Chapter 2303

Novel:The Alien Species in the City|Author:Suzaku burns the sky|Genre:Urban Life
After some progress has been made, Hua Yueling's action is actually simpler. Now after reading the other party's memory, Hua Yueling can also be regarded as roughly understanding where the other party got the spiritual power originally belonging to the magic skill.

"No wonder it can't be found here. I guess it thought of this, so it did it on purpose."

Hua Yueling thinks secretly in the heart, but now the time also arrived in the morning, can't delay too long time.

"However, there should not be so much useful information in his memory, so let's hurry up. Now, if he is faster, there should be no problem."

Hua Yueling decided to take action directly and stop wasting time here. After all, I've spent a lot of time here, and now there are clues. Naturally, the sooner you act, the better.

Although it's dawn now, it's still early in the morning, so there should be some time for him to move more safely. But earlier, the situation would have been different. At that time, he would have to be more careful.

Not to mention that he has to leave here. He must be invisible when he leaves, otherwise, unless you can find a place where there is no one at all.

It's hard to find a place like that, not to mention how long it will take to find it. These are all problems, so the best way is to solve all the problems as soon as possible, and then leave as soon as possible, while it is still early.

"I'll see if he remembers it's over there. There's still some distance, but if it's faster, it won't take much time. If we don't solve the problem today, we have to come back tomorrow. Let's get there. There's still time. "

Hua Yueling thought about it for a while, but he decided to move on. After all, he had other ways. It's a problem to be more likely to be found, but he has a lot of options to choose from, and he believes he won't have too much problem in this respect.

Hua Yueling quickened her pace after she left the prince's room. There was not much time left for him. He had to solve all the problems as quickly as possible. There was no time to waste for him.

Hua Yueling looks out into the distance. Houses block his sight, but fortunately, they don't block his way. There is a way to go around, although it is said that people on patrol may be met on the road.

But for Hua Yueling, it's not a big deal. He wants to avoid or directly use other methods to make those people don't know they are coming. Unless there are too many people, he is sure that he will not be able to cope with it.

In fact, it is the most important that we can't let others see his existence, and the others are next. If it is easy for others to see him, it is useless for him to control the other party only by magic. He must also try to eliminate the memory of the other party. Otherwise, the other party will still know that he was here, although the other party may not know him at all.

Hua Yueling is not willing to take such a risk, and he does not think it is necessary. It's the best to hide his figure from others. If he can't hide it completely, it's his own problem, which can't be done by his strength.

On the way, I met some people on the way, but they didn't pose any threat to Hua Yueling. He quickly hide, until the other side past, until the figure disappeared in the corner, this from the hiding place to continue to walk in that direction.

Hua Yueling is scheduled to go to the place is still some distance, at his current speed to estimate, it will take about a quarter of an hour to arrive. The round trip time is not short. It will take half an hour to get out from there.

Hua Yueling goes on like this and avoids many people. It can be regarded as coming to the target location. The target location is not a house, but a place similar to a pond. There is a large pool here. According to what he has extracted from the prince's memory, the prince fell into the water and became a little different.

"It's right here."

Hua Yueling stares at the pool in front of her. According to the information he got from the prince, if you want to find something, you may have to jump into the pool directly. Hua Yueling stood on it and looked down. The pool looked very deep, not very shallow, but could see the deepest one at a glance.

"It doesn't look like anything."

Murmuring in a low voice, Hua Yueling Li used the exploration skills to explore the pool, but after a search, there was no gain. Hua Yueling has some doubts about whether he has been cheated, but he believes it is not. After all, he can use magic to control the other party. Under the control, the other party can't cheat himself, unless he can tamper with his memory.

In that case, Hua Yueling has no way, but Hua Yueling doesn't think the other party has that ability. After all, even if it is said that it is not so easy thing, it is to tamper with memory, even if it is to modify their memory is not so easy, ordinary people who know how to do such things.

Hua Yueling is very serious at looking at deeper, but basically nothing can be seen just like this. If you can't see anything in this way, you need him to take the initiative to go out and learn more about the following situation. Although Hua Yueling himself doesn't want to go down, and he also thinks that since the exploration skills can't find anything, it's useless to go down to the bottom to look for anything."Go and have a look."

Hua Yueling thought about it or decided to go down and have a look. After all, this is the clue that she found very hard. No matter how she said it, she could not give up in vain. Hua Yueling thinks so in his heart. He believes in his choice.

After a little activity, Hua Yueling stares at the pool in front of her, but she is still afraid. This is the first time he has tried swimming. Before that, he has never learned swimming, let alone practicing. This is his first attempt to swim. I don't know if there will be any problems.

Hua Yueling himself is also very worried about this, but he is only afraid in his heart. He still decides to jump down and try it. If he can't, he will come out directly.

Staring at the calm water for a while, Hua Yueling took a deep breath, and then he waved his arms, and then his legs were forced to plunge in.


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