Chapter 2821

Novel:Unparalleled Crazy Young System|Author:Old fat brother|Genre:Urban Life
"Why did ye rush out in such a hurry? Not even the Starship. " Angel MOI looked at Ye Hao in surprise.

At the moment, because Ye Hao with them blink, directly came to the place far away from the Blue Crystal Palace.

This also made it impossible for them to board a starship that was docked at the star harbor of the Blue Crystal Palace.

"It's hard to say." Ye Hao said helplessly.

Angel Teal looked at Ye Hao at this time and said, "if I guess right, it should be the people from the Blue Crystal Palace who want to force you to marry you?"

"Forced marriage?" Angel MOI looks confused.

Ye Hao didn't expect that angel Teal should be so smart. She didn't say anything. She could guess about it.

"Mr. Ye's breath at the moment is completely different from that before. I think it must be a breakthrough in strength. The big probability is that he understands the law of time and space.

And a master of the laws of time and space, is destined to become a sweet cake.

If the Blue Crystal Palace wants to tie down Mr. Ye, it must rely on some means. The beauty trick is the means that most forces will use when they try to attract people Angel Teal has a look I've been used to.

"I've heard a lot about such things, but we angels have always despised such things." Angel MOI pooped at this.

Ye Hao shrugged and said, "forget it, I'm out now. Let's not talk about it. I've been away for a month.

You all talk about the gods, the world and the earth's plane

Hearing this question, angel Teal said: "according to the news from the angels stationed on the earth plane, there has been a further increase in the concentration of aura on the earth plane in the past month. Besides the natural changes caused by the abundance of aura, nothing else has happened.

There are only gods. It seems that nothing has happened in the world. "

"But three days ago, Evelyn, the dark god of the dark system, suddenly came to me and said that she was looking for you.

But she didn't want to say it directly. We can only say that you are now practicing in an important place. At first, Evelyn was very impatient.

After calming down, she handed us this thing. Let's give it to you as soon as you come out. " Angel Teal takes out a memory stone.

It's something like a video on earth, with words in it.


Ye Hao's expression immediately became serious. He had roughly guessed what Evelyn wanted to say.

Damn, according to the previous speculation, it was about the same time, but because of the law of space-time, I completely forgot this thing.

Ye Hao took the memory crystal and crushed it.

Then a shadow that only Ye Hao can see appears in front of Ye Hao.

That's Evelyn's projection.

"Ye Hao, I didn't see you because of some relationship. So I can only leave this thing for you.

I got a message two days ago that the entrance to the place she went to had been cracked open by the man who the Star River guy was looking for.

Xinghe has led his cronies into the site and tried to find out the dome. So far, I haven't got any news about the dome.

I specially summoned a group of people, all of whom I can trust, who can be regarded as friends that I know with xingqiong, to rescue xingqiong.

If you see this news, you can find me at that place, but maybe we have entered the ruins

After Evelyn said that, the projection disappeared.

Three days ago?

That is to say, it is very likely that they have already started.

"Teal, I ask you. Has anything big happened recently in the celestial system? " Ye Hao asked seriously.

"Big thing?" Angel Teal thought about it, shook her head and said, "it seems that there is nothing big But there is one thing I don't know if it's a big deal.

Their horoscope is now ready to explore a relic within the faction, as if it had happened in the last two days.

For this reason, the Star River God Emperor also allocated a large number of powerful main gods to support this matter

Exploring ruins?

Ye Hao's heart laughs, this is clearly to kill his sister, is really a good gimmick ah.

Although I don't know whether it's too late now, I can't help but go.

On the one hand, he had promised Evelyn, on the other hand, the star dome was kind to him.

When she lived in Ye Hao's body when she was on earth, she helped Ye Hao a lot of things. It can even be said that her current achievements are part of the reason for the star dome.

This is Ye Hao's mentality, so no matter what, Ye Hao can't be laissez faire about it.

"I may have to do something now." Ye Hao suddenly stops his flight and looks at his angel teal and angel MOI in doubt.Ye Hao explained to the two angels what he wanted to do, but he didn't say it was because of the star dome. He just said that he wanted to rob people from the sky god system!

"What? Are you going to rob people in the celestial sphere? And still in front of the king of gods Angel Teal is amazed at Ye Hao's exaggerated ideas at the moment.

"Mr. Ye, this idea is too dangerous. I don't think you can do that, at least At least ask the angel king Angel MOI also said nervously.

"It's too late." Ye Hao shook his head and said, "now go back to the angel God system, and then go to the heaven God system. No matter how fast it is, it will take more than three days.

It takes only one day to get to the celestial system from here

Most importantly, Ye Hao is not sure that he can let the angel kings agree to do such dangerous things.

After all, Ye Hao himself is very aware of the danger of this matter. The angel family who regards himself as a "baby" will not agree with Ye Hao to do such a thing.

Therefore, it is very necessary for Ye Hao to act first and then to perform.

"But..." Angel MOI also wanted to say something, was directly interrupted by Ye Hao.

Ye Hao said directly: "I must do this matter anyway. I can allow you to do it with me. At the same time, you can use your own means to deliver this message to the angel God system.

But if you want to stop me, I'll have to leave by myself.

Whether you have the ability to stay with me depends on whether you think you have the ability

Hear Ye Hao's words.

Angel MOI and angel Teal are helpless, indeed, Ye Hao's ability now, he wants to go, they can not stop anyway.

Under such circumstances, they can only choose to follow Ye Hao's idea and go with him.

In this way, at least they think that they can protect Ye Hao's safety. If they can't, they can also show their identities as angels. , the fastest update of the webnovel!