Chapter 3949

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Between heaven and earth, Lu Yi's cold voice sounded.

Word by word, it's like a knife, and it's hard to scrape it in the heart of the sage.

From his initiation and cultivation all the way to today, he has broken through Dara Jinxian and become the holy reverence respected by thousands of people. The sage of Yangtian has never met such a humiliating thing as today.

"Please, I can give you ten breaths. After ten breaths, if you don't beg for mercy, I will trample on you." Lu Yi looks down at Yang Tian Sheng Zun and scorns Tao.

At this time, the emperor was furious and yelled: "boy! If you have the seed, you will kill Ben Shengzun. For me, what I lost is just a Taoist body. But when I come here, I will surely break you into pieces and destroy your spirits and spirits! "

"Oh? At this time, do you dare to be so hard? If I'm not wrong, this Dao body is actually your Yuanying, right? I really want to know how much your cultivation will fall if you kill your baby

"You How do you know! "

Yang Tian Sheng Zun's face changed greatly. He didn't expect that Lu Yi could see through his real body.

As we all know, Yuanying is equal to the second life of practitioners.

Da Luo Jinxian can get the original spirit out of the body and the young body can be isolated.

In order to make Yuanying's cultivation progress faster, Yangtian Shengzun chose to let Yuanying live in the holy mountain, while his master went out to look for treasures to help Yuanying practice.

Just now, the holy master of Yangtian threatened Lu Yi with his own, which made Lu Yi afraid. However, Lu Yi didn't expect that Lu Yi had already seen through his real body.

"Why, aren't you going to beg for mercy? In that case... "

Lu Yi seems to have lost his patience, and the divine power in his body explodes. The holy master in the Yangtian under his feet feels a strong threat of death.

"Wait! I I give up. "

The words of the sage in the sun fell on everyone's ears.

There was an uproar.

Before this, who dares to imagine Lu Yi has such terrible strength?

Strong suppression of Yang Tian Sheng Zun, let him beg for mercy!

But even so, Lu Yi is not satisfied.

"You old man, have you stuffed your ears with donkey's hair? I want you to beg for mercy, not to let you admit defeat, call me three times, please forgive me, understand? "

"You..." Yang Tian Sheng Zun was almost fainted by Qi.

How could he say that.

But if he didn't say so, he knew Lu Yi would crush his baby.

Although it has been a long time since the holy master of Yangtian has broken through Dara Jinxian for a long time, his realm cultivation has not been improved.

He can't afford to lose Yuan Ying's real body, which will greatly reduce his combat power and even his accomplishments.

Even if it is still the cultivation of daraojin fairyland, it is the existence of the bottom of Dalao sword fairyland.

"If I ask you for mercy, will you really forgive me?" Sun Tian Sheng Zun asked, holding back his anger.

Lu Yi sneered: "you should have asked such a question. You are really a fool. You must think at this time that you let me release your Yuanying first. When you come, you will kill me immediately. Since we have never died, do you think I will release your Yuanying?"

"Asshole! You tease me

"Now I understand that you are so stupid." The smile on Lu Yi's face is getting stronger and stronger, and the killing opportunity that breaks out is almost condensed into essence.

At this moment, the flame and thunder in the void broke at the same time.

Liuyu holy master and demon star Saint Zun finally killed them.

"Stop it! Kill the Holy One, and this seat will destroy your family

The holy master of Liuyu gave a big drink, followed by the overwhelming laws of frost.

But Lu Yi's speed is too fast, even if it is Liuyu Shengzun's own hand, it does not help.


The head of Yangtian Shengzun was trampled and exploded by Lu Yisheng. The blood mist filled the air.

The time is just right.

Just when the holy master Liuyu and the holy one of demon stars were about to arrive, the head of the Holy One in the sunny sky burst into pieces.

Then, Lu Yi looks at Liuyu Shengzun and magic star holy Zun with provocative eyes, which seems to be saying, aren't you going to save him? I will not let you save.

At this time, the holy master Liuyu and the holy master of demon star were more angry, but at the same time, they were also very frightened.

Just now, Lu Yi deliberately broke the light of samadhi fire and the law of thunder.

He just wants to let the holy master Liuyu and the holy one of demon stars realize the feeling of separation between life and death.

We should also let the holy master of Yangtian realize the despair of hope being lost in the end.

All those who saw it couldn't believe it was true.

"Are you two going together? Don't blame me for not reminding you that Yuanying died, but it's really painful. "

Lu Yi's voice reverberated through the sky, which made all the soldiers shiver.

"Yang Yu killed Yang Tian Sheng Zun's young baby!""How dare this fellow be so bold? Who is supporting him

"Crazy, crazy, this guy must be crazy..."

All the disciples crawling on the ground trembled.

Yu Jingyan and Yu Huafei are also dumbfounded. At this time, their situation is extremely embarrassing.

Naturally, they can't watch Lu Yi go to death, but if they try to protect Lu Yi, doesn't it mean that they are in the same camp as Yang Yu?

On the table of God of war, Nong Yulong and Han Yandan are stunned in the same place.

They tried their best to persuade the master to do it, but they didn't expect that they would damage Yuanying as soon as they showed up. The price is too high!

"What are you doing? He killed Yang Tian Sheng Zun

"My God, that's a saint! You've changed too much... "

"What the hell is this guy thinking? As soon as Yang Tian Sheng's baby dies, I will appear at any time. This is terrible

After realizing the seriousness of the situation, both minglu'er and Xue Yuxiang are very worried about Lu Yi.

Minglu'er has made a decision in her heart. No matter how much revenge Lu Yi gets from Yangtian Shengzun later, she will ask huoyun Shengzun to come forward regardless of the cost.

Only in this way can Lu Yi be safe.

"Challenge the holy master and humiliate the holy mountain. How brave you are! I will kill you on behalf of the holy mountain. Please join me

Liuyu Shengzun is extremely angry and shouts for the demon star Saint Zun to kill Lu Yi together.

He knew that his moral cultivation was almost the same as that of Yang Tian Sheng Zun. He was afraid that Lu Yi could not be suppressed by a single hand.

In order to avoid the follow-up of Bu Yang Tian Sheng Zun, regardless of his status and face, he is ready to fight with the magic star saint for two to one.

When the two saints joined hands, for a time, the heaven and the earth were dim, as if they had fallen into an ancient abyss.

For nine days, the sun and the moon were dim, and the sky and the earth were filled with storms.

The most powerful means of Liuyu saint is the law of ice and frost. In a rage, the torrential rain turns into an ice cone and falls like a meteor.

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