMB.

"Waiter, is there a problem with the menu? I've been here a few times, why are the prices different on the menu?"

Because he knew that his wallet couldn't afford such a sky-high price, Chen Guangxi didn't care about his face and asked.

"Oh, I think you misunderstood, Mr Chen. Our room fees are just different, the price on the menu is different. Miss Linda's private room is the best private room in our Goodness Like Water, so of course its price is also the highest. "

Faced with Chen Guangxi's question, the waiter kindly answered for him.

"Un, alright then!"

Chen Guangxi forced a smile, but he was regretting it endlessly. If he had known earlier that he would ask Linda to come to the room, wouldn't it have been better to trick her into sitting in the hall?

However, it was too late to regret it now. He could only ask his mother to send more money over later.

Thinking of this, Chen Guangxi felt a little more relieved. As it was the best room and the most expensive room, the dishes were all served up less than five minutes after the waiter took out the menu.

"Mr Chen, please!"

Linda felt really good when she saw the worried expression on Chen Guangxi's face. He finally got his revenge, but it wasn't over yet.

"Does Miss Linda come here often?"

Since his goal was to chase after Linda, he naturally couldn't waste this good meal time. Even though his heart was bleeding, Chen Guangxi really gave it his all to get the rich.

"Yeah, I often come here with friends. Look, all the waiters here know me. "It's just the two of us today, so we didn't order much. There are so many dishes that I want to eat that we haven't even ordered yet. Next time, Mr Chen, bring more of your friends over, let's have a few more dishes."

"Good …" "Good ~"

When Chen Guangxi heard what Linda said, he almost spat out water.

Chen Guangxi took a cursory glance at the dishes Linda ordered. Just from the long list of dishes she ordered, it had to be five or six people. In the end, it was still a rich family. Maybe when Linda spent these tens of thousands of yuan, she would spend it without blinking, just like how she spent thousands of yuan herself. No, now that his Chen Family had declined, even if he, Chen Guangxi, were to spend a few thousand dollars, he would need to think about it.

"Um, Miss Linda, you can eat here for now. I need to go to the bathroom."

In order to avoid the awkwardness of paying later, Chen Guangxi felt it would be better if he asked his mother for money now. Of course, it was impossible for his mother to take out that much money at once, so he had to prepare this little money for his mother.

"This room has its own bathroom!"

Hearing Chen Guangxi say that he wanted to go to the bathroom, Linda knew that Chen Guangxi was going to Mao Rui for help. However, she was sure that Mao Rui wouldn't be able to afford it now. Otherwise, with Mao Rui's habitual attitude towards Chen Guangxi, she would probably give all the money she had to Chen Guangxi.